When a trend needs a name…

it ain’t pretty.


UPDATE:  Tyler’s rebuttal to Elkon’s post is worth a read.


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  1. “The spectacle of Georgia soiling its silver britches in a big game has become a regular occurrence. ”

    Just. Damn.


  2. dudemankind

    Can we at least start conversing about potential coaches to replace Richt? I know he would have to purposely set fire to Sanford Stadium for that to occur, but what the heck. Can’t a guy dream?


    • Russ

      Well, at least we’ll hear another verse to the same old tune. Let’s hear your list.


    • Converse about whomever you want. It doesn’t mean shit, so who cares?


      • dudemankind

        Well, with that being said. I vote for Kirby. After I get told a hundred reasons why not, then I may shift my answer to someone else. I feel much better now. Like you said, it does not mean shit. I am curious who others have in mind though.


        • @gatriguy

          No assistants. A head coach from a mid major or the “second” school in a state that has had to win with more than simply having more talent. He’s too inexperienced, but I think Tom Herrman is going to be a stud. Ditto Justin Fuentes.


        • I’ll turn in my tickets if Kirby Smart is ever the head coach at Georgia. He made overtures for the DC job in 2009 and then leveraged it for a raise. Then the rumor was he was prancing around Georgia that he would be Richt’s replacement when he got fired after the 2011 season. Thanks but no thanks.


        • PTSD Dawg



    • AusDawg85

      Muschamp. Dooley the younger. Kiffen. Butch Johnson. Bert. Zooker. The Pirate. Nutt. Any Stoops. Franklin. Really, “anybody” can win at UGA with all of our talent and resources so we don’t need a good HC, just not a righteous, overpaid bed-wetter like Richt, right?

      But when the day comes, we need somebody that can recruit Georgia HS or has big brand name recognition to help with that. Otherwise, we’ll be in rebuilding mode for years with the SEC being so hard. Not so much an issue in other conferences. There just won’t be too many to choose from.


  3. Rebar

    Interesting comparing Saban’s and Richt’s losses. Seems like its pretty similar except for Saban’s having won several National Championships.


    • Just Some Guy

      If you start at 2007, which is when the current Alabama “dynasty” started (if you recall the interminable ESPN talking points leading up to the game), Saban’s number is lower. The Alabama teams is the “Saban style” we’re trying to emulate, not the one that includes his LSU teams (which were known for hot/cold seasons).

      I don’t have the time to do it properly, but I would love to see some trend analysis done on those figures. Something like a “velocity” figure. One point per bad loss, subtract a point per season, per championship, per “big win”, etc. I wonder how that would look. Hmmm……


      • PatinDC

        Wow. Now that you explain it, it is so obvious. Shhh. Don’t tell any other teams. They may want to do the same thing.


    • Merk

      Guess you did not read the article. They clearly pointed out that Bama has not lost by more than 14 points (ie they were almost always in their loses until the last few minutes). Also Bama had a streak of being favored for several seasons, which means when you lose it looks worse than it might have really been. Richt however, rarely has beatdowns that are less than 14 points, because when we lose these games, we get our asses kicked.


      • DawgPhan

        every time Bama gets their ass kicked it is because they wanted to get their ass kicked so they could just feel something.


      • Mayor

        That is the problem right there Merk. The Georgia fanbase is so upset with Richt not because his team loses occasionally but because: (1) When his team loses it loses in a humiliating fashion when the team demonstrated by earlier and later games that the team was/is pretty damn good “so how in the hell did it lose to mediocre U. by 31 points?” and (2) The team is on the verge of winning a very big game against a highly rated opponent to take the lead/win the division/conference/major rival game and he does something stupid that loses the game at the end, and not just stupid but so galactically stupid that ESPN runs replays of it for an entire week talking about how stupid it was and using it as an example of exactly what NOT to do in that situation. Really, I think CMR has worn out his welcome in Athens and it would be better for everyone, including CMR, to start over someplace else. He needs to negotiate a “retirement” (see Tuberville. Tommy), take his buyout and go elsewhere where he won’t get ridiculed by his own fans every time his team loses. Or become a missionary. Or save whales. Or whatever……


  4. Remo Gaggi

    Ace was the only guy that ever had Oklahoma-Michigan. Ace can still make money for the people back home betting against Mark Richt in the big games.

    On a separate issue, I’m sending Andy Stone to see Spurrier and tell him that maybe he should quit.



  5. @gatriguy

    I prefer “Richting the bed”™


  6. John Denver is full of shit...

    lalalalalalalalala…can’t hear you. Blind eye.


  7. PatinDC



  8. Debby Balcer

    They have to reinforce their talking point.


  9. Irwin R. Fletcher

    The whole article is stupid. Vegas lines aren’t about teams being evenly matched…they are about making sure bets are evenly matched.

    I don’t understand how losing to Tech in OT is a faceplant game when Tech ended up almost beating FSU and waxing Miss State to finish higher in the polls. That’s not on Richt…that’s on Vegas for having it wrong.

    Regardless, there’s another trend with Richt that isn’t mentioned…the ability to ride the overeaction to these loses to wins that outpace the spread by 15 or more. The media and fans bury him year after a loss and yet the team tends to respond.

    2012…Gators are a 7 point favorite after people have buried UGA thanks to the loss in Columbia. Richt wins by 8. (+15)

    2014…Georgia enters Columbia, Mo as slight 3 point favorites (loss to Carolina and Gurley)…win by 34.
    Enters game against Auburn as a 2.5 point favorite after UF loss…wins by 27.
    Enters game against Louisville as 6.5 point favorite after Tech loss…wins by 23.

    That’s the maddening part as a Georgia fan…not that Richt can never win a big game or always faceplants…it’s the peaks and valleys.


  10. DawgPhan

    These numbers over here support my point. Look at them.

    Those numbers over there do not support my point and can be explained away.



  11. DawgPhan

    So Braves and Birds just took a “CMR cant win the big one” style beating on that one.



  12. Silver lining is Richt never lost to such teams as UAB and ULM despite not winning BCS or National Championship of any kind. Just saying.


  13. kckd

    The detractors want to make every loss a “big game”. I’d put it like this….in the last handful of years, every time we’ve come up to that game that can put us clearly in undeniable national championship contender talk, we’ve failed. And most times, miserably.


  14. kckd

    And Gary Danielson spoke the truth on the SEC CBS podcast this week. Unless Florida continues to go undefeated until Jax, the only game on our schedule that can give us that kind of chance again is a pending one in Atlanta. We’ll have to win the rest and win that one before we start being perceived any differently nationally.