Thoughts from the 35, G-Day version

I did sit on the 35 yesterday, but diagonally opposite (and in the upper deck) from my usual seat.  While it was a lot farther from the play on the field than what I’m accustomed to, that vantage point was a useful one from which to observe pass coverage.  And I’ve got to say that I left the game impressed with what Lakatos has been able to get his charges to accomplish so far.  There were several plays where there were three receivers down field, all of whom were picked up and covered in textbook fashion (including picture perfect bracketing with a corner and safety combo).  It happened frequently enough that they almost made it look – dare I say it? – routine.

That’s not to say that there isn’t plenty left to work on.  There were times when receivers came wide open on crossing routes.  And the linebackers are definitely a work in progress as far as coverage goes.  But it’s a department that I’m cautiously optimistic about coming out of the spring.

Here are a few other things that stood out on a day when vanilla was the rule:

  • Outside linebackers. If there’s anything really worth getting excited about from the scrimmage, it’s the realization that Houston and Washington were born to play in a 3-4.  If the two stay healthy, they’re good enough for Grantham to build an SEC-caliber defense around.  Still getting their feet wet when they’re asked to drop into coverage, the pair were dominant when they attacked the line.
  • Artie Lynch. Yeah, I know Orson Charles has a chance to be a really special player (by the way, he looks noticeably bigger than he did at the end of last season).  And Aron White isn’t exactly chopped liver either.  But Lynch looked like the prototypical tight end out there – big dude, good hands, reasonably mobile.  He had guys bouncing off of him all day.  The position is shaping up to be one of Georgia’s deepest this season, which, considering the depth issues at receiver, is a very good thing.
  • Washaun Ealey. Temper, temper.  I know his numbers yesterday didn’t reflect anything special, but he just looked smoother in the offensive flow, particularly in the passing game, both protecting the quarterback and catching the ball.  An Ealey with an all ’round game would be a beautiful thing to see in the fall.
  • Kris Durham. Good to have you back, big guy.  He looked like he hadn’t missed a beat.  Again, given the numbers at the position, that’s big.

As for the quarterbacks… well, let’s just start by saying that the message board chatter has been amusing to say the least.  While it sounds like a majority of Dawgnation is ready to anoint Mettenberger the starter this morning, I’m more in the Richt camp right now.  Logan Gray summed yesterday up best, I thought, when he said this:

“It matters some, but ultimately everybody’s going to have to compete again during fall camp, go out and take reps and make plays and run the offense again,” said Gray…

If you want a breakdown, here goes:

  • Mettenberger. Can the “Bobo and Richt don’t know how to coach quarterbacks” talk be put to an end, please?  Mett has made huge strides in becoming a functional quarterback.  His footwork, touch on the ball and accuracy are light years ahead of where he was at last year’s G-Day.  That first completion, the sideline pass to Wooten, was a thing of beauty.  But he didn’t see the first team defense all day, which meant that he didn’t have to deal with Houston and Washington, which meant that he had the time to throw the deep balls that were so pretty.
  • Gray. He clearly has the weakest arm of the three.  He’s also clearly the most mobile of the three.  His performance yesterday was serviceable.  He did a nice job on the touchdown pass, but there were times I saw him struggle mightily with the coverage, as vanilla as things were.
  • Murray. Aaron was noticeably pressing yesterday.  His interception was Coxian and the result of the kind of decision making that I hope earns one a seat on the bench this season.  He also overthrew a wide open A.J. Green for what would have been an easy touchdown pass.  That being said, you can see that he’s got a lot going for him.  He’s got the quickest release of the three and it’s not even close.  His arm strength is closer to Mettenberger’s than Gray’s.  And as much as I groaned when he overthrew Green on that pass, it was apparent that he read the snap coverage correctly and knew he had the matchup he wanted there from the get-go.

I’m not sure who wins the job in the fall – which is to say that I’ll be surprised if Richt names a starter any time soon – but I will say that I feel better about the position as a whole than I did after last year’s G-Day game.

So now we wait.


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  1. Joe

    On the QB’s. Yep we saw the same thing. I thought Murray was really pressing trying to show everyone he was the number one QB on every pass, rather than just executing the play. Its clear he had the latitude to audible and also clear the defense turned it up a notch for him.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    I thought the intensity level, especially in the second quarter and second half was up a couple of notches from spring games of the past.

    And this despite more vanilla than we have ever seen on both sides of the ball.

