A meaningful season

Georgia makes CFN’s list of the thirteen games of the 2013 regular season that matter most four times, more than any other school on the list.


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4 responses to “A meaningful season

  1. DawgPhan

    The best part of that article is this :

    “How bad does Will Muschamp want his first victory in this storied rivalry? He’s 0-6 all-time in the series, 0-4 as a Georgia safety and 0-2 as the Florida head coach.”

    The national media has found the early narrative for the WLOCP and it is the UF guy with the 0-fer on his resume. Hope that boom is already puckering up.


    • The other Doug

      Muschamp feeling the heat about the O’fer can only be good for us. Reminds me of the “best player to never win a major” question on the PGA tour.


  2. Macallanlover

    With the exception of tosu/Northwestern, that is one outstanding list of games, and that one isn’t awful, just not close to the others. Add another dozen or so games that just miss this list and it really gets your CFB juices flowing. UGA has a great schedule this season, would love to see more like it around the country every year, and in our future. Dawgs are a very relevant program on the national landscape now, and this schedule gives us the chance to make quite a statement. Even with the silly process we have to determine the top teams, we have control of our own destiny with this schedule and our starting point in the polls. Sadly, there are teams (tosu, Lousiville, Texas, Oregon, etc.) positioned to rise to the top that will not have to perform even close to what we must do.


  3. Cojones

    Cirminiello took all the Div-1 games, melted them to the top-ranked conferences, melted further to all-SEC presentations which were then ranked for the SEC East and West Champions-to-be. The only thing he left out was to predict the NC coming out of the SECCG.