Turn the machines back on.

The computer formulas that once made up the backbone of the BCS calculations average out to rank Georgia ninth currently.


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10 responses to “Turn the machines back on.

  1. DawgPhan

    Um can I complain about sample size here?

    Also noticed that the S&P+ rankings look all screwy this week as well.


    • Bill C. is upfront about the large variance in S&P until after Week 6. Until then – he is still using data from the previous season to build out the rankings.


      • DawgPhan

        This is the first season that I am actively watching those rankings and the FEI rankings to see how they do. I think he rolled off the preseason rankings this week and that caused a big swing in the rankings. Guessing another week of data with shake it out a little.


  2. Brandon

    Rankings Schmankings. We have our chance to prove where we belong on the field in 5 days


  3. Russ

    Just keep winning and the rankings will take care of themselves.


  4. hassan

    I always thought the machines got it pretty right.

    You could always argue that #1 is really #2 or #3, but when it came down to #5 and beyond, they were not a #1. I would have been a lot happier with the playoff format we have based on the top 4 computer rankings.


  5. reipar

    Bama is three sounds about right.


  6. Heresy alert: so does that -5 mean that the machines agree with Thomas Brown’s suckpuppet?

    Skynet must fall!


  7. Cojones

    Has anyone considered that the rankings began preseason and have yet to be predicated on the strength of each team? Being ranked out of the top 10 in the beginning doesn’t mean that the rankings each week are shuffled as to team strengths, but rather to a preconceived notion of teams that you continue to try to outrace to climb up in the polls. That is patently unfair.

    Everyone is guessing subjectively as to early rankings and it presents a false wall that we have to climb. Bama is a good example. If they were good enough to begin at 2nd, how could they have fallen so much and continue falling except to high prejudice? How can we go down in the polls when all other teams have cupcakes early in their schedule as well?

    If the committee truly begins from scratch, we will be fine this year. Otherwise, we are just creating angst over the prejudice created by ESPN.

    Point is, it ain’t the rankings at this point, it’s the team we are playing and this is a good’un this weekend that will begin to bring out our best. Sic’em Dawgs.


  8. FtWorthDawg

    To be the man you gotta BEAT the man.