    Even in vanilla, there is certainly a different style of play on defense.

    They swarm, quickly.

    We look bigger, especially the skill players. Ealy, for instance, looks much “thicker” and Carlton Thomas looks like he grew into a different body.

    We have pretty good speed on defense, especially behind the line of scrimmage….”pretty good” being a Dooleyism.

    There is something in Mettenberger’s success that has to do with vanilla…read traditional Richtian offense. And he looks more like what we are used to than either Gray or Murray…still had a pretty good day, but my suspicion is that when the vanilla comes off, well, who knows?


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    Oh…one more thought.

    Where and who better to take the vanilla off than the OBC in Williams-Bryce second game in?

    I think, fellers, that is going to be interesting.


  4. 69Dawg

    Personally I like it when the boys get a little snippy with one another. Easley does not back down from anyone.

    I noticed on one long pass incompletion that the CB had his head on a swivel looking for the ball. A refreshing change from the keep your eyes on the receiver as he catches the pass then and only then tackle him. It’s going to be a fun D to watch when these guys are turned loose on the OBC. SOS didn’t really do well against pro D attacks at Washington.


  5. Greg

    It’s just a shame that AJ Green has to deal with his 3rd starting qb in 3 years. People around the country and, even in the SEC, don’t know just how good he is because of that.


  6. This optimist has even more to be optimistic about now. We have the players & the coaches to be a very good team. CMR & CMB can & will help the QBs to be as good as their talent allows them to be. Run the ball & play action passes. Take advantage of A.J. getting double coverage.
    Gamble & Dent will provide Sr. leadership, outstanding LB play, call D signals(schemes), stabilize the D, & be the captains of the D. In fact I expect Dent to be the heart & the soul of the D. The D practices against our O, they will be just fine. Just Saying.


  7. Rum-Dawg Millionaire

    Bonus points for using the word “Coxian,” Senator. [Guinness]Brilliant![/Guinness]


  8. njdawg

    As Parcells so wisely said about one of his qb’s, let’s put away the anointing oil. That being said, great game Mett. Hope your development continues. We have a lot of time to make this decision and need to make sure we make the right one: even if it is Grey, which I doubt.


  9. RusDawg

    Did you see this article on SI about Brantley at UF….the “Out-of-character” thing about Urban Meyer boggles my mind….


  10. Charles D.

    I thought Branden Smith looked very good yesterday, too. AJ caught a couple in front of Smith and went nowhere. If Smith can play up to his physical talent, we will have the best pair of CB’s in the SEC. Not to mention, Cuff has been praised all spring.


  11. JC in Powder Springs

    We learned a lot about CTG’s tolerance level when Nick Williams held Ealey down too long and was jawing near the end of the game. CTG benched him immediately, and it didn’t look like we were going to see much of Nick again if this were the regular season.

    If there’s one thing I’m truly hoping is gone, it’s the jawing and celebrations after average tackles – and the dumb penalties that soon accompany the histrionics. Anyway, I thought the situation said a lot about the new D coach.

    With a freshman likely to be our QB, we’re probably going to see a lot of ‘vanilla’ O this season.


    • Macallanlover

      My thoughts exactly JC about disciplining the defense for over actions. I would like to see CTG put them on the bench for the showboating after sacks, big hits, pass breakups, etc. UGA is watched very tightly by small-minded officials, especially after 2007. We need to accept that as fact and have a plan to counter it.

      I wish he would install a Herschelesque approach to acting like you have been there. It’s your job guys, we will give you your due without the jumping around. I saw it a couple of times yesterday and waited for the flag (it would have fallen ina big SEC game.) You can be both emotional and cool in big moments, we have learned the hard way about just showing unbridled emotion. How many big plays have been offset by Unsportsmanlike flags? It has cost us several games, we have a target on our back.


    • Puffdawg

      I noticed Nick Williams talking smack when he ran down Carlton Thomas after a 30 yard gain in first half. Thought that was kind of lame.


  12. S.E. Dawg

    While I was impressed with what we saw on the field, I was impressed with the number of fans. Any word on how many were in attendance?


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  14. Vious

    Can the “Bobo and Richt don’t know how to coach quarterbacks” talk be put to an end, please?


    Sure, when we win the SEC again….going on 5+ years now without an appearance


    • Will Q

      Which, of course, is entirely due to Bobo and Richt’s QB coaching.


    • FLdawg

      True, Mr. Vious.

      Can we please look at some facts and reality.

