The genius of PAWWWLLL’s schtick

What I appreciate about this piece at that details the reactions on the Finebaum show to the fragile vessel that is Auburn football today is the way it mixes opinions from sage pundits like Bruce Feldman with the keen insight from regular joe callers like Charles from Reeltown in a way that makes them all sound as if they’re on the same level.

Although I’m not sure what that says about whom there.


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14 responses to “The genius of PAWWWLLL’s schtick

  1. ScoutDawg

    How good does it feel to have a man like Mr. Rocker, an Awbarn legend, on our sidelines?


  2. Billy Mumphrey

    Finebaum’s show makes College Football Live look like the McLaughlin Group. Pawwwwwl’s show is basically not watchable.


  3. Uglydawg

    There are very few real experts on college football, (my apologies to Charles from Reeltown, but he’s certainly not one of the few).
    There are some people with more respectable opinions. The average poster on GTP fits the second catagory better than most of the goons on talk radio and TV. They mostly just spew their conference and team prejudices and hope everyone believes they are smart. They’re not.
    It’s entertainment..some good, some not so much.


  4. steve

    I once saw a bumper sticker that read ‘Too much sex is still not enough’. That is true but also applies to the bad juju oozing out of Auburn. ‘Too much Auburn heartache is still not enough’.
    And the picture of Finebaum could be labeled ‘the only known human toilet plunger seen yukking it up for the first time without contacting a porcelain and plastic apparatus.’ He must have brown stains on his neck, right?


    • ClydeBoogie

      Steve you sir are my choice for the next Gov of the great state of Ga.Bad juju….auburn heartache…..more more!


      • I refuse to acknowledge the existence of Finebaum but just out of curiosity I decided to check out a couple of auburn forums and they are scary. Even the titles such as “AUFamily” and ” All in” give you an idea of what nut jobs many of their fans are. Read a few posts and check out the signatures and it becomes more and more clear how much of a delusional cult they are.

        If you have kids please put your foot down and not let them have auburn as a backup. You’ll be saving both them and your whole family. If worse comes to worst you might consider getting them into Scientology.


  5. TomReagan

    Charles from Reeltown: I know what I’m talking about. I’m an expert in all of football.

    Finebaum’s show in a nutshell.


  6. Russ

    Well, at least the paper had the story in the correct section, “Entertainment”.


  7. ClydeBoogie

    Senator, I hope Rottney and Trigga know where the exit shafts are because from what i see they will be the first out the door. Rottney because his Dline is awful and Trigga because of that flying mantis technique only works in the movies.



    Never heard of Charles from Reeltown, and proud of it.


  9. Bright Idea

    The killer about this 4 hours is that Finebum likes to talk the politics of football but knows nothing about the game itself. He doesn’t even stay for the games when the SECN is in town. I don’t see how this show can carry the SECN long term. Too many idiot callers repeating themselves.


  10. Big Ol cup of STFU

    “Finebaum: Jeremy Johnson was a legitimate [Heisman] candidate…” WTF OVER? I generally think Paul is pretty accurate in his assessments but come on. Was he making this assessment based upon Gus’ “expertise” and therefore the new starter on Saturday is a candidate now?


  11. TMC dawg

    I have tried to watch Pawilll, but to boring for my taste.