In. Your. Face.

Well played, Mark Stoops.  Well played, indeed.


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13 responses to “In. Your. Face.

  1. Bob

    Did Cowherd mock Alabama and Tennessee for sending out hundreds of such letters? I think we all know the answer to that. Did he mock Nick Saban for spending 90 minutes on skype talking to an already committed Bryce Ramsey? We know the answer to that one as well.


    • gastr1

      Cowherd has always been the worst of front-runners. The man is the worst of bandwagoners and pays little attention to anything other than the bottom line. The result is that he always sides with the winning organization and mocks the underdog….just like here. Just like when he trolled a college football blog right on the air a few years ago, encouraging massive site-visits that would (and did) and crash their site, just because he wanted to show off the power of the WWL versus the lowly blogging media.

      He’s a dick.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    I believe Alabamastan was the original 100 letter program. Everyone else is just copying the great spammer Nick Saban


  3. Why does Mark Stoops hate the environment?


  4. Comin' Down The Track

    Colin Cowherd is still a thing?


  5. sniffer

    Clearly, there needs to be an NCAA policy regarding postal expenditures.


  6. Mean Machine

    Mark Richt has lost control of Colin Cowherd.


  7. Dog in Fla

    Bulk Mail Mark delivers the pain to Cowherder


  8. Cowheard recognized the mass mailing on the air and admitted it was funny. I actually like the show because it is not bland like most sports talk, however it is hard to argue with gastr1 that he is not a front runner and that he picks on Kentucky where Alabama apparently does the very same thing. Oh and he crashed this blog? Oh yea. What a dick.


  9. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Mark Stoops hates trees. He must be stopped.


  10. Hobnail_Boot

    Looks like dicktitude runs in the Stoops family.


  11. section Z alum

    Cowherd and fat Chuck Oliver should be bowling partners.