`You’re the only fumble we lost’

Whether it’s by luck or design doesn’t matter to me – it’s just weird to realize that seven games into the season, people are trying to make Michael Bennett feel guilty about having Georgia’s only fumble so far.

Let’s hope he’s still being as defensive after Saturday.


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6 responses to “`You’re the only fumble we lost’

  1. That reversal was terrible. Clearly his elbow had hit the ground before the ball came out. I hope people who are saying something are kidding around with him.


    • Russ

      I haven’t looked at it in a while, but I thought it could’ve gone either way. It wasn’t clear cut to me.


      • Even more of a reason not to overturn – if the video evidence doesn’t clearly show the officials missed the call, the guy in the booth is to have the call stand as opposed to confirmed or reversed. The replay official overstepped his bounds.


      • Gravidy

        I’m with you. I thought it could have gone either way – which means it shouldn’t have been overturned, of course.


  2. TMDawg

    I assumed he meant it was other players playing around giving him a hard time over it. I’d completely forgotten about that play and given all Bennett has done, sure as hell won’t be a play I remember when I think about his play in the red and black. Now the 4th and 15 TDs vs UF in 2011…anyone who gives him a hard time is an idiot


    • James Stephenson

      I had forgotten about it too, but now I remember that play clearly. The officiating dude they have on call, said not a fumble, the announcers said not a fumble. However that one dude in the booth somehow saw an angle no one else saw and ruled it a fumble. Horrible call.