Outside the hedges: 10 favorites

Yesterday I gave you my list of my ten favorite games I attended in Sanford Stadium.  Today, you get my favorite games away from Athens.  As I went over the choices, I realized I’m a pretty lucky guy, because I’ve seen some great, great games (some examples of games I left off my list:  2002 and 2005 SECCGs, 2003 Georgia-Clemson).

Anyway, here’s what I’ve got, again in chronological order:

1980:  Georgia 26 Florida 21.  Is there anything I really need to say about this game that hasn’t been said a thousand times before?

A lot of bourbon got wasted on that play.

1981:  Georgia 17 Notre Dame 10.  National title, dude.  I sat in the end zone behind the Notre Dame players who botched the kickoff that led to one of Georgia’s score.  Back in the day when you could rush the field after the game.

1982:  Georgia 19 Auburn 14.  Gawd, what an accumulation of running back talent.  Again, sat in the end zone where they broke it up in front of me.  I think that’s the last time I walked on an opponent’s field after a road win.

1985:  Georgia 24 Florida 3.  No, there wasn’t as much on the line as the 1980 game, but I love this game just as much, if for no other reason than Florida reached number one in the polls for the first time in school history that week, only to get smoked by the Georgia running game and Muddy Waters.  It probably wasn’t a coincidence that it was the most inebriated I’ve ever been at a Cocktail Party game.

1997:  Georgia 37 Florida 17.  First blood, baby.  When Robert Edwards broke the corner and scored to put the Dawgs up comfortably, it was the closest I’ve ever come to passing out at a Georgia football game from sheer joy.  Edwards was the man that day.  Spurrier swapping quarterbacks throughout the game was priceless.  (Too bad the Dawgs came back to Athens the next week and screwed the pooch against Auburn.)

1997:  Georgia 27 Georgia Tech 24.  The only thing better than snatching victory from the jaws of defeat against the Jackets is snatching victory from the jaws of defeat against the Jackets with a disputed penalty call.  Boy, were there some pissed off Tech fans after that one.

2002:  Georgia 24 Auburn 21.  I was cold.  Then this happened…

… and I wasn’t cold anymore.

2009:  Georgia 30 Georgia Tech 24.  We run this state.  The game that started Paul Johnson’s denial of the importance of the series.  Oh, and nice drop, BeBe.

2012:  Alabama 32 Georgia 28.  It broke my heart, but it’s still one of the greatest games I’ve ever seen.  I’ve never been prouder of the effort given by a Georgia team.

Oh, and the idiot woman sitting next to me who left before the interception call was overturned? You’re still an idiot.

2013:  Georgia 41 Georgia Tech 34.  Trust me, it never gets old. Especially when Tech finds a way to blow a 20-0 lead.  And it’s the only time I’ve walked out of BDS after a Georgia win without being abused by a single Tech fan.

So there’s mine.  And yours?


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  1. Spike

    One bone to pick, Senator. With respect, at the 1980 UGA-UF game, the bourbon was NOT wasted..:)


  2. Thatguy

    That ’02 Auburn game lead to the best, and most tense, Thanksgiving I ever experienced with the now ex-wife’s family. I was repeatedly reminded that I was NOT to bring up the game, as half of her family are all Barner fans. Didn’t stop me from showing up in red and black, and later being told several times what a jerk I was/am. Ah, memories…


    • 81Dog

      I’m sure none of them would have mentioned it to you if AU had won the game, though, right? 😉


      • Thatguy

        Of course not. They’re all fine, upstanding Baptists, who don’t even wave to their friends at the liquor store…


