Hard of hearing?

Be prepared to pick your spots to have a conversation in Sanford Stadium soon.

Sound System

A new sound system has been installed to improve sound quality in all areas of the stadium.

In-Game Music

The SEC amended its bylaw related to institutionally-controlled sound systems. Under the revised policy, the SEC will permit the use of institutionally-controlled, computerized sound systems (including music), institutionally-controlled artificial noisemakers, and traditional institutional noisemakers at any time, except from the time the offensive center is over the football until the play is whistled dead. We will always respect the collegiate atmosphere and traditions in our efforts to create a great Gameday for all in attendance.

Hey, nobody said the collegiate atmosphere couldn’t be ear-splitting.  Besides, with the in-stadium upgrade to telephone services, you can just text your neighbor if he or she can’t hear you.  Now that’s a win-win!


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83 responses to “Hard of hearing?

  1. Russ

    I guess I’m officially an old fart because I’m glad I live too far away to consider putting up with this crap. I can go to a Texans game if I want “atmosphere”.

    • +1. By trying to create “atmosphere”, they’ve destroyed the atmosphere.

      • A) congrats on your shortest post ever!😉
        B) I totally agree. They don’t get it, the people that go to these games don’t want to be blasted with fake sound, we want to hear the crowd yell and the band play. These fools think they need to market to the kids, but all they’re doing is making it miserable for the people who can afford tickets (I’m 35 and feel 90 typing this). Of course, this is an area where focus groups will give false data (I think)- Q: Do you want a better jumbotron and soundsystem? A: Of course! It’s like the Pepsi Challenge (In a one sip test, Pepsi is sweeter and people prefer it. Over a can, no.) They won’t ever figure this out, will keep paying lots of money for more improvements, raisin ticket prices, and driving folks away. It’s a gd shame.

        Watch the Battered Bastards of Baseball for a movie about how to create organic fan enjoyment. It’s maybe the best documentary I’ve ever seen.

    • Or a Rice game where there are only a few molecules of atmosphere except for halftime when the MOB makes it super-saturated

    • Bulldog Joe


  2. Bulldog Joe

    “except from the time the offensive center is over the football until the play is whistled dead.”

    Yet another reason to run the no-huddle on the road.

  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Sometimes advancements aren’t progress. I guess I’m and old timer.

  4. Chadwick

    No stone will be left unturned to damage SEC football. Lord. I went to the CFA bowl to watch Johnny Football. A&M does some different stuff with the yells, but it’s tradition, something the league seems keen to do away with as it doesn’t pay enough.

  5. tess

    Well, now they can sell overpriced earplugs along with overpriced “food.”

    • Dog in Fla

      “Aramark ran out of food for prisoners on 65 occasions and served food with maggots in it on five.”

      Which really is not a bad average when you think about the extra protein benefit

  6. I always forget my GTP name

    Somebody sold the UGAA a bag of magic beans. An oDAS? Isn’t that like a BDA where it amplifies/distributes existing cell signal? Yeah Sanford Stadium is in a creek bed, but I’d think the bigger problem is 90k people talking/texting/twittering on one tower.

    • paul

      Yes but now instead of receiving fifty messages and voice mails halfway back to Atlanta after the game we might get them while we’re still sitting in traffic on the bypass. Sweet.

  7. Sanford doesn’t need music to be loud. See the South Carolina and LSU games last year. I left both games with my ears ringing and a lost voice. I loved every minute of it.

    • You won’t want to yell this year even in games like that if you don’t think it’ll do any good over the music. Go to a Braves game and watch when they crank that shit up… kills the crowd every time.

      • I hope they find the right times for the music rather than between every play. The crowd on the USCe goal-line stand and LSU’s last possession was the loudest I’ve heard Sanford other than the aftermath of Butler’s FG against Clemson or when the team came out in the black jerseys against Auburn.

  8. DawgPhan

    I actually attend the home games and I dont think I will mind the music or the extra cell service that much. I know I am super pumped about the ability to get a hot bottle of coke at 4 additional locations.

  9. DawgFaithful

    Ruining the fan experience. LSU and USC game was plenty loud if you ask me.

    • DawgFaithful

      And I’m not an old timer at all.

    • WIll you want to cheer that loud again when they’re blaring Jock Jams on 3rd and 7 and you can’t hear anyone yelling anyway.


      Anyone who follows anything they do at Tech to generate crowd excitement should be fired immediately and deported forever, even if they were born in the States.

  10. IM3

    we’ll need it to drown out the screamer–Pruitt— +43

  11. Skeeter

    Now they’ll have to add liquor so we can stand the loud “music.”

    • Normaltown Mike

      Yeah, but they’ll be selling Seagram’s Wine Coolers and Bud Lite. No Glenlivet, no Maker’s Mark.

      You know, to appeal to the young fans.

  12. john

    All you old farts will be dead soon…leaving us young folk to enjoy the new sound system. Thanks

  13. Beer Money

    I think it’s awesome that a change nobody asked for and everyone knows will be embarrassingly bad is being forced down the fans’ throats again. G-Day was ruined by the piped in music and I anticipate we will do this as cluelessly as we handle the rest of the game day atmosphere (minus the traditions of the redcoats, the trumpeter, and the Munson video).

    Clemson game is not going to need any fake juice. I got a feeling the crowd will be “bringing it” that day. Just wait and see what happens if we get a 3 and out on the first possession. A turnover might yield people ripping their seats out of the foundations and throwing them down into the lower level.

