Chillax, peeps.

Mike Leach tweets that we all need to take a few deep breaths.

Overreacting to the notion that boosters are easily controlled?  Given his experience, you figure he might feel differently about that.


UPDATE:  The pirate is on a roll.  Evidently Coach Stewart isn’t on that list.


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  1. Krautdawg

    I wouldn’t say that people think that EVERYONE cheats. Instead, the consensus seems to be that (a) everyone in Alabama, Ohio, and SoCal cheats and/or that (b) you can’t build a consistently competitive CFB program anymore w/o intentionally disregarding some rules.

    Such a scenario isn’t inconsistent w/ Leach’s “9 points:” it doesn’t require “everyone” to cheat, just a small group; the head coach need not be in the know; and an asst coach, admin, or booster need only contact a player, player’s family, or player’s future agent (or vice versa).

    Did anyone else think of Adam James and his soft, suburban pooch belly when Leach mentioned that not all athletes are poor?


  2. Dog in Fla

    Mike Leach lives in Key West hoping to coach again. During the layoff, he guards the buoy and is a serial sequential tweeter because sometimes you’ve just got to break the rules


    • Go Dawgs!

      I still have no idea why he didn’t end up as the head coach of the Hurricanes. It would have been perfect.


      • Dog in Fla

        Agree but maybe Miami liked being selected to appear on ESPN, ESPN2, ABC, ESPN3 and participate in ESPN Bowl Games more than having a coach who would have been perfect for them.


      • Macallanlover

        I have no idea why he wouldn’t be a top candidate for 95% of the programs that have an opening. The guy may be flakey, but he got gang-raped at TT by the WWL and the administration. He took an underling program in a tough conference and made them relevant. I enjoyed having his teams as an option to watch in late Saturday night games. Bring the Pirate back!


      • Wonderful Ohio on the Gulf 'Dog

        Considering that Donna Shalala is president of the University of Miami and UM’s long history of thuggish football that Shalala was specifically hired to clean up, there’s no way a Mike Leach would be hired to coach the Hurricanes.

        So long as the Coral Gables Blowhards are struggling to burnish their public image, UM won’t take chances on guys with skeletons in their closets (or darkened garages near practice facilities).


      • Why? Because he sued the school. No school wants to hire someone who got the lawyaz out when things went bad. You don’t see Cottrell or the other assistant who sued Bama getting back in to college coaching do you? Or Jim Harrick after suing UGA? Or the O’Brien that sued Ohio St to get what he was owed. NCAA violations can be overlooked (see Neuheisel, Tarkanian, Harrick, etc), absolutely mind-numbing stupidity and unprofessional behavior can be overlooked (see Larry Eustachy, Mike Price, etc), but suing the school you just left? That’ll get you blacklisted immediately.


      • Bob

        Probably because Miami had seen enough of him and wanted no part of him.


  3. Comin' Down The Track

    It is not lost on me that the number eight marker on the point, “The notion administrators are blind to everything,” converted into the sunglasses wearing emoticon.


    • Mohammar

      +1 on emoticon Arabic numeral code breaking ability.

      Next thing you know, The Department of Fatherland Security (“Es ist immer DEFCON One”), Drone Warfare Unit (“Hellfires r Us”) and Central Intelligence Agency (“Where’s Osama Now, Bitches? “) will think you need to ask not what can you do for yourself by looking for Waldo but what you can do for them by taking the pre-qualification pop quiz below to determine if you meet the qualifications for some outside contractor work in an undisclosed sunny and dry area.


    • Comin' Down The Track

      The subtler aspect of the emoticon’s presence and not from whence it came was the focus of my comment.
      For instance, “blind” people have been often caricatured wearing dark glasses, and some, in fact, do actually wear dark glasses.
      Or, if you prefer, the emoticon itself acts as an emphasis on the very quality possessed by TTU administrators of whom CML is aggrieved.
      I am certain that this was just a coincidence, but these things are fun to ponder… unless, of course, one takes everything at face value, and always requires explanations thereby taking the starch right out of any kind of innuendo that could have been inferred by one who might find silly flame wars preferable.
      In summary, I suppose it was lost on Mohammar.


  4. Bob

    Mike Leach has about as much credibility as any other coach who’s been fired for being a jerk. Of course he’s going to side with other disgraced coaches.