“It was a family decision.”

As someone who’s fretted that Jim McElwain might be a Florida coach I didn’t dislike, it’s nice to see the man reverting to type.

The more things change, and all that…


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30 responses to ““It was a family decision.”

  1. Spike

    I wonder what his “choices” were? Why are we never told what these violations of “team rules” are? Go Gatas


  2. Merk

    That’s like asking a kid if they want a cookie and expecting them to tell you no.


  3. TennesseeDawg

    Old Yeller teeth deflects criticism by saying it was up to the team instead of him. Now I hope Alabama beats them by 50


  4. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    So, this family you refer to? It’s a Mafia family, right?


  5. SEBDawg

    And you don’t think we won’t see the same things with the new regime?


  6. Mctyre

    “Sometimes the greatest lessons in life are when things are taken away from you and you’re no longer enabled.” Indeed, the Urban Meyer-style hypocrisy is strong in this one.


  7. SEBDawg

    Suspending players and meaning it is so “Georgia Way”. But there is a new sheriff in town and he probably won’t have time for that crap. #Winning!


  8. A “Family Decision” though could have given Georgia more wins in the last decade.


  9. I hope we never have a players vote to unsuspend a player at UGA.


  10. Bulldog Joe

    This is good news for Georgia.


  11. RobA

    The rumor was that he was suspended for missing a curfew. The length of the suspension wouldn’t be discretionary if it was drugs and there’s no indication he got arrested, so the rumor is plausible.

    So Florida’s second best receiver was suspended for the biggest rivalry game of the year, and would have been suspended for the SEC Championship but for his teammates voting him back on.

    Of course, his teammates voting him back on is a no brainer, so its effectively a one game suspension for missing a curfew.

    Earlier this year he was suspended a half-game for being late to a team dinner.

    What is the Georgia Way to discipline players in situations like this? Do you honestly think Kirby Smart will be appreciably different than McElwain in his handling of player discipline, or are you just laying the foundations of a narrative here?


    • I must have missed the part in my post where I mentioned Georgia or Kirby Smart.


      • SEBDawg

        You didnt. I was just missing the days when I could read a story like that and assume my “holier than thou” posture.


      • RobA

        You didn’t mention either. I just asked the questions. I thought it was implied in your post that Georgia would have proscribed a harsher punishment.

        I’m a Florida fan, but I read your blog regularly. I was just a little surprised by this post because my first reaction to the Robinson suspension was, “Damn, Mac doesn’t mess around.” Maybe most coaches would suspend one of their best players before a big game for missing a curfew. Hell, maybe most coaches would suspend the player for multiple games for missing a curfew. That just wasn’t my impression.

        I honestly can’t remember a player on any team being suspended for missing a curfew, though I wouldn’t be surprised is Stephen Garcia was as some point.


        • Napoleon BonerFart

          Whether UGA would have proscribed a harsher punishment depends on the offence. However, I can’t recall Richt putting team discipline up to a vote before. Maybe someone can correct me.


        • ugafidelis

          Maybe it was something more than missing a curfew.


  12. 69Dawg

    Hell the player vote for player discipline is older than I am. I can remember that was how Tech under Bobby Dodd would do it. They held a team vote to determine if a player would be kicked off the team. He wasn’t of course. If it was for a curfew then one game seems right.


  13. j4k372

    I’m going to look at the positive side of all this. As much as it pains me, we need a FU win this weekend over Bama. It would mean CKS can load up his Uhaul earlier than anticipated and roll in to Athens.


    • Dog in Fla

      If Bama doesn’t make it to the playoffs, it will still go to a bowl and we know how Nick hates losing Sugar Bowls so he’ll probably still keep Kirby around


  14. ugafidelis

    Fifth time’s a charm


  15. Doggoned

    Of course, if it happened to a third-teamer … hit the road, Jack.