More fraud in South Bend

Evidently Lennay Kekua wasn’t the only phony thing about Notre Dame’s 2012 season.

Bruce Feldman confirms that the four have been dismissed from school.


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37 responses to “More fraud in South Bend

  1. Dog in Fla

    This is very exciting news for Auburn

  2. MGW

    So if you’re a person who is full bore non-amateurism, pay for play, etc., are you still upset that they cheated and glad they got what they deserved, or do you think its a shame because they shouldn’t have be required to study in the first place?

  3. joe

    Devarris is phillip daniels’ son. The Elder was very disappointed that the dawgs did not offer his son. Hope he can bounce back.

  4. uglydawg

    We’ve come a long way from the days of honest to goodness at a some schools it’s athlete-pseudostudent…and at the ugliest village on the plains, it’s thugalete-pseudostudent.
    I wonder if the NCAA will strip them of their title of “Most undeserving team ever to appear in a MNC game”, or if this will actually enhance it.

    • Cojones

      Alternate meaning: t-p, like the stuff on their tree..Oh…wait…

      Thugalete-pseudostudent: that’s deserving of our Lexicon, Ug. Now if there was just a definition contest on here at the expense of the Weasle-eagles……

      Hmm. First offering: W-e be the t-p?

  5. gastr1

    Clearly Brian Kelly has a discipline problem at Notre Dame.

  6. Bulldog Joe

    I’ll give the school credit for quietly investigating and handling the issue themselves.

    Too many other schools would launch an all-out attack on the accuser and stonewall the NCAA with their legal staff.

      • Cojones

        How about the St Mary student rape by ND player(s?)? Her suicide didn’t even prick the player’s protective bubble, with ND serving as the condom. Insult upon insult, he(they) played in the NC. The moral corruption is in the same class as Penn St’s. It was even broadcast on ESPN last year after a student put up her name in Gameday background.

        Nothing from the NCAA.

      • Cojones

        Sorry DIF. Read your prompt after blogging. I’ve…uh..not been myself lately what with the Amnesian visiting Sacramento and San Diego. Her Facebook lit up like a Christmas Tree when she landed in Sac prior to SD this weekend. She was a very important woman in her community and at her microchip place of work in SD and I am aware of my relative unimportance in her world.

        Maybe the smoke break at lunch could account for it, I just don’t know.

        It’s enough to drive a man to drink. Holy smokes! Happy Hour already started. I’m free! The dogs can ride in the car with me now. Uh.. sorry-gotta go. I’ll finish apologizing later.

  7. Tommy

    I will give the Domers this: The investigation originated with the school, which investigated it fully and booted the four players before the NCAA, Yahoo! or the NY Times ever got wind. Contrast that with how a similar situation would transpire at Auburn.

  8. I Wanna Red Cup

    At Auburn this would be called “academic support” for the student- athlete. Move along, nothing to see here.

    • Lrgk9

      The Domers and us Leg Humpers ought to get together and come up with a uniform standard for a wide variety of violations and punishment parameters. Invite other schools with a heart and honor (might only be Stanford) and get a uniform policy passed.

  9. Scorpio Jones, III

    Clearly, Mark Richt has lost control of academic integrity at Notre Dame.

  10. Derek

    Is anybody aware of an auburn football player ever missing game time because of academics? I can’t think of a single academic suspension at auburn ever happening.

  11. Beakerdawg

    As an Irish Catholic, I have rooted for the Irish except as an eight yr old on January 1, 1981. I am a Dawg first always and a distant second – a fighting Irishman.
    It is sickening that they kick out four players, but like Vandy, covered up an “alleged” rape that happened a few yrs ago by ND players.
    We take a lot of shit for our “soft-disciplined” coach but, thankfully, by god we kick douchebags off if they are mentioned for touching a woman/girl. As the parent of 4 daughters, I appreciate that standard.
    The barn on the other hand is licking their chops and reviewing tape…

    • Macallanlover

      Good comment. I will give credit to them for taking the initiative and acting on their findings, But academic integrity has been sacrificed to some degree at all schools who enjoy success at football and basketball….no exceptions.

      It is somewhat enjoyable though to see the cheating at ND and GT get exposed because of their self-righteous alums who have used their adherence to high academic standards as an excuse for failure to achieve on the field of play. Similar to the integrity exposure of Ohio and Penn State recently, they both held themselves up as better than others. You always knew Ohio wasn’t clean but who would have thought Joe Pa had sold his soul?