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Todd Gurley for Heisman.

There, I said it.


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It’s time.

There’s nothing like heading up for a home opener.  I’m getting ready to go.

For those of you planning on attending Hoppypalooza, remember the festivities start at 1:30.  We’re in the Railroad Lot (#29).  Look for a crudely lettered “GTP” sign and you’ll find us.

BYOB.  And your bad selves.


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It ain’t last year anymore.

Here’s an interesting factoid to digest.

Clemson’s defense may be better, but it’ll need to be.


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How do you solve a problem like the hurry up no huddle?

Ellis Johnson has four rules to live by.  I’ll be thinking about this one today in particular, watching Pruitt’s defense:

3. Teach defensive players to make calls on the fly.

Hurry-up teams snap the ball so fast that it’s impossible at times for a defensive coordinator to get the call from the sideline to the field and the players lined up before the snap. In response, a defensive coordinator has to simplify his calls and teach his players to make them on the field and get into position before the snap.

“Everything is a read; nothing is a set play,” Auburn linebacker Kris Frost said. “You get the play call, and you look at the offense, and you adjust to how the offense is lined up and adjust to the play. … Anything can change.”

That was not exactly what we saw last year.


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Proof that football, classical art and Alabama don’t mix

Lo and behold.

Yee haw.

“The Birth of Offense” drawing will stay up on Druid City Brewing Company’s wall until further notice, or “until we lose a game or do horribly on offense,” Hick joked.

“I’m kidding,” he said. “We’re going to let it ride. We really believe in having fun here at Druid City Brewing.”

At least until Junior leaves T-town.


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Fill in the blank

Let’s face it – we’re excited about all areas of play today, but the part we’ve got the keenest interest in is the defense.  So after the dust settles tonight, how do you hope this sentence is completed?

“That was Georgia’s best defensive effort since…”

The home run would be the first half of the 2011 SECCG, which was the high water mark of the Grantham era, but I’d be thrilled to say Florida 2012.  That being said, as long as I could say better than any game from last season, I would consider that a good start.

What say you?


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