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Trading up

Would I enjoy this?  Yeah, I think I might.

Former Georgia Tech B-back Travis Custis, who transferred to Hutchinson (Kansas) Community College after being declared academically ineligible, has crossed the Yellow Jackets off the list of potential landing spots following his junior-college stay.

… Georgia, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Wisconsin, Vanderbilt, North Carolina and Miami have made scholarship offers, he said. Georgia, which made an offer in Custis’ recruitment out of Lovejoy High close to signing day well after he had committed to Tech, intrigues him. He said the Bulldogs were among his top five choices in high school.

The possibility of facing his former teammates while playing for the Bulldogs, he said, “would be crazy.”

The possibility is already making the Stingtalk denizens a little crazy.

Between Custis and Brendan Douglas, you’d almost think Richt was deliberately trying to keep Tech from having a decent B-back on the roster.  Not that I have a problem with that.



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How can I stop drinking the Kool-Aid when you keep refilling my glass?

Damn it, J.J.

Q: Are you in the competition to return kicks?

A: “I don’t know. Highly classified. … I wouldn’t mind returning, but I also want to block a punt. I haven’t blocked a punt since high school and that comes easy to me. I’d rather have Isaiah back there, to be honest.”

Q: Isaiah McKenzie, the freshman? What have you seen from him?

A: “The guy’s fast and quick. Playing against him, going out there in competition, two-on-two and one-on-one and just watching the guy run, he’s not just a straight-line runner. He can make moves, but he’s also fast and quick at the same time. Y’all will enjoy watching him this year. Y’all will be having him up here (for interviews) real quick. That guy’s gonna make somebody some money someday.”

I’m not hyperventilating.  Yet.


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Football pool, anyone?

Just got the email, so I thought I’d ask:  who’s in for a college pick ’em pool this season?  If there’s enough interest, I’ll set it up again, with the same format we’ve played under before.

Let me know in the comments about your participation.  Thanks.


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“Coach Pruitt, he’s demanding.”

If Dawg porn were a magazine, it’s a fair bet that Jeremy Pruitt would be the centerfold in the August, 2014 edition.


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The yin and yang of GameDay

This is so ESPN:

GameDay will have limited commercials in its opening hour this year as viewers will get long stretches of conversation, with an aim toward hardcore football fans. “I think we need to have stronger opinions and more opinions, but do so organically,” Fowler said. “I think one of the reasons GameDay has had its long-term success is we don’t force things in merely for theater.

• Fitting says the show is looking to add a full-time DJ to keep the crowds (mostly of college students) entertained. The DJ will occasionally appear on air, and the hope is to hire a woman in the role. “One of the challenges we have run into with the show going three hours is we are asking the kids to be out there for 3-5 hours and they lose energy,” Fitting said. “So we thought: Why don’t we bring a DJ out that plays music off air during breaks? You keep the crowd energized and it becomes more of a party.” This person would then slowly become on-air talent for GameDay. Fitting said that since the show is “overloaded with middle-age males,” his preference was to get a female DJ.

Yeah, that mere theater shit sucks.


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Crime, punishment, consequences, the Georgia way

James DeLoach:  Checkgate participant; internally disciplined; expressed remorse and appreciation for being given second chance (“I feel like coach Richt and the coaching staff have given me a second chance… I’m gonna do whatever I can to help my teammates, to do what I can do.”); currently in the running to start on the defensive line.

Jonathan Taylor:  Checkgate participant; internally disciplined; subsequently charged with felony assault on his girlfriend; dismissed from team; per DeLoach, currently fielding questions about his future from “many football coaches”.

Yeah, it’s easy to see how this is all Richt’s fault.


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Run, Forrest.

You know, I sometimes wonder if there are days when Nick Saban looks around and asks, “what have I gotten myself into?”.


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