Lacking in sympathy

Even in a story about some fairly outrageous political wankery – and it’s hard to see how you can describe an attempt to leverage football recruits to influence the state legislature to reappoint a university trustee as anything else – the AP can’t resist the opportunity to throw a shot in the football program’s direction:

While the Gamecocks have been mediocre for years, the football team and coach Steve Spurrier draw massive fan support in a state with no professional sports.

The whole thing’s enough to make a man throw his visor.


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  1. Charles D.

    *He and several other lawmakers, including former Gamecocks lineman Anton Gunn, a black Democrat from Columbia, said members of the black community were calling recruits and their families and asking them to rethink playing for the school.*

    Hmmm, I know it’s not the message they are supposed to be sending, but wouldn’t this be a recruiting violation for illegal contact?