  3. 1) Georgia 20, Auburn 16 – 1986 – Between the Hoses – It was the first away game I went to as a student. The season was nothing special, but ruining Auburn’s season never gets old.
    2) Georgia 23, Florida 10 – 1987 – My 1st WLOCP – I don’t remember much of the game. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I never thought I was at the end of the Georgia dominance of the series.
    3) Georgia 34, Michigan State 27 – 1988 (1/1/89) – We were never in danger of losing, but the game was never really over either. Worley & Hampton were great, but Andre Rison was a one-man wrecking crew of our defense.
    4) Georgia 14, Auburn 10 – 1992 – My wife and I got home from our honeymoon that morning, had a message from a friend that they had 2 extras, and headed to Auburn. I’ve never been more scared leaving a stadium than that night.
    5) Florida 33, Georgia 26 – 1993 – Similar to the Senator’s 2012 SEC title game, I left the Gator Bowl proud of a team that never quit. The game that cemented Zeier’s legacy as a DGD.
    6) Georgia 37, Florida 17 – 1997 – I think I floated out of the Gator Bowl that night. When Olandis Gary scored the last TD, I remember the crowd started chanting “Go for 2, go for 2.” Donnan would have endeared himself to the Bulldog Nation if he had done it.
    7) Georgia 33, Wisconsin 6 – 1997 (1/1/98) – The Georgia defense stuffed Ron Dayne and the vaunted Wisky running game, and Bobo, Edwards, and Ward just ripped Wisconsin. Barry Alvarez had no answer. Back into the top 10.
    8) Georgia 26, Florida St. 13 – 2002 (1/1/03) – I waited 20 years for a New Year’s trip to New Orleans, and the Dawgs didn’t disappoint. I still say that team would have destroyed Ohio St. and probably would have beaten Miami.


  4. SemperFIDawg

    You missed the Hobbnail boot in person? Dang! Hate that.


    • 81Dog

      An excellent list, but I’d add:

      1980 at Tennessee. Hello, Herschel Walker!

      Same season, the Sugar Bowl. Hello, national title!

      1976 Florida game: Down 14 at the half. James Brown rocks the house in the halftime show, Dogs come out on fire, 4th and dumb lives forever. Dogs win by 14, SEC championship secured the next week versus Auburn.

      I wasn’t there in person, but watching the 71 Tech game on tv on Thanksgiving night, when Andy Johnson and Jimmy Poulos drove the field with about a minute left and no time outs for the go ahead score was pretty awesome, too.


  5. 2002 Auburn: Couldn’t scalp a ticket, so I watched it at an AUB bar.
    2003 Clemson: 30-0 and I loved every bit of it. The stadium was great, too.
    2003 Tennessee: Whipping UT on K-town is always special.
    2004 Cocktail Party: Catharsis
    2005 SEC title game: Sean Bailey to the rescue
    2006 Auburn: 30-7 at halftime on the road against a 7th ranked Barn.
    2007 Cocktail Party: UGA finally fought back
    2008 Sugar Bowl: A complete destruction
    2010 Colorado: Terrible finish, but the atmosphere was great.
    2012 SEC title game: I had field passes and it was the best sporting event I’ve ever attended. I was gutted for 9+ months after that game.


    • Bulldog Joe

      A few more recent memorable ones for us…

      2004 Overtime win on Purdue @Orlando, 4th down TD won it
      2004 @South Carolina, Down 16 then Greene and R. Brown happened
      2005 NCState 17 @GaTech 14, 3pack ticket & a Reggie Ball meltdown
      2005 @GaTech, Reggie Ball UGA meltdown #3
      2006 on VaTech @Atlanta, Down 18 then the 2nd half kickoff happened
      2011 VaTech 37 @GaTech 26, 3pack ticket & a dumb GT penalty loses it
      2011 @GaTech, Larry Munson tribute game


  6. I Wanna Red Cup

    Thanks a lot Senator. Now I will have to spend two nights in a row staying up past midnight watching all of the replays you posted. Really enjoyed that 2004 LUS game with SOD and Boom on the sidelines with Saban. Great lists.


  7. Andy

    Hard to argue with any of your choices. I would add 2007 Georgia-Florida to my list. I was in the fourth row of the celebration endzone. The next day I was on the front page of the Jacksonville paper celebrating with two of the players. The experience can’t be topped.


  8. Jeff Sanchez

    Couple things:
    1) I gotcha on “First blood, baby” – I’ll never forget Scott Howard’s words on the broadcast after that score in the ’97 WLOCP

    2) ’97 against Tech might be my favorite Munson call – the “In the corner! It couldn’t have happened!” and “stuffing our hearts back in our chests” part


  9. KornDawg

    I haven’t been to many games away from Sanford, but these two stick out in my mind:

    2002 at USCjr- the Pollack play happened right below me. We bought tix face value in the fairgrounds before the game, doubt that’ll happen again for a while.

