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Time served.

Damn, Jimbo, you could at least make an effort here.

Heisman winner Jameis Winston will face no further punishment in football resulting from the celebrated crab legs incident, Noles coach Jimbo Fisher said Monday.

“He won’t,” Fisher told two reporters during the first day of the ACC spring meetings. “His punishment went through the school and through baseball.”

Fisher added that he didn’t consider penalizing Winston because, “He’s in baseball right now.” Noles baseball coach Mike Martin indefinitely suspended his closer after Winston was cited late last month for shoplifting crab legs at a local supermarket. Winston was reinstated after serving 20 hours of community service.

“If he would have been in football only, he would have been suspended from football activities only until we took care of all those things,” Fisher told reporters. “To him, that’s [missing baseball] just as devastating. To me too, I like baseball.”

So which program would have taken the hit if Jameis had lifted the crab legs for a July Fourth picnic?


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Will the last defensive back standing please turn off the lights?

This is getting comical.  Almost.

I sure hope the coaches know something about the cornerback situation we don’t.


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Reconsider, baby.

For some reason, Donald Remy isn’t getting through to Judge Wilken.

Perhaps he should strenuously object.


UPDATE:  He did!

In a written statement Monday, NCAA chief legal officer Donald Remy disagreed with Wilken’s decision to not reconsider her summary judgment order.

“It is core to the NCAA and its member institutions that schools offer a broad base of sports, for women and men, regardless of whether those sports generate more revenue than they cost to support,” Remy said. “The NCAA will continue to fight against any rule that allows schools to pay men’s basketball and football players at the expense of providing college opportunities for hundreds of thousands of male and female student-athletes.”

Or colleges could cut their budgets for athletics administrators.


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Are the Chiefs trolling part of our fan base?

John Dorsey, their general manager, on their fifth-round draft pick:

“He’s a winner,” Dorsey said. “He’s been a winner at every stage that he’s played between high school and college. [He’s] ultracompetitive and smart. What I like about him is when there are big drives to be made late in the game, this guy made those drives. He didn’t always win them, but he made those big drives at the end when it really counted. If you want to put some statistics in there, he’s got multiple records in the SEC, which is as good a conference as there is in today’s football. He performed at a very high level.”

Obviously, this is a man who never watched any G-Day tapes.


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Stay thirsty, my fans.

Johnny Football celebrated his first round draft status by buying everyone of drinking age in his favorite bar in College Station a beer and a shot.

I can think of worse ways to say thanks.


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Sad news

R.I.P., Clisby Clarke.  You were a DGD.


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Cindy, you’re gonna need a nicer slipper.

Playoff-busting is going to be a much higher mountain to climb than BCS-busting ever was.

At least until the next time the playoffs expand.


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