How to know when an offense is starting to click

It’s a pretty good sign when Nick Chubb and Malcolm Mitchell ponder whether Georgia’s passing game or running game should bear the brunt of opposing defenses’ attention.

… Through three games, defenses have loaded eight defenders in the box and forced Lambert to win with his arm. By making South Carolina pay dearly, defensive gameplans could suddenly be altered.

“I think they’ll have to spread it out more on defense because they can’t keep packing the box with eight people,” Chubb said. “It leaves two corners and a safety. Our wideouts are doing a great job. Malcolm Mitchell is making plays. Reggie Davis, Terry Godwin, Isaiah McKenzie, they have to respect those guys, and respect Greyson a lot more than what they saw from the first two games. We’re getting very balanced and that’s a great thing.”

Chubb has seen more than his fair share of eight-man boxes and would be thrilled to see it shrink some.

Mitchell, on the other hand, is OK with things staying the same. After all, the running game is still racking up yards with Mitchell not having to worry about being double covered.

“You hope to get singled up because it gives you more opportunities,” Mitchell said. “The ball can be placed at many different places. When you have more than one person on you the window’s very small. So you got single coverage, it’s an opportunity for you and the other guy to compete and say who’s better than who.”

They’re both right, of course.


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18 responses to “How to know when an offense is starting to click

  1. ScoutDawg

    What a great conversation to be having. It still all comes down to the defense.


    • Otto

      Exactly the one that should take the brunt is the one that is working which comes down to what the defense can defend. The other should be used to keep the defense honest.


  2. ASEF

    It’s a bit of a shame that Bama lost already. Bama is not going to be able to handle Chubb and Michel in the passing game. On the flip side, Bama’s not getting to the edges in the run game or getting downfield in the passing game. Pruitt’s going to eat that up.


  3. I agree that Bama doesn’t have the lateral moves in their running game that we have but downhill running is their biggest strength. It’s also our biggest weakness….or has been. Kimbrough, Ganus and the safeties best be buckled up. Hopefully Kimbrough well have the use of both hands by then. Where the hell is Reggie Carter?? Has he played this season? Silent suspension?


  4. Macallanlover

    From Chubb’s comments about getting “very balanced” is a new definition of the spread: going anywhere on the field with any running, or passing option”. That does seem to be our ceiling: in between the tackles or outside them with our running game. and passing short, medium, and maybe long, with backs TEs, and WRs that can all run and catch it. I know most all offenses have that capability in their playbook but we seem to have that in our arsenal. Just a lot of ammo at Schotty’s disposal, and he showed last week that he knows how to dial it up. Of course, we executed it so well it was startling. Yes, it was against an out manned SC defense but it still has to be an exceptional task for a DC to prepare for. Alabama is one of the few teams in the country capable of matching up with that firepower but I bet Smart and Saban will lose some sleep next week.


    • Cojones

      Anyone want to bet that Saban hasn’t told his troops about facing the best team of 2015 next week? They are coming with all they have and I feel confident that we will give them all that we have. They are vulnerable, we are vulnerable. They play great CFB and we play great CFB.

      May the best stud team win and that be us. Now, if we can just get past Southern. Scorp, stop watching the Pope and pick up your worry beads, We need some crystal balls prognosticating.


  5. AceDawg

    Gotta see Lambert under more duress to know if the passing game is truly a threat, but we know that it’s at least no longer a mythical flying uniform.


  6. someone said the other day something about being in a whorehouse with a roll of hundreds….that’s what it feels like being a Dawg fan this year.


  7. Q

    Anyone know if the team uses this week or part of it to prepare for Bama? Do the coaches, away from the team, start game planning ahead?


    • Macallanlover

      No one will publicly admit that but, yes. Just the coaches of course, the players will not get involved until next week. There is additional staff working on every future game throughout the season in preparation of having charts, tendencies, selected film clips, etc. With Southern as an opponent this week, position coaches and coordinators have already begun formulating work on Bama directly, another cupcake luxury.


  8. TMC dawg

    Could anyone tell me where Natrez Patrick is on the depth chart? with bamas down hill running style we need that big 260 lb. linebacker in the mix.