The assistants’ pay story is about what you’d expect.

USA Today produced its annual database of assistant coaching salaries, and the usual suspects are making bank.  The SEC dominates the staff rankings (chart via).

Total assistants pay

1. LSU $5,499,269
2. Alabama $5,213,400
3. Auburn, $4,645,500
4. Clemson, $4,448,225
5. Oklahoma, $4,077,900
6. Texas, $3,841,640
7. Ohio State, $3,592,025
8. Virginia Tech, $3,583,250
9. Michigan, $3,504,323
10. Texas A&M, $3,484,050

Georgia ranks sixth in the SEC.

SEC total assistants pay

1. LSU $5,499,269
2. Alabama $5,213,400
3. Auburn, $4,645,500
4. Texas A&M, $3,484,050
5. South Carolina, $3,333,800
6. Georgia, $3,327,800
7. Tennessee, $3,265,000
8. Florida, $3,225,900
9. Arkansas, $3,218,800
10. Missouri, $3,169,000
11. Kentucky, $2,715,700
12. Mississippi State, $2,682,500
13. Ole Miss, $2,596,000
Vanderbilt, N/A

A few notes on the latter:

  • Some of those numbers are relative bargains, but don’t expect them to stand pat.  Freeze has already negotiated a bump for his assistants; expect Mullen to receive the same treatment.
  • Seeing the list, McGarity probably feels like Goldilocks, but note that the gap between Georgia’s staff pay and the three teams at the top is much wider than the gap with the three teams at the bottom (which, again, is going to shrink significantly).
  • Whichever school signs Boom as its next defensive coordinator is going to move up the list a good bit.

And now for the most embarrassing part, if you’re associated with the Georgia program.  Check out these stats about Mike Bobo’s pay:

  • 40th nationally;
  • 16th in the conference;
  • Two fired coordinators (Johnson, Snyder) make more;
  • One about-to-be-fired coordinator (Roper) makes more;
  • Lorenzo Ward makes more;
  • Three position coaches make more; and
  • Rodney Garner (!) makes more.

Hey, so it turns out you can put a price on loyalty.

At least Pruitt is paid rationally, given the market.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough if there’s any substance to this.

“The only thing I’ll say is, we’ll wait to the season is over, until the bowl is over, and look at the season in its entirety,” McGarity said. “I don’t think anybody should read anything into that other than that’s just what we do. What others are doing doesn’t change our method of operation.

“Once the season is over, we’ll review like we do with every coach. We’ll review it in its entirety. Other institutions had their reasons to do certain things at certain times.”


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38 responses to “The assistants’ pay story is about what you’d expect.

  1. Either Bobo has the worst agent in the field or he really, really loves being at UGA working for Richt. I am surprised he isn’t being named head coach somewhere. He has to be eventually, and that will be the true test for Richt as head man in charge.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Not to worry….Mark Richt has any number of potential offensive coordinators right here on GTP…play calling by blog…think of the space you’d save in the coaches booth.


      • Hey, McGarity could sell a few more club level seats with special access. One for the reserve fund, baby! 🙂


      • Uglydawg

        That’s pure gold, Scorp.


      • GaskillDawg

        Don’t laugh. McGarity can rely on precedent. Bill Veeck was the showman owner of the failing St. Louis Browns baseball team. One of his promotions was “You Be The Manager Day.” The team gave fans at the turnstiles a bunch pf placards that had thinks like “bunt” and “steal” and such instructions, one on each card. The fans could hold up the appropriate card to direct in game decisions.

        McGarity could monetarize use modern technology. For, say, $200.00 per game a fan could download a special app and actually call plays from the stands.

        The reserve fund managers are already calculating how much their commissions will increase!


    • Otto

      Given that Bobo regularly takes at least 1 game a year off, and a quarter in multiple other games the pay is about right.


  2. PatinDC

    Bob should be getting at least what Pruitt makes. If not more.
    It would cost at least double his current salary to find a replacement.


    • Daniel Simpson Day

      This. If they think his replacement is coming in at what they pay Bobo, they’re more delusional than we suspect.


