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Depressing stat of the day

Leave it up to Mr. Diet Mountain Dew to come up with this one:  leading D-1 with the highest percentage of returning tackles on defense is Florida, with a ridiculous 98.9% mark.  ‘Bama looks pretty stout there, too.

Georgia checks in with a respectable 70% figure.  No word on whether that percentage includes Reshad Jones’ shoulder bumps.



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Percy envies the GPOOE.

Maybe not in the way you think, though.

If I could trade places for a day with anyone, it would be my old (Florida) teammate, Tim Tebow. Some of the stuff and some of the girls and things that were thrown at him. We saw all kind of actors and news reporters just kind of blatantly say, “Tebow, I want you.” And he turned them down. I’m looking at him, like, “Man, you are crazy.”


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Tuesday morning buffet

Grab a plate and fill up.

  • Junior continues to impress.  He’s yet to coach his first SEC game, but he’s going to get a rule named after him.
  • Speaking of Junior, this is a timely question.  I don’t think Auburn fans are going to be too thrilled with the last answer.
  • On a list of dumb things to do, grossly exaggerating facts to a showboating member of Congress would be right up there near the top.
  • Jacksonville is all about the money, son.  And, yes, I did hear a number of Florida fans argue for moving the game out of Jax when Dooley had the Gators’ number.
  • Spurrier – still “got game”, or “a bitter old man”?


UPDATE: Jerry is miffed.

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