“And they mean it.”

Is there some sort of “I report.  You decide.” award for Georgia beat writers?  Because if there is, Marc Weiszer just won it for his skeptical take on the team’s recent history with regard to summer workouts.


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  1. Saint Johns Dawg

    Summer workout hype is sorta like the average guy doing merely 25 pushups a day … The only real, lasting result is your ability to feel good about accomplishing little.
    It’s a different world when the coaches are climbing their ass every second during drills … but it still don’t mean squat until the lights come on.


    • Biggity Ben

      I totally disagree with you. Any and all practice, coached or not, is very valuable even if it’s just to help the team gel together mentally. Also you don’t need a coach there to run routes. A guy can run a route and if it’s not what Murray wants/expects based on his in game experience, he teaches them. Boom….something is learned. All that said, yeah the happy talk is strong with this bunch and (I’ve heard it all before) I’m anxious to see if it pays off.


      • uglydawg

        If we took the situation to the opposite extreme…not one player showed up for summer drills…what would we all be saying ? Or if a player declared it to be a waste of time. THAT would bother me a lot.. This a good thing. The more these guys get to work together, the bettter they’ll know each other and the better the team will be.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Like Shark Night 3D, summer workouts exceed expectations

    “Shark Night 3D contains more than one shark and takes place over the course of more than one single night. That’s really the only sense in which Shark Night can be said to exceed expectations.”



  3. Cojones

    Yeah, but this jazzes our “something to cheer about” during summer doldrums.

    Agreed, Senator, he deserves a Cojones Award for broaching the subject and exposing the lip service paid during a couple of summers.Not being stupid, he slid it in during the compliments for those showing up this summer. The idea that the subject would be referenced two years hence is sorta flabbergasting. What have players and coaches been worried about. If there is punishment for not being a “Follow him into hell” player, the Coach should take care of it. You think that’s what Saban did when he was culling his roster? You would think that some would like to keep their status, even if it is a walkon.


  4. The Gator media would take all of the happy talk and proclaim the Gators as preseason national champions. The Georgia media actually asks the hard questions to a fault about the team.


  5. stoopnagle

    I know one guy who wishes now he’d stuck around for the 4th of July run with Coach T instead of going to the lake.


  6. Mg4life0331

    I love any and all dawgporn. I don’t understand why anyone would want to dread an upcoming season.


  7. Governor Milledge

    A compilation of years’ past “best summer workout quotes” would be entertaining, especially since I’m sure there are a few Ricardo Crawford quotes out there


  8. I love the way you tell it Marc. You da man!


  9. RocketDawg

    I also am not drinking the summer “happy talk” kool aide just yet, however can we really argue that the “happy talk” from the past two years hasn’t been somewhat true? 22-6 and two SEC Championship game appearances isn’t too shabby.


    • Gravidy

      I hear you, RD. But listening to Happy Talk version 2013.0, they say the summer workout participation wasn’t very good two years ago – you know, the summer before the first of those SECCG appearances you referenced.

      I love following the sport all year long. Lord knows, I’m responsible for a lot of the Senator’s nearly 15M hits, but I usually skip over the happy talk. It’s the same every year and has no bearing on what the on-field results of the upcoming season will be.