Today’s PSA – another edition of what makes America great

It’s two in the morning and you need some cheap beer?

Not to worry, Walgreens has you covered.

If anybody’s tried Big Flats 1901, please share the experience in the comments.


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15 responses to “Today’s PSA – another edition of what makes America great

  1. JBJ

    Upon a quick Google search it appears to be brewed by Genesee for Walgreens. The ratings from most sites give it a “mediocre”.

  2. TennesseeDawg

    We have a Walgreens down the street and for $2.99 a 6-pack I can certainly investigate.

  3. ugacrazy

    Here you go… a link to reviews of Big Flats…

    • Russ

      The reviews for that beer were hilarious! Thanks for posting.

      All I’ve got to say is $2.99 a six pack, plus 24 hr Walgreens would equal big trouble if I was still in college. After drinking “Pilsner Club” from Green’s, or “Milwaukee’s Beast”, or “Old Swillwaukee”, I could easily drink this.

      • Stoopnagle

        I like “Old Milwater” for slang.

        Still, it isn’t like Bud or Miller Light is any better than PBR, High Life or Lone Star (which you can get as a case of tallboys for like 11 bucks at 5 Points).

  4. PhillyDawg

    It was the only store open at 9pm on Christmas eve and my brother and I picked up a 6 pack along with Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree. We set up the tree, put the beer under it, found some crown royal in the liquor cabinet, and never drank it. But the cans look cool.

  5. I might have to add that to the list of upcoming reviews. If nothing else I can at least cook with it.

  6. the Coondawg

    Agreed, the reviews were awesome.

  7. Chris

    I know haters are gonna hate and all but I like Big Flats. My old go-to beer was a 4-pack of High Life tall boys for 3 bucks and change, but now I can get a six of Big Flats, which tastes like Coors Light, for the same price. I am not saying that a beer snob would drink it, but if someone offered me a Bud Light or a Big Flats, I’d go Big Flats. It’s a great tailgating beer and is becoming a staple.

    • Stoopnagle

      I can respect that, Chris. I’d rather my beer have taste (even if it’s bad) than none at all like America’s best sellers. Who the hell is buying all the Bud Light? At that price? Come. On. America! Stop disappointing me.

  8. Hobnail_Boot

    Haven’t had it, but I doubt it can match the ounce-for-ounce putrescence of MGD.

  9. Ed Kilgore

    It’s made by Genesee? Purveyors of “the Green Death” (Genesee Cream Ale)? Thanks for the warning!

  10. John From Texas

    South Paw Light reincarnate. Bloody terrible, regardless of the cheapness.