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What kinda bait ‘ya usin’ there, mister?

I see Mark Bradley’s gone fishing again.


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The Greatest Cell Phone Of Our Era

From Dan Mullen, formerly Florida’s quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator, comes this bit of information:

… Of course the guy who won the Heisman is quarterback Tim Tebow, who Mullen said is a special football player and person.

“Tim has an amazing effect on people’s lives,” Mullen said.  “He’s like a 20-year old rock star celebrity.  My cell phone has high school football players in it.  His has A-list celebrities…”


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At least we’re 2-3 over the last five years.

Georgia fans, as much as we whine and gnash our teeth over what’s gone down in Jacksonville over most of the last two decades, at least things have gotten a little sunnier (by comparison, anyway) over the past few years.

It could be a lot worse, you know.

“Somewhere out there is a 5½-year-old, born late in the afternoon of Nov. 22, 2003. She can write her name, maybe read a word or two, ride a bike without training wheels and run a lemonade stand (although correct change might be iffy). She’ll enter kindergarten in the fall.

“And in her existence, since she joined the world, Michigan has never beaten Ohio State in football.”

I feel better already.


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“Leave the petty stuff to the rest of us, Urban…”

I recognize that CFN’s Pete Fiutak is kind of up and down with his output.  One reason I like him, though, is that he tends not to take himself too seriously.  Another reason I like him is when he hits something right, he usually gets it really right.  Like this particular observation he has about the Shane Matthews/Urban Meyer spat in this piece of his definitely worth reading:

… Matthews actually had a valid point after the Ole Miss game, claiming the coaches didn’t take advantage of certain mismatches on offense. He wasn’t criticizing to be mean or vindictive; he was saying it out of love for his team and his beloved program. Being off-base would have been to criticize the team’s lack of effort and focus, but he didn’t have to go there. Tim Tebow took care of that for him and was immortalized for it with a plaque that hangs on Florida Field.

There really isn’t anything else to add to that, is there?  Unless you want to toss an “OH SNAP!” in at this point…


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Tales of the recession

You know, there may actually be something convincing to this argument by UCF head coach George O’Leary about the need for an early signing period.

O’Leary said the combination of the recruiting process starting a year earlier than usual and the push to hang on to recruits who commit is making a huge dent in college budgets.

“To me, in this economy when you’re worried about budgetary problems, you’re spending the same amount of money whether they verbal or not,” he said. “I don’t understand. We used to have an early signing period and I thought it worked out well. Especially with the shift in the calendar, it’s crazy not to have an early signing period.”

On the other hand…

In a year of steep budget cuts, it was a wonder how FSU could afford to appeal the NCAA ruling following an academic cheating scandal.

We reported last month that it was in fact FSU’s Seminole Boosters footing the bill. And now WCTV has obtained documents showing how much Boosters have spent as FSU appeals to the NCAA.

One of the big reasons the school has appealed is because of one sport- Football.

Coach Bobby Bowden stands to lose 14 wins if this decision stands.

Seminole Boosters is footing the bill and these documents show the Boosters spent more than $220,000 dollars to fight. [Emphasis added.]

That works out to better that $15,714.29 per win.  And those are old wins, to boot.

I guess that’s FSU’s version of a stimulus package.


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Exit, shrieking.

As in, if I had been a South Carolina booster in the room at the Jacksonville Gamecock Club meeting Monday night, that’s what I would have done after hearing Son of OBC say this.

“The next two years of our program are definitely in Stephen Garcia’s hands.”


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