Barrett Sallee rewrites Georgia football history.

Look, I know how it goes sometimes.  You’re blogging, you get this clever idea about a topic – in this case, mixing the lemons of Georgia’s current indecision over whom to start at quarterback into the lemonade of turning that into some sort of multi-quarterback system, whatever the hell that might be – and the next thing you know, you’re churning out something like this:

The last time Georgia used a two-quarterback system prior to last year—when Lambert and Ramsey rotated early before Lambert took over full time—was in 2006, when Matthew Stafford was a true freshman in the Classic City.

In that season, Joe Tereshinski opened the season vs. Western Kentucky as the starter, with Stafford and Joe Cox rotating in throughout the first half of the season before Stafford took over as the full-time starter on Oct. 21 vs. Mississippi State…

I know that’s ten years ago, I’m old and my brain doesn’t function as smoothly as it used to, but I sure don’t remember that being a season when Mark Richt trotted out some sort of organized blueprint of how to use his three quarterbacks.  It was more like a scramble to buy time in transitioning from DJ Shockley to the incoming stud Matthew Stafford.  Let’s relive the actual moments of the first half of that 2006 season for a moment, shall we?

  • Georgia 48 Western Kentucky 12.  Tereshinski started, Cox came in during the second quarter when the game was 24-0 and Stafford played mop up in the fourth.  What a coach would normally do in any blowout of a cupcake opponent, in other words.
  • Georgia 18 South Carolina 0.  Tereshinski hurt his ankle on the first series of the game and Stafford – not Cox – played the rest of the way in his stead.
  • Georgia 34 UAB 0.  JTIII missed the game because of his ankle and Stafford started in his place.  Joe Cox did not appear.
  • Georgia 14 Colorado 13.  With Tereshinski still MIA, Stafford started, wet the bed and was yanked.  Joe Cox, in one of his career highlights, entered the game in the latter part of the third quarter and rallied the Dawgs to a last minute win.
  • Georgia 14 Ole Miss 9.  Again, no Tereshinski.  Cox, rewarded for his heroics against Colorado, started and was ineffective.  He was replaced by Stafford, who was also ineffective.
  • Tennessee 51 Georgia 33.  The UT game marked Tereshinski’s return, which was anything but triumphant.
  • Vanderbilt 24 Georgia 22.  Tereshinski started; Stafford finished.  No Ginger Ninja.
  • Georgia 27 Mississippi State 24.  Tereshinski was benched and Stafford was named the starter for this game.  That turned out to be the case for the rest of the season and Cox would not start another game until Stafford left.

Is that a system?  If by “system” you mean randomly throwing shit up against a wall until something sticks, you may be on to something, but the reality there is that Richt was forced to work on the fly because of an injury to Tereshinski and inconsistent play from the backups.  He went to Stafford full time when it became apparent that it was time to look to getting the true freshman plenty of reps in order to prepare for the 2007 season.  So, yes, while there was some rotating, there wasn’t any rhyme or reason to it and it wasn’t part of some purposeful plan of Richt’s.

I only mention this because if Kirby Smart perceives what happened that season as some sort of useful template in the way Sallee does, 2016 is gonna be a longer year in Athens than we’re hoping for.  But 2017 will be awesome, right?


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32 responses to “Barrett Sallee rewrites Georgia football history.

  1. Kirby needs to play the guy who gives the team the best chance to win now until either the season’s goals are done or it’s apparent that plan A is ineffective. If you believe that, then it means Lambert or Ramsey will take the first snap in the Georgia Dome. If the season goes sideways, that’s the time to take your lumps and let Eason grow up on the job. Regardless, I think we have to get Eason reps in 2016 to prepare for ’17 and beyond.

    • Cojones

      And we still haven’t seen a QBR from the Spring Game.

    • 81Dog

      Pretty sure that was what CMR was doing in 2006, with a team that ended up winning 8 games and trouncing then top 5 (or 6, I forget) Auburn at Auburn, and beating VaTech in a pretty good Peach Bowl game. Sometimes, scrambling week to week is all you can do with a pile of untested QBs, right? Now, maybe Eason is the freshman QB who’s the exception to the rule (let’s hope so), but at least this go round, Kirby has guys with some actual game experience to use while he tries to get Eason up to speed. Understandably, in 2006, considering that we had Shock and D Greene for the previous 5 years, top QBs weren’t exactly lining up to hold a clipboard for a couple of years behind those guys.