    2004 Cocktail Party- significant for me because it was my first time going to this game. Also, because we finally beat the bastards. I’m now 4-1 in Jacksonville.


  10. Gotta put Georgia-Tennessee 2003 on there. Watching Sean Jones’ unbelievable 92-yard fumble return was awesome; watching Casey “One Arm Tied Behind My Back” Clausen implode in the second half, as Georgia fans chanted “CAAAA-SEY, CAAAA-SEY” to a stadium that was otherwise almost empty, might’ve been even better.


  11. Confession: I was the idiot guy who left before the interception was overturned. I thought I had a good view of it an no way was it going to be reversed. I hang my head in shame. Had the game been UGA’s, I would of had my own Grizzard moment of leaving before the Lindsay Scott play. As it was, I saw the final play through the window of the World Congress Center. Still didn’t help me feel any better for bolting early. Life lesson I guess.

    On a separate note, an Auburn friend of mine was convinced that Michael Johnson was going to be a top tier NFL receiver after the way that guy abused Auburn over the years.


  12. Russ

    1982 44-0 beat down of a “good” Gator team.

    1984 Cotton Bowl. 10-9, kiss my behind! The Texas fan behind us who was so smug before the game was almost crying after the game.

    1981 Sugar Bowl over ND. ‘Nuff said!

    1998 LSU. Quincy Carter’s future looked so bright.

    2003 LSU. Heartbreaking loss but absolutely electric atmosphere. Pro football will never touch that.

    1980 Auburn. Wrapping up the SEC at Auburn after a crappy year in 1979 was awesome.

    1985(?) Bama in Birmingham. Pulpwood unleashed a whoopin’!


    • Russ

      Oh and I’d add the beat down of Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl. Nothing against Hawaii, but the jackass Yankee in front of us was such an ass, I really enjoyed every hit and every point since it obviously annoyed him so much.


    • Russ

      And…ho could I forget the Cocktail Party in 2007? Just a cathartic whipping of the Gators.


    • Bulldog Joe

      1984 Won w/Pulpwood’s 2 early TDs. 1st trip to Legion Field. What a dump.


  13. Macallanlover

    Some great picks on that list, hard to argue any of those mentioned, but I was surprised no one picked the 2002 game in Tusky. Most of us will always remember it for the most amazing October heat we had all experienced but lost in that was a really good SEC football game with some to and fro involved before the Dawgs put it away.


    • Nate Dawg

      I’m with you Mac, see below. Dayum it was hot! Lost my buzz by kickoff sweating it out. Went with all Bammer fans/students but they were surprisingly great. They were giving me hell tho when Brody Crole leaped over the pile for the go-ahead score at that point. I’m still not sure he broke the plain…but Billy Bennett made everything alright later on anyway..


  14. Texas Baller

    Stafford gutting the Tide in OT..,,CrimeNoles being dominated in New Orleans….JoeT telegraphing a fake punt in Tiger Stadium (first real ST breakdown of many to come in Richts career) – great game, Dawgs should have won!

    ***Hayes ranks Richt #14 active coach in FBS…bout right.


  15. rampdawg

    I’ll add one. Only time I’ve been to Tiguh Stayed Yum. Willie vs. Alexander the Great. We had no chance at night in “Death Valley” and then, 2nd half, Conway kicks off for LSU and Lindsay goes 99. It was ”The Dawgs” night after that.


  16. Big Shock

    Loved the 1996 UGA-Auburn game. Think it was Donnan’s 1st year and it didn’t mean anything in the national picture, but a last second grab by Corey Allen and then 4 overtimes…just awesome. Also the 1998?? GA/LSU game, when Qunicy Carter was something like 24 for 27 and LSU was number 3 in the country. 2007 GA/FL game when the team rushed the field on the 1st score–greatest thing that I’ve ever seen in person. I didn’t quit smiling for a week.


    • Bulldog Joe

      The best thing about 2007 was the reaction of the UF fans around us.