      Player development? We had the NFL #1 pick Stafford, and we underachieved.

      We love CMB, but UGA is a great institution which deserves and requires elite proven coaches. UGA is not a lower or mid-major program for ojt or “growing” into the role. Bobo is quoted ” we did not do a very good job last year of ( fill in the blanks)”.

      Player development is one thing. Play calling is another problem. The last 2 years it looked like defenses had our playbook, our playcalling was predictable and puzzling. Heck, our offense would just disappear in the first half in many games.

      We love CMB and wish him the very best either at UGA or somewhere else. But UGA comes before ANY personalities.

      Maybe he and CMR can make it happen in 2010.

      Only 145 days till Sept 4.

      Go You Hairy Bobo Dawgs!


    • FLdawg

      May I respectfully offer these stats on player development and offensive coaching:

      OKST, we scored 10pts.
      AZST, we scored 20pts, shut out in 2 and 3 qtr, Cox 2 ints, pick six. AZST went 4-8 last year, bottom of Pac 10.
      LSU, we scored 13 points AT HOME.
      Tenn, we scored 19 points
      FL, we scored 17 points
      KY, omg, we led 20-6 at halftime, we were SHUTOUT in the 4th qtr in our own stadium

      Sorry to remind everybody


  15. MITDawg

    I’m still trying to find someone (blogger/reporter) who has insight into why before the game CMR and company stated that all 3 qbs would play with both teams, but in the end Mettenberger was the only qb not to play with the starting offense. Thus far no one has bothered to ask CMR about this. Not sure how you have a totally open qb competition when you hold one of the contestants out of competing with the starting offensive talent. Not too mention there were quite a few in attendance that were also interested in seeing each qb work with the 1st team because we aren’t interested in the earlier annointment of Murray as our starter-to-be just as we aren’t interested in the current annointment of Metterberger because we want the offense to be like CTG’s defense and get the best player on the field at the qb position and this would also include showcasing Mettenberger with the 1st team offense just like the other 2 qbs.


    • The Realist

      I think they are just making sure the reps are even across the three throughout the scrimmages. I know in the first scrimmage Logan worked mainly with the 2’s. I don’t think Richt and Bobo are as concerned with showcasing the qb’s to the fans as the fans are.


      • MITDawg

        I can understand that line of thought but if that was their intention then why tell the press/bloggers before the G-Day game that all 3 qbs would rotate between the two teams. Because when you state that to the media and it gets disseminated to the public and then one of the qbs gets the 1st team snub then it appears to be a bit disingenuous. I for one was there to see all 3 qbs play with both teams to make an assessment for myself rather than only relying on the media and coaches to report how each one looked/performed.


  16. JaxDawg

    Report from enemy territory:

    gator attendees of the “orange and blue” game claim Brantley is the real deal and will have a “huge year if the OL can perform”.

    We will see. As usual, their arrogance is healthy.

    However, I do feel a little irritated that Coach Mark Richt has not prepared a Qb to take the reigns in 2010. Last year presented an excellent opportunity to break-in a young gun but here we are again showcasing a brand-spanking-new QB for a team that should be challenging for an SEC title. While Florida seems very well settled at the position.

    Go figure.


    • FLdawg

      Hey Jax, glad you are on recon duty,

      I am not ready yet to write off the hated gators, until we prove we can beat them convincingly and consistently.

      Look at Bama. They lost their 5th year senior QB John Parker Wilson, and an unknown guy named McElroy was in their huddle last year. Now, that is real player development.


    • The Realist

      Murray was injured. Mettenberger was and is a work in progress. I won’t argue that Gray wasn’t properly prepared for the role in 2008 or 2009, but after 2009 the coaches weren’t openly discouraging talk of Gray moving to WR, so…

      These guys will have had two spring and two fall camps. I think they’ll be okay.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      JD I usually agree with you but this time I must differ. Whom exactly did you expect Richt to use at QB last season? Gray showed in the FLA game why he had not been used and it doesn’t look like he is going to be playing much this season, either. Murray was injured last season. Mett? He was a true freshman and the consensus appears to be that he has made light-years of improvement in the last 12 months, the implication being that he was too raw last year to be the starter. Far be it from me to criticize a kid for taking his chance at the brass ring (and getting $45 Million to boot) but the reason that we were in the shape we were in at QB last season was that Staff left school early and without Moreno the running game left, too, at least for the first half of the season. Everybody wants to jump on Cox but the truth is that he saved our bacon. Can you imagine what kind of season we would have had in ’09 without Joe Cox? How about potential losses to South Carolina, Arky and maybe AZ State in addition to the games we did lose? When you have a bad D (and we did) there is only so much the offense can do.


