Mike Bobo may be gone, but balance never left.

Although it feels like Mark Richt has changed the definition.

Georgia head coach Mark Richt expects his offense to be balanced this season.

But that doesn’t mean that the Bulldogs’ offense — one that threw 14 passes and ran the ball 38 times against Louisiana-Monroe on Saturday — has any plans to get that ratio closer to 50-50.

“If people just overload us in the run game, we’ve got to be able to throw it well and vice versa,” Richt said. “People just start playing two-deep and start playing coverage on us and doubling the receivers and things of that nature, we’d better be able to run the ball well. That’s what I consider, the ability to handle those situations is balance for me.”

Yay for that!  That’s the hallmark of a good offensive coordinator – take what the defense gives you… and keeps on giving you.  And when that changes, have the ability to counter.

That’s my kind of balance, too.


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17 responses to “Mike Bobo may be gone, but balance never left.

  1. Yup. That’s it. Good quote.


  2. But as the earlier article shows, if you can run with 10 in the box, run it with 10 in the box. I think the quote could be extended by adding that “balance” means dictating TO the defense and never being dictated BY the defense. In other words: “we’re gonna do what we want to do. Sometimes it’s because you gave it to us but sometimes we’ll just take it.” That’s balance.


    • DawgByte

      That’s precisely why Bama has been so successful. They recruit athletes that allow them to dictate to their opponents what they want to do. Bama’s offense under Saban is as vanilla as it gets. They’re masters at execution, which results in a lot of W’s.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    The only balance that matters is the balance between them and you on the scoreboard.


  4. 81Dog

    It’s always good, and sometimes smart, to show you can take what the defense gives you. It’s also good, and sometimes better, to show the defense you can take what you want, when you want it.


  5. Dog in Fla

    Bobo. Even the name is perfectly balanced


    • kckd

      Actually, “boob” is perfectly balanced.


      • Ah, jeez. That’ll open some flood gates. 😉


      • Dog in Fla

        Excellent points but even sometimes they can be asymmetrical


        • Cojones

          More! More! of boobs and our new name for them; bobos.

          Glad she has all the spots covered – wtf? She looks like her holistic is healed.and is ready for the conference room. Speaking of which: Had an owner/CEO whose company took over one of the companies where I worked and his reputation in the Executive Conference Room was preceeded by the book “Fire and Ice”. She kinda reminds me of the 60s – 70s when it took place. He not only talked the talk, but he went well beyond the walk.

          Thank you DiF for pointing this out to us. Looks like she can sing too.
          Bobo balance is indeed something we can look for during the season. 🙂


  6. kckd

    Richt has always said that. I remember when some asked him about Ole Miss in 2001 and he basically answered the same way. Balance is being able to take what the defense gives you….either way.


  7. AusDawg85

    Rev Richt hears this choir and sings…


  8. Balance is being able and the defense reacting to the knowledge that you can run almost any play in the playbook regardless of down and distance. You force the defense to play run and pass on most downs. You can punish them for making the wrong choice on defense.


  9. Fetch

    Balance is when they try to stop the run, prove to them that they can’t. Then you can throw whatever pass you want to.


  10. I heard him talking about this in the Vandy Game press video on the Georgia Game Day Live app. Was a really great presser by CMR that covered a lot. I 100% agree with his definition of balance.