L’offense, c’est moi.

Junior is, ahem, rather full of himself.  Still.

This from a guy who masterminded an offensive attack that scored fewer points against last year’s Georgia Tech defense than any school not named Presbyterian.


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4 responses to “L’offense, c’est moi.

  1. Trbodawg

    I see it more as a reflection on how inept his staff/coaches are. I mean, if HE’S the BEST option, the other’s have got to be pretty bad…


  2. OhioDawg

    HELP…..Can’t……..stop……..laughing. No, seriously; people around me at work are wondering what’s wrong with me.


  3. Cojones

    Talk about double entendre….and indelicate meaning….sorta like the seat color when FU patrons depart from Everbark Field, but more subtle.

    Ya had fun dintcha, Senator?


  4. Tom

    Lane Kiffin is not on the hotseat, according to the USC AD. Now he put himself squarely on the hotseat. Maybe the Raiders will need a coach next year?