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Mark it on your calendars.

Per Chris Low, here’s the SEC Media Days lineups for each day:

The lineup on July 22 features Vanderbilt’s Bobby Johnson, Arkansas’ Bobby Petrino, Mississippi State’s Dan Mullen and Kentucky’s Rich Brooks.

On July 23, Alabama’s Nick Saban, Georgia’s Mark Richt, Ole Miss’ Houston Nutt and Florida’s Urban Meyer will be on hand.

The finale on July 24 will include Auburn’s Gene Chizik, South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier, LSU’s Les Miles and Tennessee’s Lane Kiffin.

Nothing like ending with a bang.



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Kiffin watch: rootin’ tootin’ recruitin’

First off let me say that this column by John Adams on UT’s latest signee is total bullcheet.  This kid looks to have turned his life around completely – his victim recommended that Tennessee accept him – and it looks like the staff and school did a very careful job of evaluation before offering.  But Junior shouldn’t extend a chance because there’s too much history at UT?  Give me a break.

That being said, stuff like that comes with the Laner’s territory, Vol fans, so you better get used to it.  Some people aren’t going to see much of a step from Bryce Brown to this and aren’t going to give a coach who refers to his school’s program as his “franchise” much slack at all.

And this isn’t going to do Junior any favors, either.

… Reports out of Mississippi claim that Ole Miss football could lose as many as three scholarships when the NCAA releases its new APR report. The problems, according to the report in the Jackson Clarion-Ledger, stem from the last season under former coach Ed Orgeron. Last season, the first under new coach Houston Nutt, the football program scored 939, 14 points above the minimum required score of 925.

Ole Miss will have until the 2010-11 season to cut the three football scholarships.

Pass the Red Bull, please.


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Game in the Dome follow up

Tim Tucker talks to Atlanta Sports Council president Gary Stokan about Georgia playing a high profile OOC game in the Georgia Dome in the near future.  Here’s the key part:

“We’d like to think there’s an opportunity [with Georgia] for 2010 or ‘11 or ‘12 or ‘13,” Stokan said. “We’d like to have Georgia when it makes sense for Georgia. We don’t know when that’ll be, but we hope it’s one of those [years]. Georgia is a national brand, and we’d like to match [the Bulldogs] up with another national brand.”

No, Georgia absolutely would not sacrifice one of six Sanford Stadium games in any year in order to play in the Georgia Dome and won’t be asked to do so.

“First off, Damon [Evans, Georgia’s AD] and Arthur [Johnson, associate AD] and Mark [Richt] wouldn’t be interested in playing less than six home games,” Stokan said.  ”We understand that. We know that.”

Yes, Georgia might choose a game in the Dome over a more distant road trip.

A plausible scenario, Stokan said, is that Georgia might play in the Dome in lieu of a non-conference road game some year. Last year, for example, Georgia played at Arizona State; this year, they will play at Oklahoma State. Those games fit on the Bulldogs’ schedule without cutting into six Sanford Stadium games each year.

So, no sacrifice of a home game, no challenge to Nick Saban and a chance to see a quality national opponent close to home.  What’s not to like?  Get ‘er done, guys.


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Yes, but…

There’s a good article in today’s AB-H about the high hopes placed on Georgia’s offensive line in the wake of the Moreno and Stafford departures.

No pressure, guys on Georgia’s offensive line.

Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno are NFL rookies now, not playmakers you are blocking for, but with talent and depth now in the trenches, your teammates have faith in the line holding the Bulldogs’ offense together.

“I kind of think about all of the guys that are coming back and I just have this image of a brick wall in my mind,” Georgia fullback Fred Munzenmaier said. “So many young guys started last year and so many older guys are coming back. I feel personally like that there’s just going to be a big pool of experienced guys.”

Now, my motto for the past two seasons has been “In Searels We Trust”, so I don’t want to make it sound like I’m unduly anxious here.  But I have this nagging thought in the back of my head – to be fair, about the team as a whole, not just the offensive line – that goes something like this:  how reasonable is it to expect all these injured players to come back without missing a beat?

I don’t doubt that many of them will.  But with as many kids as Georgia lost to injury, the law of averages says that a few most likely won’t.  There’s going to be a Dannell Ellerbe or two.  The question is, who?


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Never mind.

When last we heard from Corch Urban Meyer, he had his panties in a wad over Auburn’s badass stretch limo ride that Chizik’s staff was taking all over the state of Alabama to impress recruits.  Instead of taking the snarkier road and snidely pointing out what that says about Auburn’s staff and the kids they’re trying to impress, Meyer chose to get all huffy and whine about NCAA violations.

Except it turns out he got bad intel.

There was much debate yesterday about Auburn taking white stretch limos on recruiting trips, and Urban Meyer crying foul to Pat Dooley of The Gainesville Sun. Well, it turns out Dooley misread the story about Auburn and thought the school was taking recruits in the limos, hence Meyer’s reaction.

Thanks to commenter Alabama Ag and Tech School for pointing out this mea culpa from Dooley last night:

“Ah, the World Wide Interweb (another movie reference). When you make a mistake, you’re going to hear it. Last week I had a Dooley Noted item about Auburn coaches parading recruits around in limos. I obviously misread the story because it was Auburn coaches in the limos going from school to school. War Eagle fans have corrected me with dozens of e-mails. My bad. Now calm down.”

My bad.  Now calm down. Well, that certainly fixes everything.  Those damned interwebs, screwing things up for Dooley and his ilk.  If those assholes would just keep to themselves in their mommas’ basements, we’d have a lot less problems with the press.

No word on whether this will make for another chapter in Meyer’s next book.  And the crack about ripping off shirts stands.

POSTSCRIPT: Now that I think about it, go back and read Meyer’s original quote, which was  “The Florida coaching staff will not be riding around in limos or ripping off our shirts.” There’s no mention of recruits in that.

Perhaps I’m crazy, but while it’s clear that Dooley was talking completely out of his ass, I’m not so sure that Meyer was.  Maybe he really thinks that coaches showing up in a limo is something the NCAA should look into.


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Kiffin watch: riddle me this.

This triptych currently adorns ESPN.com’s college football page, which highlights an article summarizing spring practices around the SEC:

One of these three is not like the others... (Photo courtesy US Presswire)

One of these three is not like the others... (Photo courtesy US Presswire)

Aside from participating in  SEC football, what do all three have in common?

It can’t be accomplishments, since the guy in the middle hasn’t coached his first SEC game yet.

It can’t be winning, since the guy in the middle has a 5-15 record as a head coach.

It can’t be 2009 prospects, since nobody expects the guy in the middle’s team to play in the SECCG.

So you tell me.

Look out, baby, it’s that dreaded ESPN narrative coming down the tracks.  Junior is newsworthy.  Because…  just because.


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