      • Will Q

        Amen. You can say what you want about Cox’s decision-making and interceptions, but at the end of the day, he still wound up tied Shockley and Zeier for 2nd most TD passes in a season.

        Maybe he wasn’t the Ginger Ninja that the offseason built him up to be, but he wasn’t exactly chopped liver either.


  17. sUGArdaddy

    FLdawg, the Detroit coaches said that Stafford was one of the most prepared QBs they’d ever seen come into the league and that his coaching in college was unbelievable. That’s all we need to know about CMB and CMR, because the boys that coach on Sundays know what they’re talking about.


    • FLdawg

      Hey Brother,

      Yes I know we can develop players for the NFL, we are a great NFL farm team.

      But do we develop our players to play and win within our program in college? Stafford, as much as we love him, was not even a consensus All American in college.

      I want our coaches to prepare our players to win at UGA, and to beat every team on our college schedule.

      Please see 2009 offensive stats posted above.

      Glad we can have a civil debate about our demands for unabashed unapologetic Greatness for UGA.


    • Don Joel

      I read the Detroit quote too. Coming from the Lions, I don’t think I’d trumpet that too much. They lost every game in 2009. I don’t recall their record in 2010. If one of the Minnesota, New England and New Orleans coaches had made that statement, then I’d have to agree with your conclusion. But the dregs of the NFL said it. You have your conclusion, I have mine. Mine is correct.


      • bort

        Actually, they won 2 games in 2009, infinitely better than their 2008 debacle.

        If you know how many they won in 2010 you may want to call Vegas.


  18. I agreewith the realist above.
    We do get talented QBs because they know CMR & CMB will help them to develop their talent to the fullest. Also glad that we did not waste a year having a QB playing no more than he would have played last year, Our problem is too many talented QBs. Hope we can keep them on campus (no transfers).


  19. FLdawg

    This bears repeating:

    May I respectfully offer these stats on player development and offensive coaching:

    OKST, we scored 10pts.
    AZST, we scored 20pts, shut out in 2 and 3 qtr, Cox 2 ints, pick six. AZST went 4-8 last year, bottom of Pac 10.
    LSU, we scored 13 points AT HOME.
    Tenn, we scored 19 points
    FL, we scored 17 points
    KY, omg, we led 20-6 at halftime, we were SHUTOUT in the 4th qtr in our own stadium

    We had 5 years to develop Joe Cox.
    How many years do our coaches need to develop play calling and offensive game plans?

    We hope CMB and CMR can make it happen in 2010.

    Go Dawgs!


    • Don Joel

      I agree with your post 1000%!!!!! Because with all the time that the staff had to work with, Cox was a bummer. The RBs in the last half saved his butt. Who would have played in his place, I don’t know. But UGA is not the college of QBs, that’s for sure. Green was on the taxi squad. DJ was either the second or third stringer in Atlanta, Joe T? Fuhgetaboutit. Staff, first round draft choice. Cox. Mid major at best. One great QB prospect out of 9 years. That ain’t exactly a home run with the bases full.


    • Sanford222View

      What about the offensive coaching that somehow tied for most points scored per SEC game last year?


      • FLdawg

        Hey man,

        Yes, I know, I know, Cox threw a lot of TD’s, and we put up a lot of points.

        But I dont care about individual stats or total points scored.

        I care about wins, baby. And we had 5 losses last year. FOUR SEC losses, and a sickening loss against OKST where we scored 10 points.

        CMB and CMR can and must get our game planning to consistent execution for 4 quarters of every game.

        Only 144 days till Sept 4.
        GO DAWGS!


  20. Thomas Brown

    Coach Richt’s problems are, were, have been, and continue to be his Coaching Staff.

    December 20, 2000 Vince Dooley hired Coach Richt as our Head Football Coach to replace Jim Donnan at 2 a.m. February rolled around and the Signing Date was imminent. Coach Richt wanted to go to an Assistant Coach’s Clinic. Vince Dooley had to put his foot down and tell Coach Richt that he could not, and that he had to finally show up here.

    We had suffered a rash a arrests / suspensions. There were very high profile cases. 6 of Coach Richt Rodney Garner Signed Recruits were DENIED ADMISSION to The University of Georgia. 4 Starters for Coach Richt’s 1st Game were suspended.

