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Mother’s Day buffet

Don’t forget mama today.  And here are some extra items to snack on:

  • “Walker was as close to a one-man team as anyone ever has been or will be.”
  • This is a pretty good snapshot of where the lines of tension in the BCS debate are right now.
  • Speaking of which, both Utah senators up the ante by publishing a letter that seeks to interfere in the upcoming TV contract renewal.
  • In response to the “hypocrisy” decried in this blog post, check out Year2’s analysis of all the factors that would have to be weighed in creating a player pay proposal.  Not as easy as it sounds, eh?
  • Over at The Joe Cribbs Car Wash, Jerry gets all David and Goliath with us over Gus Malzahn.  If he’s right, that’s an awful lot of eggs to put in the basket of one coordinator, it seems to me.  And to be honest with you, there’s nothing in Chizik’s background to suggest he’s that good a judge of talent.


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The value of an education

Overheard at the Falcons’ minicamp yesterday was one of the snappiest comebacks I’ve seen:

A-hole fan: “Hey, William (Moore). If you had come out last year, you would have been a top 10 pick!”

Moore: “And now I have a diploma.”

Well played, Mr. Moore.  Judging from that, you got your money’s worth.

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Sobering thought

In the wake of the suspensions/dismissal, Marc Weiszer hits on the truly scary part of the impact they will have on the team:

Georgia now has just six scholarship receivers available this season, including two incoming freshmen.

Talk about no margin of error.  It’s a virtual certainty that neither of the true freshmen will redshirt – and that’s despite the fact that one of them would seem to be a little on the small side by SEC standards.  Deploying four and five wideout sets becomes difficult to almost impossible.  You can’t risk these kids on special teams.  And we better hope that either Aron White or Orson Charles can thrive at that flex tight end position that now looks to become one of the most important slots on offense.

And that’s all without even worrying about injuries or other suspensions.  Can they put those kids in a bubble?


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