Honestly, Mike Hamilton doesn’t know how that got there.

Ah, remember those halcyon days in Knoxville when they bragged about having a plan?

Now it’s like Junior was some homeless guy who wandered into Mike Hamilton’s front yard, took a dump on the porch and left when a neighbor down the street offered him a sandwich.


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14 responses to “Honestly, Mike Hamilton doesn’t know how that got there.

  1. heyberto

    I wonder if Pearl can blame his actions on the excitement Kiffin’s staff infused on the ‘rest of the staff and coaches’. I’m guessing Kiffin’s defense is that Pearl wasn’t as good as he was at committing violations and getting by with them.


  2. Macallanlover

    I don’t think Hamilton survives this, there is a significant percentage of the fanbase that wanted him gone long before this. UT will let him represent them at this idrty laaundry meeting, then sacrifice MH. It has been a rocky road every since he arrived, don’t know how they could do worse.

    Hamilton deserves the punishment for what he allowed Junior to do alone. He knew damned well Kiffin was undermining their traditions (his worst offense) and allowed dozens of embarrassing actions by Kiffin during his tenure. The idiot was a disaster from day one. This is not to let the fans off because I saw many of them defend the childish public antics for the 15 months he was there. Similar to what AubieCanes did last season, except the Vols weren’t winning. (I should add, some UGA fans sound this way when they blame the police for daring arrest any of our players.) Perhaps the lack of outcry from fans misled Hamilton to think it was OK to look the other way when he saw wrongdoing, but corruption and a lack of ethics/character will eventually topple any leader, or society.


    • Hamilton raises a ton of money for the school. Don’t underestimate the power of that.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Mac; “undermining their traditions”??

      Hate to disagree, but it seems to me kiffin was a near perfect ethical fit for this school. He’d still be there except for usc calling. If ut had or has any ethical standards, it’s news to me. If hamilton does get the boot, a near-clone who has no ethical standards will be hired. They may look for somebody who seems clean-cut, like the DD hire. But the Bar Knoxville episode shows how quickly he eschewed ethical standards when it became necessary.


      • Macallanlover

        I wasn’t referring to Kiffen as an ethical trend-setter, I literally meant the UT football traditions. He refused to abide by the pre-game ritual that preceded every TN game, home and away, and took down pictures in the athletic complex featuring TN football games and replaced them with USC pictures. There were several other examples but these were certainly known by Hammy, and he ignored it. Many UT boosters didn’t know until Junior left the building.


      • NRBQ

        Well said, Cobb.

        Given, Kiffin is scum. But I don’t recall a handful of his players trying their best to kick a man to death escaping any semblance of discipline.

        DD sank to the bottom of the pond at his first opportunity. But apparently his mama is proud.


        • Macallanlover

          I totally agree with you about Kiffen, and also how DD handled the cop stomp issue. And Barbara Dooley has proven to be a ding-a-ling. Guess she looked good enough in her 30s and 40s we overlooked it. She needs to take a seat and shut up.


    • HackerDog

      If UT were going to can Hamilton, wouldn’t they do it before the NCAA hearings to encourage the NCAA to go easier on them?

      And I really don’t think the fanbase at large has much to do with any of this. I guess you can include me as one of the UGA fans who don’t believe not using your middle name should be a capital offense.


  3. TennesseeDawg

    Hamilton for Florida AD!!!!


  4. kckd

    Does he raise enough to survive if he is holding panties that are not his wife’s though?