      “What is this shit?”


  17. Bulldog Joe

    A few others from the younger days…

    1976 41-27 on Florida@Jax, Down 14 then 4th & dumb happened
    1978 24-17 @LSU, Down 10 then the second half kickoff happened
    1978 17-16 @Kentucky, Down 16 then McClendon, then Rex Robinson
    1980 16-15 @Tennessee, Down 13 then our backup tailback took over
    1980 31-21 @Auburn, Down 7 with a UF hangover then a punt was blocked
    1981 26-21 on Florida@Jax, Down 6 then we found our back can catch too
    1983 10-9 on Florida@Jax, Down 6 then 99 yards happened

    Honorable mention:

    1981 @GaTech & 1982 on Florida@Jax: 2 of the sweetest beatdowns ever


  18. Dang, Senator. You’ve been to some great games. My list will pale in comparison to yours and several other folks on here, but here it goes:

    1. UGA/UF 1985 – my first trip to Jacksonville. 24 – 3. Great game.
    2. UGA/UF 1987 – Another big win in Jax.
    3. UGA/LSU 1990 – a loss, but my first trip to Death Valley
    4. UGA/UF 1993 – such a memorable game. The Phantom timeout sucked.
    5. UGA/UF 1994 – My first, last, and only trip I’ll ever make to “The Swamp.” The weather sucked and the game was worse, but we stayed ’til the bitter end.
    6. UGA/GT 2001 – As cathartic of a win as I’ve ever experienced in person. Snapped the 3 game skid to the NATS.
    7. UGA/ARKY 2002 – SEC Champions!!! As good a UGA football experience as I’ve ever had.
    8. UGA/Clemson 2003. Hotter than Hell but what a beatdown! Such an awesome game.
    9. UGA/UT 2011 – Tough, stressful game. But after several trips to Knoxville and losing every time, it was finally nice to see a win in that craphole.
    10. UGA/Auburn 2012 – Like UT, I had been to Auburn a few times over the years but had never seen a UGA victory. Plus, we beat the snot out of ’em.


  19. stuckinred

    The 2006 Chick-Fil-A Bowl was quite memorable for me. My wife is from a die-hard Hokie family and they all came for the game. We were written up in the ABH in one of those “house divided” articles.


  20. No, there wasn’t as much on the line as the 1980 game, but I love this game just as much, if for no other reason than Florida reached number one in the polls for the first time in school history that week, only to get smoked by the Georgia running game and Muddy Waters.

    Agree. One of my favorite Jacksonville experiences, too. FOUR WHOLE DAYS …..


  21. joe

    Was at the hobnail boot game. Don’t know that anything will ever compare to that. It was just amazing.

    Was at lsu in 98, tigers were ranked 5th or 6th and hhad booger McFarland and Kevin faulk. Quincy hit like 17 in a row at one point. Champ made an amazing catch. Great win.

    Outback 99 comeback over drew brees was awesome.


  22. Beer Money

    Here we go:

    1989: Georgia 17 Florida 10–my first Cocktail Party and I was only 11 years old. We did not go to the Landing and such, but I could just tell that game had a different feel to it than any other game UGA plays.

    1993: Georgia 43 Georgia Tech 10–seeing the 10-10 halftime tie turn into a 33 point second half was magical. And then they were so mad that the brawl at the end when we went for 2 was just the cat’s pajamas. I cannot believe this game has not found its way to Youtube yet. To me, this is only second to 51-7 in the DawgPorn Tech subgenre.

    2001: Georgia 26 Tennessee 24–what is left to say about this? I am not sure I have ever heard an opposing stadium get as loud so quick on one play as it did on that screen for UTK’s last TD. The best was seeing Kelley Washington down on the strip that night and hearing him making fun of and calling out the punter (one of the Colquitt boys) saying to us “he’s the reason ya’ll won the game.” Yeah, that was it Kelley.

    2001: Georgia 31 Georgia Tech 17–this was a day fueled by anarchy on the Flats. Everybody was sick of losing to Tech and we went down there with no respect for anything. Sure, I am not proud of some of the things I did that night, but oh well, it’s Tech so who cares, right?

