Change with the changing times

Whether it’s due to the departure of Andrea Adelson or something else, Georgia’s preseason ranking at the Orlando Sentinel has risen from last year’s 64th to a relatively lofty 28th.

They still like Muschamp’s team more, though.


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8 responses to “Change with the changing times

  1. TennesseeDawg

    We beat out Ohio State and Texas, though


  2. OKDawg

    So an “upside” predicted 10 win season for UGA ranks us lower than an “upside” predicted 8 win season for UF? That makes total sense.


  3. Brian

    Hey I love flying under the radar…much better than being preseason #1


  4. JasonC

    Yahoo/Rivals has us at 27


  5. Hobnailed Boots

    Of course they do! I’ll wager to guess that they’re ranking UF’s coaching staff ahead of UGA’s at this juncture as well, despite the little unimportant fact that UF’s head coach has never actually, you know, been a head coach… at any level.


  6. Go Dawgs!

    As much as I would like to get mad about the slight, what has Georgia done in the last 20 years to prove we deserve to be thought of as better than Florida? The Orlando paper has been in attendance for every Cocktail Party. Let’s beat their orange and blue asses this fall. Let’s do it next year. Let’s be better on the field and not just on paper.


  7. 2011-dawgtrain

    Give them credit , 64th was about right.