    He said he knocked the lid off this program by beating the vols that first year 2001 at Neyland Stadium. The vols would end up Number 4 in the nation in the Final AP Poll, as Verron Haynes caught the David Greene pass in the checkerboard end zone all alone, no vol in sight. 26-24. David Greene would not beat 1 single other Top 10 Final AP Poll team.

    We had fired Jim Donnan for losing 13 games in the 4 years leading up to the deal made by Michael F. Adam$ to pay Jim Donnan millions of dollars to coach the Oahu Bowl against Virginia and just leave. Millions of Athletic Donations. Adam$ would go on to try to take over that budget, but failed. Now, all these years later, we have in our last 4 years of Coach Richt lost 14 games these last 4 years.

    I’ve been Baptized, sprinkled, dipped and dunked.

    Coach Richt’s coaching staff has continued to recruit the Montez Robinsons to The University of Georgia. You see a Christian believes in turning the other cheek. Core Values are praying for others and forgiving.

    I am not at all convinced that this will lead to all the bad guys ending up here representing The University of Georgia on the Field, in the Classroom, and in the Jails just because Coach Richt believes in Forgiveness.

    But the facts of the matter are and have been that Coach Richt’s Coaching Staff has sucked.

    What made Bobby Bowden good was his Coaching Staff.

    What has made The University of Georgia under Coach Richt not in the Top 8 since 20 December 2000, is his Coaching Staff.

    Sugar Bowl against Hawaii ? Hawaii is the Number 19 football team in America in the Final AP Poll.

    National Stage is not there. 1-3 vs the vols and 1-3 vs Florida the last 4 years leaves us unable to get out of our own Division of our own Conference.

    When there is no discipline and just Forgiveness, there is no Team Concept.

    You have to have Discipline. Discipline in hiring the best football coaches for his staff, discipline in the classrooms, Discipline on the Football Field and Discipline in Off-Field Arrests / Suspensions.

    I like Coach Richt. I like him as a Football Coach. I especially like him as a Quarterbacks Coach and Play Caller. I do not like his Coaching Staff, especially on Offense.

    We did not get the recruits in this Prime State of Georgia on Offense to Sign with us 2010. They signed with all the teams in The SEC who have BEAT US.

    You are kidding yourself if you think Mike Bobo is a sought after Offensive Coordinator. Likewise why is a Great Running Back coaching our wide receivers ? Why is our former Wide Receiver Coaching the running backs ? Why is a Quarterback coaching our Tight Ends ?

    5 fumbles yesterday. That is what we had. We lined up and had a WR in motion from the Right Side across the formation to the left, and at the same time, the Running Back took a step forward and then back. The WR never came set either. Our precious 5’ 11” and 198 lbs 4.7 speed Quarterback threw the only Interception of the G-Day Game. 5 deeper type throws by Aaron Murray were all overthrown. All 5 of the deeper type passes. His underneath passes were behind the receivers. He was sacked 4 times. And, we had 5 fumbles.

    Coach Richt and Rodney Garner get good press from going to Jail, soon prison, to see Montez Robinson, a convicted guilty man who beat up a girl. Every question is about not him since now he has thrown him off the team, but about Zach Mettenberger also arrested During Spring Practice.

    But, Montez Robinson beat up The University of Georgia coed October 20 slamming her into a dumpster.

    He was suspended for the Shreveport Bowl Game.

    Then November 30, Montez Robinson attacked her vehicle breaking the taillights which added up to a felony.

    For my Life Values, the Felony was October 20.

    Coach Richt then suspended Montez Robinson for the 1st 3 games of 2010 on November 30 for the taillights incident on top of beating up a girl 20 October.

    So Spring Practice, Friday before Good Friday, and Montez Robinson picks up the little coed at my alma mater, and throws her repeatedly to the floor at McWhorter Hall.

    Only then is he kicked off the team. The University of Georgia hasn’t had the chance to meet and kick him out of The University of Georgia, a foregone conclusion.

    This before the Summer starts when based upon years past now in his 10th year as our Head Coach, we can count on multiple Recruits of a sorry football Recruiting Class will be denied Admission to The University of Georgia. And, during the Summer based upon years past now in his 10th year as our Head Coach, we can count on multiple arrests / suspensions.

    Montez Robinson is the best football player in his home state and the 8th best at his position in the nation.

