When there’s not much happening, it’s time for a poll.

The old saw that the defense is usually ahead of the offense in spring ball is going to be tested in Athens this preseason.  The defense, both coaches and players, should be challenged with the installation of Coach Grantham’s new 3-4 scheme.

The offense?  Chugging right along

Compared to their defensive counterparts, Georgia’s offensive players are breezing through spring practice.

Returning nine starters made it easy for the unit to begin spring practice in full stride.

“We’re installing things pretty fast, going pretty fast with things,” quarterback Aaron Murray said. “That’s just because the guys know what they’re doing out there. We don’t have to take it slow. We’re pretty much rapid fire right now.”

With so much experience returning, less time has been spent teaching, with fewer repetitions needed to get formations and plays in sync.

So, with that in mind, check out the poll du jour.

Of course, your comments, tongue in cheek or otherwise, are welcomed.


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9 responses to “When there’s not much happening, it’s time for a poll.

  1. UFTimmy

    I should be able to vote on more than one of those, imo.


  2. Bulldog Bry

    other option:
    I expect for fans to eventually call for Bobo’s head because he’s not “fiery enough” or “loud enough” in practice.


  3. Gob

    I voted for the offense, but I think if the first-team D knowns their scheme, just the scheme alone should give them a leg up over the 2nd team O. I don’t think a final score in the realm of 31-10 is too far-fetched.


  4. Dawgaholic

    Voted for the O but expect the D to be much better than expected – especially for G-day. Low scoring b/c of the length of quarters and the difficulty for the QBs to get in a rhythm.

    Assuming the O will dominate assumes that Willie’s D would be better than what we have that is about 1/4 -1/2 installed. I doubt that is true.

    24-13 (Red) with a defensive score or TD set up by a defensive play putting the O in the redzone.


  5. Not sure about the score because even tho I think the offense will be great, I also believe the second team offense will also be very good. By next fall I think the defense will have caught up & be ready to rock & roll. Special teams will be special also.


  6. 69Dawg

    Watch for some special rules to be placed on the D, no stunting, no DB blitz etc. Otherwise CTG’s boys will embarrass Bobo’s O.


  7. Dawgaholic

    If there are special rules it won’t be to protect CMB. Special rules will be to hinder other teams off-season UGA preparation – I’m talking about you Mr. Spurrier.

    CMB has scored 31 on Bud Foster, 31 on Saban, 42 on Charlie Strong, 41 on Ellis Johnson, and 45 on Tuberville.


  8. dawgfan17

    I expect to see a much more plain defense called in the spring game than what will be called this fall. Honestly I believe our opening game of the fall season will be the same way. No reason to give other teams tape of what we are going to do before we have to. I think TG knows this and what you see the until the SC game will be base plays to give the D confidence without showing much on film for teams to break down.


  9. Hoshney

    Anyone who thinks our D is suddenly going to be great is in for a big surprise when we struggle immensly at times with blown coverages and missed opportunities

    Check Saban’s first year at MSU, LSU, and Bama and you will see the same thing….many bad games, many blown coverages, and other errors.