Tuesday morning buffet

It’s getting closer…

  • Great article by Tim Tucker on Georgia’s antitrust suit against the NCAA.  Can you imagine what that 1980 season would have been like under the current broadcast arrangements?
  • Pat Dye on the SEC:  “If you don’t win at Alabama, they ought to fire your ass. Same thing at Tennessee, Florida and Georgia. I’d even say that’s the case at South Carolina and Auburn. Oh, and LSU and Arkansas.” (h/t The Wiz of  Odds)
  • Gary Danielson on Stephen Garcia“His light flickers.”
  • In case you were wondering what the conventional wisdom of SEC beat writers might be as to the upcoming season, here you go.
  • Here’s a nifty little study of last year’s SEC offensive lines (h/t Jerry Hinnen).  Think Les Miles may have any regrets about letting Stacy Searels go?
  • And here’s a preview of Georgia Tech’s defense.  It’s a pretty honest assessment – that front seven looks mighty thin.
  • Jeremiah Masoli still doesn’t have NCAA clearance to play.
  • PSA:  I’m just passing this on, but a reader e-mailed me yesterday to say that she was able to order tickets for the Ge0rgia-South Carolina game at the Gamecocks’ official site.


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19 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. 202Dawg

    Ordered my USCe tix from Ticketmaster last week. Got pretty decent ones, too.


  2. gatriguy

    Senator, you haven’t been paying attention. Defense at Tech is merely something they have to do between PJ’s OMG greatest offense ever destroying the competition. Try to keep up.


  3. Captain Obvious

    Looks like Tech’s going to run a spread defense also.


  4. Dog in Fla

    Pat Dye on tact and diplomacy:

    “With LSU, it all hinges on the quarterback and that squirrely coach.”



  5. The Realist

    1) RE: beat writer ratings:

    Is Auburn’s coaching staff really that impressive? What exactly is that based on? Gus Malzahn has a nifty little offense, but Ted Roof doesn’t strike me as a defensive genius. And Trooper Taylor seems like it should be a negative unless chest bumps and towel waving are taken into account.

    Patrick Peterson is the best player in the conference. This Ryan Mallet love is way overblown. Do it on the road when the chips are down, and I’ll change my tune.

    2) Those seat licensing fees are having a tremendous negative impact on Sakerlina’s ticket sales. Not selling out Georgia is very unusual, no?

    3) Georgia’s offensive line is one of the reasons I’m not sweating Aaron Murray all that much. Georgia’s o-line was far and away the best in the conference last year… which makes all those Coxian picks that much more frustrating. It wasn’t because he was being hassled into bad throws… they were just that bad. Returning all five starters from the best line in the conference in ’09 gives Murray plenty of support. Just don’t turn the ball over.

    Btw, Florida gave up 30 sacks? Is that a result of Tebow holding onto the ball forever, or sketchy o-line play? I would imagine Brantley will get the ball out faster, but teams will be able to pin their ears back a little more without worrying about the QB beating them with his legs. That will be an interesting facet of Florida’s offense this season.

    4) Fortunately for GT, the QB position is the key for all of their games, defense (& the rest of the offense) be damned… right, Heather?


  6. Jace Walden


    File this under the FWIW Department, but Baccari Rambo may not get a chance to make Da’Rick Rogers sorry for the decommit.


    According to this, Da’Rick can’t even claim the #2 role at Tennessee. Wonder if he even sees the field against us.


    • The Realist

      I think this falls under the coach sending a message/internal discipline. That team lacks sufficient depth to keep him off the field the entire season, even if it’s just a package of a few plays.


    • I agree with Realist – it’s about sending a message. Supposedly Rogers had an up and down fall camp, but they need to get him on the field because they don’t have a lot of numbers at the position.

      The other freshman WR UT signed who was highly rated had a bigger camp than Rogers. Unfortunately, UT is still waiting to hear from the NCAA about whether he’s cleared to play.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      DD isn’t worried, he got the amazing Nash Nance in the Rogers deal too.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Since the Vols are having such trouble at QB howcome Nash isn’t in the mix. Guess CDD is holding him in reserve like UGA did with David Greene. Doesn’t want to waste a year of his eligibility. But then, maybe Nash will leave school early for the NFL. Great players are always a threat to do that.


  7. Bryant Denny

    I laughed out loud at the Dye comment about Miles.