    2002: Georgia 24 Auburn 21: What else to say about this one too? The moment Greene let the ball to go to Johnson, I felt something in my chest pop/burst. Seriously, I think I was on the verge of going into cardiac arrest. You just knew so much hung on that one play. When he caught it, there were bodies everywhere down in that opposite endzone student section. Pretty sure I shed a few tears as well. What a cathartic win.

    2003: LSU 17 Georgia 10: My first and only trip to Red Stick. Similar to Sen’s SECCG Bama game. This to me was the definition of what SEC Football is all about and neither team deserved to lose, we just happened to come up a bit short. Those were some feisty people that day down there.

    2003: Georgia 41 Tennessee 14: this has to be one of the most thorough humiliations of a quality opponent in the Richt era. Seeing that stadium empty early in the 4th quarter was a sight.

    2006: Georgia 37 Auburn 15: No chance in hell of winning. We went just hoping we would be in it. And Auburn could not get out of it’s own way. Tra was the man that day.

    2007: Georgia 42 Florida 30: I cannot add much more here either. I was sore for 4 days afterwards though as somehow I was so into the game that I ended up using a bunch of muscles I never knew I had. it’s a miracle those temporary seats were still standing after the game.

    2009: Georgia 30 Georgia Tech 24: Can you tell I hate them? They had this one in their back pocket and they just knew it. You would think this game would have been enough to tone down the similarly smug arrogance we saw once again this past November down there, but I guess when your fan base was mostly in their home country when the ’09 game was played, then you may not have the same appreciation for history that others do.


  23. Nate Dawg

    Went to the Man Enough game at Bammer in ’02 w Bammer alum & sat in student section – awesomesauce.
    Went to OT game in Tampa – Outback Bowl 2000 vs Brees & Purdue. Came from ah-way back.
    Cox put on a show in ’09 in Fayetville too, not so bad. Cool little town, that Fayetville.


  24. DeputyDawg

    I made money growing up by walking the ailes of Jordan-Hare stadium, selling peanuts and drinks to the prettiest little mouth-breathers on the plains. So…
    2006: Georgia 37 Auburn 15
    This was actually the first time I saw UGA play in person and cemented my fanship forever. Auburn was ranked 5th. Poor little Georgia was unranked and starting a freshman at qb named Matt Stafford? Tra Battle had like 17 interceptions- 8 or 9 of which were pick sixes. The Redcoats even came to whip ass. As Auburn’s band walks around their stadium playing “glory”, some brilliant band leader decided to call up UGA’s “glory” louder and quite a bit faster as soon as Auburn’s band got in front of the Georgia section. The Auburn band absolutely fell apart and had to simply stop and walk the rest of the way back to their side of the stadium. I will never forget that.


  25. 81Dog

    Did we all forget the 4 OT game at Auburn in 96? That was pretty awesome. Dog bless Corey Allen, who also saved us at Tech in 97.


  26. ScoutDawg

    “There won’t be many of us but I tell you we are going to do something to Opelicka tonight”, oh my that might be my favorite.


  27. Reservoir Dawg

    LSU at night 1998. Quincy Carter’s brief shining moment. We stayed in our seats for a good hour after the game to avoid getting corndogged to death in the parking lot. Grown men were crying on the radio call-in show. Good times.

    I must have been seated near you in the end zone at the 81 Sugar Bowl. We just walked down to the sideline with 30 seconds on the clock. Come to think of it, I’ve always had a good time on the road in Loosy-anna.


  28. IWanaBDaveGrohl

    Here’s my list for the top 10 away from Athens. This may or may not come out in chronological order:

    1997 Cocktail Party – I will start here though. My first Cocktail Party, as a 10 year old. Only my 2nd or 3rd road game, period (may have even been my first). At the end of the game, I got the “It’s Great To Be A Georgia Bulldog” chant started in my section, which eventually spread to all 40 plus thousand in red and black. So surreal to me at the time.

    2002 Carolina – We were 3 rows from the top, and never got down to the concourse during the weather delay. I didn’t know what evil I had done to deserve to die in Williams-Brice. Oh, and some guy named Pollack made a pretty good play.

