Envy and jealousy, 140-character snark edition

The University of Texas, you may have heard, has decided to allow the sale of beer and wine at football games.

The response of Texas A&M’s chancellor to the news is three shades of awesome.

Too bad Steve Patterson’s preoccupied with brand building in Mexico. With world class sarcasm like that, if there’s ever a deceased rivalry game that should be brought back from the dead, it’s Texas-TAMU.


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19 responses to “Envy and jealousy, 140-character snark edition

  1. Dog in Fla

    All hands stand by to prepare the Alamo for battle. This is not a drill…


  2. Argondawg

    Sprite just came out my nose.


  3. watcher16

    Just wait until they have open carry in the stadium too…


    • Cojones

      t will stop those people who cut into line. Now they can shoot their way in.

      I’m going for the cookie concession.


  4. I’m sure he stole it, but it’s as good a line to steal as anything Oscar Wilde ever stole…


  5. A funny but ultimately sad quip as college rivalries fade in the rear view mirror on the road to sports big business profits and marketing.

    Man, I’m a Thursday buzzkill aren’t I?


  6. Cousin Eddie

    When big bad Texas feels like they can beat A&M they will start asking to reschedule, until then let A&M have all the fun it wants with them.

    That or ESPN offers to pay the bills for the match.


  7. Dog in Fla

    Stacy Osborn said Steve Patterson was unavailable for comment on the unprovoked Aggie attack. However, another anonymous source who didn’t have a clue said that Mr. Patterson’s Gulfstream overshot the Dubai runway system and that Mr. Patterson is attending an outdoor branding symposium and that kilts will soon be on order for a game with warm beer for a premium price somewhere in Scotland


  8. Ed Kilgore

    I know John Sharp a little from encounters with him when he was a politician. He’s very smart, very funny, and more than a little mean in that sort of charming Ann Richards Texas Democrat kinda way. He was born to bait overdogs like the Longhorns.


  9. Ed, That’s the scary part, he was born only to bait overdogs like the Longhorns and not accomplish anything of societal value!


  10. Spike

    Horns v. Aggies. From your lips to God’s ears.