    Zach Mettenberger clearly is the Best Quarterback on our Roster, and one of the Top 10 Best in the Nation at his Position, just like Montez Robinson is also one of the Top 10 Best in the Nation at his Position.

    We have good football players.

    We cannot get them on the field.

    2001 four (4) Starters suspended for Opening Game.

    Verron Haynes Starting Fullback, Charles Grant Starting Defensive End, Tim Wansley Starting Cornerback, and Randy McMichael Starting Tight End. 2 offense and 2 defense. Jermaine Phillips Safety was also suspended for the Opening Game 2001. .

    2001 was an off-season of barroom brawl arrests, drugs arrests and anything but Christian Values.

    Does it surprise anyone that 2001 we Lost to South Carolina, Florida, Auburn and Boston College ? At least those were good teams, but 4 Losses. Terreal Bierria was arrested for the 1st time in 2001.

    2002 was the year Brandon Williams was hiding naked in Tony Cole’s closet while he had consensual sex with a coed, then did the same.

    Just prior to that hitting the fan, and boy did it hit the fan, Odell Thurman was suspended twice, once for drugs. Odell Thurman was dismissed to Georgia Military Academy, as you recall only to come right back a year from now in 2003. See what happens with his Forgiveness in 2003, please.

    George Foster, you all recall 11 06 2002 George Foster personal foul bouncing on Bam Hardmon during the offensive drive which cost us at least a Field Goal against Florida. Repeatedly, George Foster on National TV just bounced up and down on Bam Hardmon. After the 15-yard penalty, we had to settle for a field goal try that was just too long. His penalty stalled the drive and we lost by the 7 points. Coach Richt would PUNISH George Foster both during the game taking him out and at Practice George Foster was also punished.

    2003 was more of the same with Bryan McClendon arrested and suspended 2 games for Drugs. Perhaps you remember this ? 4 were arrested and suspended 2 games for drugs. Bryan McClendon, Tim Jennings, DeMario Minter, and Mario Raley. Those were 4 of our stars. Randall Swoopes was also arrested for drugs and suspended for 2 games.

    2 days after that, Offensive Coordinator Neil Callaway was arrested for DUI and fined $11,000. Coach Callaway BACKED UP at the checkpoint.

    2003 Coach Richt suspended 5 players for 2 games for drugs, and Michael F. Adam$ was mad as Hell.

    Then, after that still in 2003, BJ Fields was suspended for drugs 1 game, Jamario Smith was suspended for drugs 1 game, Chris Hickman was suspended for drugs 1 game, and Tyson Browning was suspended 3 games for drugs.

    Right after that, still in 2003, nine (9) Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Players decided that since UGA had not had any SEC Championship in 2 decades that they should SELL THEIR SEC CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS on eBay, some for as much as $3,000.

    Tony Taylor, Tim Jennings, Darrius Swain, Fred Gibson, Bruce Thornton, Kenny Bailey, and Michael Johnson were all 8 Starters on our team who SOLD THEIR SEC CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS on eBay. Walk-on Tray Young also sold his SEC Championship Ring on eBay.

    20 years.

    No SEC Championship. Win 1 and instantly 9 players go SELL IT on eBay.

    God Almighty is all I can say.

    2003 Coach Richt suspended 8 Players from the Opening Day Game. 8.

    2003 Odell Thurman after a year at Georgia Military Academy, haven been dismissed from the team, is Forgiven by Coach Richt and re-admitted onto the team. Instantly, he is arrested again. He didn’t even get back on campus before his arrest, again.

    2003 Tyson Browning Wide Receiver / Running Back was suspended 2 games for drugs.

    2004 Coach Richt suspended 3 Starters for the Opening Game.

    2004 Odell Thurman Linebacker was suspended 3 games 2004.

    Gordon Ely-Kelso Punter suspended for 1 game 2004. Derrick White Linebacker was suspended also in 2004 for 2 games.

    Running Back Kenny Bailey was suspended 2004 for 1 game. In all, there were 8 Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Players who stole a credit card and used it for calling long distance. That’s theft. Oh, I am entitled. I don’t have to pay that bill. I can just steal the credit card. Run up the bill, and never mind every number I call is recorded and the length of the call and the cost. Kenny Bailey RB, Richard Seymour DT, Robert Brannon TE, Decory Bryant CB and Kickoff Returner, Kendrell Bell LB, Tony Gilbert LB, and Charles Grant all 8 were suspended for 1 game.

