When someone says, “It’s really not all that insane an idea”, it probably means it is.

One Vegas sportsbook has Georgia as the favorite to win the national title.


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15 responses to “When someone says, “It’s really not all that insane an idea”, it probably means it is.

  1. Russ

    Hard to see us as the favorite, but I do think we have a good path laid out for us. Just win, baby!


  2. It would behoove the Georgia players, coaches and fans to focus on the game in Jacksonville before once again beating on the drums of delusion!


    • Macallanlover

      Seems crazy and delusional doesn’t it? But as Russ said, the path for us getting there isn’t unreasonable. The next two games will be difficult but the clear obstacle to getting to Atlanta (and thus Dallas) is Auburn which is not only at home, but also looks to be an off the charts Gurley fest for UGA fans. (Wonder if that makes CBS have to select us at 3:30 and screw us out of our only night game?) Get by that and you have one game against the West winner, none of whom look untouchable. Who knows about the next two playoff teams because it could be as scary as Oregon, or as comfy as ND type teams.

      Cannot argue because it is plausible, not totally crazy or delusional, but still seems a long shot. Our path just looks better than the teams in the West because we have fewer, known “boogey men” in our way. Just go 1-0 every week.


      • Cojones

        You would think by now that people here could post smiley faces and words yall have used here to those posts I’ve made while predicting exactly this resultant with a straight face. When I’ve posted that the Dawgs can and will win it all – crickets.

        What the hell. Did you think I was on pot?


  3. watcher16

    With our luck, we get Gurley back at Auburn, win out and win the National Championship, and then the NCAA would decide Gurley’s punishment wasn’t strict enough and we would have to forfeit all games he played in