  3. Macallanlover

    Taking the low road will never get you to the top. McFrugal’s, and the administration’s, attitude about living on the cheap may look good for a while but will unravel eventually. I am not for throwing money away but you can save dollars buying groceries at the Dollar General or Save-A-Lot stores but you aren’t maximizing life that way. You just don’t run your business with an accountant’s attitude and not pay a price down the road.


  4. The other Doug

    We are $150k from being top ten in the nation, so we aren’t that cheap. If Bobo was paid the market rate then we would be higher. Yeah, he deserves more, but UGA is paying him what he is willing to take. Basically, Bobo needs to hire Sexton.


    • GaskillDawg

      I understand that. But, one day, either soon or 15 years down the road, we will replace the head coach. The new guy will bring in assistants. We do not want to try to entice top assistants by bragging about how we kept salaries low.


  5. How is Bobo’s pay 16th in the conference, I’m only aware of 14 teams……..


  6. anon

    Bobo should be paid between $850- 1mm. He has earned it on the field and in recruiting.


  7. NoAxeToGrind

    Why not take about 500K from Richt’s annual salary and add it to Bobo’s paycheck? That would about even things out.


  8. DirtyBird

    AD McStupid’s goal is to be as cheap as he can get away with, without anyone noticing. So he pays in the MIDDLE of the conference. AVERAGE for the SEC.

    The thing is, UGA plays in the SEC, so I don’t care where we rank NATIONALLY, the context is SEC, where the premiere Champshp team Alabama is spending 60% MORE than AD McStupid is spending on his staff.

    UGA AD McStupid is more concerned about PROFITS than WINNING CHAMPSHPS.

    UGA AD McStupid has 0 Champshps in basketball or football, the 2 big programs.

    He needs to be relieved of his duties and never put in charge of leading any organization or business, because he clearly is not focused on winning Champshps, he is focused on being AVERAGE.


  9. DirtyBird

    This interview with Adams showed me UGA Admin’s average mentality:
    The board approved a fiscal year 2014 budget of $93.2 million and $2.18 million for facility improvements, including to Sanford Stadium.
    But the budget is about middle of the pack in the Southeastern Conference, according to senior executive athletic director Frank Crumley.

    Note: Budget is the MIDDLE of the pack.

    “We’re doing well, we’re in the black,” Adams told the board’s executive committee.
    “The lines get a little closer together. And we’re charging in the middle of the pack or the lower middle of the pack, frankly, on ticket prices. Hopefully, our donors and others will continue to step up.”



    • Cousin Eddie

      So the Athletic board targets middle of the pack, the fans target the top and the team lands in the upper middle……sounds about right to me.


  10. Cojones

    This has been called to everyone’s attention for two years. Why the sudden attention to an appreciation failing that has, by now, grown rancorously in many an assistant’s mind? While it took over two years to get the pome ‘d rue out of many minds concerning Bobo’s talented O, his compensation drags on into embarrassment , almost retribution of some sort.

    Raises shouldn’t be tied to idiot fan or alum opinion. It should be a crowning award for crowning achievement in work. Bobo has to sit here for over four years and watch two new, less achieving asst coaches get hired for tons more than he is getting for keeping us in the thick of SEC competition. Losses can be solidly pinned to the D in over 90% of our losses. It certainly can’t be laid at the feet of this high-flying O Machine that Bobo has created and maintained through his years here. His worst problem comes from noncoaching idiots that parse his every play call. As a loyal fan base, we should be ashamed for not admitting final acknowledgement of what Bobo gives us to be prideful about in our program and all we can do is nod in his direction. Horseshit. Every manjack here oughtt to raise hell until Mac hears us and realizes that it has gone beyond a simple Red and Black groundswell.

    Talking about not being able to see the forest for the trees….


  11. MGW

    Lets let Bobo sweat it while he tries to close the best recruiting class in the history of UGA. Let the world think he’s got to prove himself in a meaningless exhibition game or else…. yeah.


  12. AusDawg85

    With all of Georgia’s inherent talent anybody can run our offense. We need a Top 5 D so give all the money to Pruitt and his staff. If Bobo leaves, we can get an ST coordinator instead.

    And why can’t we just get some corporation to pay for the IPF via naming rights?