    Jeremy Thomas Starting Fullback suspended 2 games 2004.

    2004 was the Michael Grant crap. Perhaps you recall him physically taking his cell phone back from the teacher ? It had evidence in it against Michael Grant, no one denies.

    2005, the Michael Grant was not enough for us. We have to in 2005 get into it with Admissions yet again. This time over Jamar Chaney, who took the SAT a multitude of times, but on one test, his answers matched another person also in the same exam and he scored considerably better. The NCAA ruled on this one. Coach Richt went public with his displeasure of the Admissions at UGA.

    2005 off-season saw Derrick White LB FB get arrested in a barroom brawl yet again, and he got a 2 game suspension.

    Kedric Golsten DT got a 1 game suspension for a barroom brawl.

    Darrius Swain OL DL got arrested and served 45 days in Jail for driving without a valid driver’s license not once or twice but 3 times.

    2005 also saw Offensive Lineman Michael Turner get arrested for the 1st time at UGA for drugs in his vehicle. Perhaps you recall Michael Turner ?

    Offensive Lineman Zeb McKinzey was arrested and suspended in 2005 as well for Public Drunkenness.

    Derrick White saw fit to get arrested yet again. This time for DUI and was dismissed.

    2005 only 13 freshmen showed up in the Fall from the 19 man Recruiting Class of Coach Richt Rodney Garner February 2005.

    We had had players in this state, criticize us for not even offering them. And, then 6 of the 19 we did offer and sign, are NOT EVEN THERE in the Fall of 2005.

    Fullback Chase Green arrested and suspended 2005.

    Antonio Sims arrested DUI suspended 1 game 2005.

    2006 got off to a rolling start in January with Dannell Ellerbe arrested and suspended for 3 games.

    Offensive Lineman Ian Smith then gave false statements to Police, was arrested and suspended for 1 game.

    Offensive Lineman Daniel Inman was then suspended for 2 games.

    We have made it up all the way to May 4, 2006 and we have 4 already suspended.

    After the Georgia tek game 2006, Ian Smith takes it upon himself to get arrested again. This time he is suspended for the Peach Bowl game and the first 5 games of 2007. Offensive Lineman. Don’t give me this crap that it was all defensive players who continue to get arrested / suspended.

    Right after that OL Seth Watts is suspended for the Peach Bowl Game too.

    2006 got off to a roaring start just after Signing Date with DT Marquis Elmore getting arrested.

    The very next day, Antonio Sims is arrested yet again too and suspended for all of 2006 and he is also kicked out of The University of Georgia.

    Thomas Flowers Punt Returner then is suspended for 2 games in 2006.

    Akeem Hebron is then arrested and suspended to start of 2007 on the right foot. The Christian Foot. The Forgiven Foot.

    Offensive Lineman Tanner Strickland is then arrested 2007.

    3 arrests after end of 2006 season, which by the way we LOST 4 games during, before Spring Practice.

    Tight End Tripp Chandler is then arrested and suspended for 1 game.

    We are the Christian School. We forgive everyone.

    Just send us your trouble-makers and we will fill our roster with them. Be damned with the value of my Diploma.

    Paul Oliver then in 2007 just before the Opening Game is kicked off of The University of Georgia Football Team, not by Coach Richt, by the NCAA. Maybe you remember this ?

    Center Jeff Henson is arrested and suspended for the Sugar Bowl Game, just before the game 2007.

    2007 Donavon Baldwin is suspended. NaDerris Ward Tight End is arrested. Caleb King Running Back is arrested.

    Fullback Fred Munzenmaier is arrested and suspended to get 2008 off to a great start.

    Defensive Players are the only ones to get arrested / suspended. B.S.

    Donavon Baldwin arrested suspended.

    Offensive Lineman LT Clint Boling arrested and suspended for 2 games.

    Jeremy Lomax arrested 2008.

    2 more OL Trinton Sturdivant and Justin Anderson are arrested.

    Michael Lemon, whom Coach Richt asked us all to set up a Trust Fund for asking us to Donate Money to him and his brother, is arrested for Felony 2008 because a guy at his apartment complex dared to talk to “his” girl. Coach Richt dismissed him. Too much bad publicity, I presume on this one.

    The very next day, Michael Lemon is arrested again, this time on alcohol charges.

    7 arrests the first 7 months of 2008.

    Tight End Bruce Figgins suspended for the Opening Day Game 2008.

    Donavan Baldwin AGAIN this time he is in a barroom brawl again for a Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Player and gets beat up in the fight.