    Keep your crappy piped in gameday jibber jabber to a minimum, Greg. We’re trying to watch a football game here.

    • Macallanlover

      Just when he was showing signs of making better decisions: Indoor Practice Facility and the ND home and home series, he comes back with piped in music like Tech and the Falcons. He does know we have a band doesn’t he?

      • They’re also taking down the partitions at the top of the 100 level a free at last!!!

      • Anon

        Ah yes, the band. Where else am I going to hear Herb Alpert at halftime and the superspeed version of Iron Man during the fall?

        • Macallanlover

          Sound like an NFL refugee; thanks, but no thanks. Tech has offered that exciting techno crud for a long time, may be more your cup of tea. The exciting sounds of big city traffic and garbage music all blended together for the Millenial Generation’s 10 second attention span and reverence of all traditions established since 2010.

          • Anon

            Considering that I’ve been to precisely 3 NFL games and have only missed 2 UGA home games since starting undergrad in 1994, I beg to differ.

            Is your Jitterbug phone going to have better coverage now?

            • Dog in Fla

              “Is your Jitterbug phone going to have better coverage now?”

              Who knows but this hand model needs a nail job

            • Normaltown Mike

              I started in ’94 too. So are you saying that you are glad that the Red Coats have been diminished over the past 20 years and the in-game experienced has been enlivened by Chevy commercials and “here come’s the BOOM!”?

    • Good post, Beer Money.

  14. Bulldog Joe

    Welcome to the bush league.

  15. Saltwater Dawg

    I’m keeping an open mind on this one. If done right, it could be a nice addition.

    I think Williams-Brice does a nice job. Sandstorm works for them, and the noise in that stadium, against us, was a factor. The students and fans have bought in – it works.

    If we can do something similar, mixed in with our band, it could be a great thing. Now, if they sub out to the DJ from Toppers and fill every second between plays, then I reserve the right to take this all back.

  16. A buddy of mine was working on the project. He said there were 15+ blown speakers in the system. I trust him when he says it will make the PA clearer. He engineered on the Neutral Milk Hotel records. What does he know?

    • Just Chuck (The Other One)

      The volume at which they played the music at G-Day, I’m surprised they weren’t all blown.

    • 3rdandGrantham

      Do you know the actual brand of speakers they used? If they were smart, they would have spent a few more $$ and consulted with a high end speaker company like Paradigm to make this happen.

  17. I Wanna Red Cup

    I am an old fart, attending games for almost 40 years now. I am open to SOME use of piped in music, but not so loud that it detracts from the experience. I listen to music in my car loud, but nothing like what I heard at G Day. I can see some potential for some good here but, unfortunately, do not trust those in charge to do it the right way. I don’t think we should change all of our traditions to try to please the current student base and their ilk and to get them to come to the game on time and stay. The best way to gets asses in the seats is to schedule good teams to play. If you do that, it will be loud and crazy without ear splitting piped in fake juice.

  18. Sonny’s BBQ?!?!?! Thanks Obama.

  19. Gravidy

    Posts like these always help me remember the identities of the Old Farts and the Whippersnappers. Since I’m an Old Fart, I sometimes forget. 😉

  20. UnionJack

    But at least they got Lee Greenwood to play halftime. All you old guys will love that.

    • Dog in Fla

      Will there be dancing?

    • Normaltown Mike

      Actually, the “old guys” like The Red Coat Band. They are those students with the funny outfits and musical instruments in their lap that sit in the Northeast corner.

      They used to be part of the game day experience, before the Athletic Dept. discovered they could run recycling PSA’s and denture commercials during breaks in the action.

      • Debby Balcer

        I will enjoy Lee Greenwood and love the Redcoats. We stay after the games to hear them play their final songs. I also love the band and videos before the game and we are there when the gates open. Extra cell service won’t help if you can’t hear the phone.

  21. D.N. Nation

    I’m down with better cell service. I enjoyed being able to vent on FB on my phone at Jordan-Hare last year throughout the game.

  22. Atmosphere- an electric bass guitar, drum set and James Brown- that’s whats needed.

  23. Duglite

    I just hope they keep the shuffling French fries game on the jumbotron. Rolls eyes…..drops mic……..walks of the stage.

  24. Moe Pritchett

    I can not wait to read the in game posts on GTP.

  25. This, from an Arkansas writer: > http://www.sportinglifearkansas.com/kane-webb-25-reasons-sec-matters/

    Big-screen televisions are ubiquitous and (relatively) inexpensive. The other day at Best Buy, I noted that a 50-inch screen now costs about what I paid for a “big” 32-inch television years ago … These days, we can all play Roone Arledge in our media rooms or man caves, directing the sports coverage to meet our every whim and trip to the fridge for a cold one.

    Since they’ve now ripped the last of the romanticism out of the CF atmosphere, and our leadership, beginning with Damon Evans, was stupid enough to go along with this the ridiculous trend, instead of staying classy and preserving the uniqueness of the college football atmosphere, this is our caveat. At least technology has given us a very viable, and intoxicating alternative.

    So this last line is for you, Greg:

    With HDTV on a screen the size of your wall, you don’t have to be there to be there.


  26. I wonder how many folks who post here got the survey asking your opinion about improving the game day experience. I wonder how many folks actually rated better recorded sound and more band width as the important needs. If that’s you, put your hand up and keep it up. I’m coming after you.