    2002 SECCG – First SEC title of my lifetime. I didn’t quite have a grasp on what it meant to the older Bulldog fans at the time, but I think the relief was greater than it would have been if Murray had found Mitchell to beat Bama 10 years later. There may have been more joy in 2012, but there was more relief in 2002.

    2005 UT – First trip to Rocky Flop. It felt great when Flowers and Brown finally shut that damn band up.

    2005 SECCG – Not many can say the Dawgs won and SECCG during their freshman year. Of course, it led to national title aspirations that never came to pass while I was a student. Oh well

    2008 Carolina – Definitely more memorable for the circumstances around the game than the game itself (though it’s up there with 2003 Clemson as the hottest I’ve attended). About 15 of us went to stay with some friends in Columbia, and it always is awesome when you get hospitality AND a win.

    2008 Florida – Again, more memorable for the circumstances, and I think even would have been if we had won. This was the only road trip I took with friends to the WLOCP as a student, and we didn’t even stay in St. Simons, we stayed in Jax. But it was awesome…including getting alcohol from a liquor store operating out of the back of a strip club.

    2012 SECCG – Best game I’ve ever seen in person. We just ran out of time.

    2006 CFA Bowl – This may be the biggest comeback I’ve witnessed in person (wasn’t at the Drew Brees Purdue game). I got student tickets with a couple of my fraternity brothers (and one of their little brothers), and we were sitting right next to the band. I couldn’t hear right for a couple days.

    There are so many I could pick for the 10th, but I think I’ll go with this:

    2004 WLOCP- Always good to beat Florida, and it felt better after they ruined our season the previous 2 weeks. But like Senator said about 1997, blew it vs. Auburn (granted, we don’t get in the national title game since they didn’t, but I’m still not convinced they were the better team. I think we win 7 or 8 on a neutral field. But that game was up there with the most electric road atmosphere I’ve been in, along with 2012 Carolina.)


  29. Hobnail_Boot

    A few that stick out..

    2002 @ South Carolina
    -Pollack, rain delay
    2003 @ Tennessee
    -Sean Jones
    2004 WLOCP
    -First win over the bastards
    2005 SECCG
    -DJ’s validation
    2007 @ Alabama
    -Quietest stadium in the SEC
    2007 WLOCP
    -The Celebration
    2009 @ Arkansas
    -Underrated, wild shootout
    2012 @ Auburn
    -Total, unadulterated asskicking
    2013 @ Tennessee
    -Gut-wrenching victory


  30. Brian Fantana

    Been fortunate to see a few good ones:

    1994 @ SCAR – First game as an undergrad. “If Goff doesn’t beat the poultry, it’s back to Moultrie”. Gritty SEC road win.
    1994 @ AU – Dawgs “win” 23-23 & stop AU’s win streak.
    1996 @ AU – 4 OT, Bobo off the bench with a gutty comeback.
    1997 in Jax – Pandemonium. I had the exact same reaction when #47 turned the corner & was off to the races to put the game away.
    1997 @ Tech – Great rally, what a catch by Corey Allen.
    1998 Peach Bowl vs. UVA – another great comeback that we almost gave away.
    2002 @ Bama – It may have been 140 degrees, but we were Man Enough. Almost caught the ball Billy Bennett banged through the uprights to win the game.
    2002 SECCG – The crescendo and noise explosion on the UGA blocked punt was unreal. From there, there was no denying us.
    2003 Sugar Bowl – Underrated game, was great to experience NOLA.
    2003 @ UT – Never heard our away game crowd take over a stadium like they did after Sean Jones rumbled 98 yards with that fumble return.
    2006 @ AU – Out of nowhere ambush of the #5 team who no doubt was not ready to play on the ol’ JP 12:30 kickoff.
    2007 @ Bama – Tense game with a great call to go for the win in OT after Bama went up 3 in.
    2010 @ UK – 3 bourbon distillery tours got the day off to a great start & then got to watch Washaun Ealey’s 15 minutes of fame.
    2011 @ Ole Miss – Sentimental vote – a great guys’ weekend in Memphis & Oxford with a workmanlike win led by our D.