    Coach Richt dismissed Donavan Baldwin.

    Marcus Dowtin also got beat up in the barroom brawl.

    Darius Dewberry then attacks the hospital, is arrested and suspended for 2 games.

    Jeff Henson the Center, is arrested and suspended for public urination and drunkenness.

    We were ranked # 1 in EVERY POLL for the 1st time in the history of UGA football, and 8 of the players were arrested AFTER being ranked # 1 and before our 1st game.

    6 of the 8 were suspended or either dismissed from the team.

    2008 we were Great I am told.

    2008 Brandon Wood arrested DUI and suspended for the LSU game.

    2009, last year, Coach Richt suspended 3 of his Players for Spring Practice.

    Tight End Bruce Figgins is suspended for 6 games of 2009.

    Our ONLY Defensive End Justin Houston is suspended for Oklahoma State and South Carolina 2008.

    Wide Receiver Tony Wilson is suspended in 2009.

    7-6 is our record over the last 13 games at this time, 2009. We were ranked # 1 in the Nation 2008 and now the next year, we are 7-6 over the last 13 games.


    Johnathan Owens is arrested 2009.

    Rennie Curran arrested 2009 bench warrant failure to appear.

    Offensive Tackle Vince Vance arrested 2009.

    And, now 2010 we have our Quarterback Zach Mettenberger arrested / suspended and Montez Robinson – both DURING SPRING PRACTICE – arrested and dismissed.

    10-10 vs SEC East the last 4 years. This is because we have averaged 21 fumbles a year the last 4 years in a row, averaged 14 interceptions a year the last 4 years in a row, have had 50 arrests / suspensions the last 4 years, and have averaged the # 96 worst team in the Nation in Penalties every year of the last 4 years in a row too.

    So, G-Day we have 5 fumbles and the Aaron Murray Interception and Penalties are NOT CALLED. We have our Starting QB prove he should have started vs Okie State last year and he is suspended at least for the Opening Day Game this year already and then Montez Robinson gets arrested for the 3 time since Coach Richt Rodney Garner recruited him here. And, both of those arrests since Spring Practice started.

    9-4 or 10-3 in a 14-game season. Had Coach Richt fired his entire offensive coaching staff, I would not have posted this. But, the facts are that his coaching staff has let Coach Richt down, and make no mistake about it, he is on the hot seat and knows it.


  21. keith

    dang thomas, you need your own blog


  22. merk

    Well I think one big key that everyone seems to forget is think of this:

    What if Murray would have looked the best out there. Then every fan would be so happy and cheering. Now Murray knows he has to work his ass off all summer if he wants the starting job. Not just show up for fall with it. This may turn out better then Murray stealing the show would have.

    Also to the guy who hates UGA players…how bout you go find me a top 25 team that does not have some players get in trouble. You know I’m sorry every single player in the world is not a perfect angel and they get in trouble some times. Maybe the NFL stars are to blame, maybe bad parenting, or maybe its just that most the time it just college kids being college kids, but these kids are held to a higher standard b/c they represent something.

    BTW I’m sorry UGA had to play Hawaii (you know the crap team that scraped by undefeated). No one was happy to play them, but you gotta play who you gotta play.

    I bet you weren’t on such a hissy fit back then when we played them either. You see this is how to tell true fans. True fans may get angry about bad seasons, but they don’t turn on the program. Yes Willie and Co needed to go. They had their chances and failed. Richt is making these “coaching changes” you seem to think is his problem. So why don’t you let him have a year or two before you jump down his throat.

    Also did you not see the part of the game where Nick Williams started crap with Ealey and was benched the rest of the game…is that *gasp* punishment for being stupid. My god I think it is.

    I am sure you have lead a pure and perfect life up to this moment which allows you to cast your judgement on others so easily. How about you take a step back and think of what it might be like to be 18-20 surrounded by alcohol, girls, and every other temptation you can think of. Then add that you are a center of attention by being a member of the football team. Then you can realize how these guys can get into shady situations easily.


  23. I agree with all of the positive comments about the coaches, players, & the program. The others do not have a clue. I am out of of here. Time will tell.


  24. “coxian” is now firmly entrenched in my lexicon.


  25. Dog in Fla

    As TB types away for hours to complete his 0416 post, above, my guess is that he is listening to alternating endless replays of Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros…

    and the Dead Kennedys…

    while watching Nick Cage hallucinate in Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans…


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