“The buzz has naturally died down at Georgia Tech.”

CFN’s Georgia Tech preview is a real treat.

It’s becoming increasingly evident that the Yellow Jackets just might have peaked after all in 2009.

Georgia Tech won 11 games and the Atlantic Coast Conference five years ago, helping make head coach Paul Johnson the toast of Atlanta for a brief time. Since then, the school has gone 23-25 versus FBS opponents, making Johnson’s seat, well, toasty. The Jackets are clearly stuck in neutral, with no end to the mediocrity in plain sight. In a decision that was both symbolic and immediately impactful to the current squad, starting QB Vad Lee voluntarily decided in January that his career would benefit from a transfer to FCS James Madison.

The best part of that is Georgia Tech’s peak still included a loss to one of Richt’s weakest squads.  Simply Chantastic.



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11 responses to ““The buzz has naturally died down at Georgia Tech.”

  1. 81Dog

    Brace for impact!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think that ended up meaning what the nerd marketing department thought it was going to mean when they made that the season ticket sale catchphrase.

    (unfortunately for the Nerd Nation, the impact is going to be similar to what happened when those two young pencil necks jackknifed their trailer and bashed up the official Nerd jalopy.)

    Good times, indeed. My suggestion for the GTU football catchphrase this year?

    “GT Football 2014: Mathmatical Eliminiation Fever! Catch It!”


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    The 2010 game is still savory. They get close with a TD, and Caleb King shuts them up first play after the kickoff.


  3. Beakerdawg

    The negative nellies can say all they want about Richt but his record against the nerds (12-1) is untouchable. He has kept the nerds right where they are supposed to be in this state.


  4. Comin' Down The Track

    As ever, they have a one-game schedule:
    You want to help your job security, Coach Johnson? Beat Georgia for the first time since 2008. Better yet, do it Between the Hedges.


  5. Cojones

    But..But…But didn’t they just recruit the RB of their future this week? Should someone tell him that Paul won’t be there next year? Never mind, he has a chance to flip after they play their season and before the LOI is signed.


  6. Spike

    “…no end to the mediocrity in plain sight.” Classic. Just classic. The Senator could not have said it better.


  7. Tech is without question our state’s finest asset – what other gift keeps on giving as often as them?


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    Everybody needs to get off cjp’s back! He’s doing a great job over there – terrible record vs Dawgs, low attendance, starting QB transfers, trashes his assistant coaches and players, etc., etc. What’s not to like?


  9. Russ

    Tech is the gift that keeps on giving. With SOS being more important, we’re regularly brought up as a team that plays BCS-quality OOC teams. Just don’t tell them Tech isn’t really BCS quality.