      • 2006 would have been the time to throw Stafford or Cox into the deep end of the pool and see if they could swim. JT3 is a Dawg for life, but he wasn’t going to be the answer at QB. It was telling that Richt went to Stafford rather than Cox the next week in Columbia when JT3 got hurt early.

        This year is different. You have one QB who has started a lot of games but has never really been embraced as the starter. You have a relatively experienced guy with a high ceiling as the 2nd team QB. Then you have a prospect that could be better than Stafford when he’s done.

  2. Legatedawg

    I have always wondered what in hell happened to our 2006 team between the UAB and Colorado games. Even making allowances for the inevitability of freshman mistakes – and Stafford made a few on the road in Columbia but had great presence and looked fine on other drives – that was one horrible team that Colorado brought to Athens 2 weeks later along with their mascot. How could we have to fight for our lives against them at home after posting 2 scoreless games (including a shutout vs Spurrier, which I don’t think he ever did against us). Whatever happened, it stuck with us for 5-6 more weeks till our guys went to Auburn with everyone ready to say the last rites on the season. That was a very strange season.

    • Nate Dawg

      It was weird…that tenn game..uuugghh… I was at sakerlina and Ole Miss. 1) I may have been high on the firewater and started running my mouth when the shutout became obvious. 2) This just in: girls are pretty in Oxford. And then what – finished by beating 3 ranked teams (barn, tech & va tech)? Crazy…And damn the barner game was fun to watch!

    • 3rdandGrantham

      I attended that Colorado game with a CU grad and remember it well. That was a horrible team that hadn’t won a game in forever — even my CU friend was there just to check out Athens/Sanford/chicks, and predicted we’d beat his Buffs by 40+.

      We had absolutely no business winning that game, as it took a very late fumble, along with some curious CO play calling, for us to have any chance to win. Heck, it was something like 13-0 well into the 4th quarter before we got on the board, and I think we scored the winning TD with a min or less to go.

    • D.N. Nation

      UGA/Colorado ’06 has a prominent spot in the Big Book Of Why Mark Richt Was Right In Giving Up Offensive Playcalling At The End Of The 2006 Season. I think we might’ve run 30 molasses-fast draw plays on 3rd/4th and long that game for no friggin good reason.

      • Irwin R. Fletcher

        That 2006 team just wasn’t that talented other than Stafford…who was just raw. They shut-out USCe, but didn’t score any TDs and Stafford threw three picks. You upgraded from Lumpkin and Ware to Brown and Knowshon in 2007…not to mention a kid named AJ Green and Stafford who had grown into his talent by the end of 2006.

        It’s just a shame that Erik Ainge took Willie’s manhood in 2006 but left us with his two thumbs…otherwise we could have been on to something.

        • W Cobb Dawg

          Lost me when you said Brown was an upgrade to Ware. No way. Ware on the bench was an insane waste of talent.

      • Athens Dog

        And we lost to them in Boulder. I was there. They were a high school team. I gave up on our direction/leadership then.

  3. Bright Idea

    What made us sick in 06 was not the QBs, we knew that score ahead of time, but our first glimpse of terrible defense in that Tenn. game. Its the same this year. We know our best QB is a freshman but until he’s ready we better hope we can run the ball and play defense better than 06.

    • Normaltown Mike

      yeah, but crap play calling by CMR didn’t help our D. I think he had JT3 throwing swing passes with his heels on our own endzone more than once.

  4. Cojones

    Hey! Leave Sallee alone. He rewrites history better than most of us on a rainy day.

    Kidding aside, what’s with Sallee? At one time I thought he wrote well of UGA, at least in a respectful way. That’s not been true for over two yrs to my recollection. What gives? Vapid with a slight chance of brain rain?

  5. EmoryDawg

    Where did you go to find those particular notes (specific to this topic) for each of those games 10 years ago?

  6. Bob

    That UGA turned the ball over 5 times and beat MSU was a miracle!! Would bet that in conference games if your team turns it over 5 times you will lose 90%+ of the time.

  7. Bulldog Joe

    I’m old too but I have difficulty gettng beyond the masterful job of managing the three quarterbacks last season.

    Whatever it was, I wouldn’t have called it a ‘system’.

  8. Jack Klompus

    If my memory serves me, it wasn’t long after that Matt Stanford had his coming out/ball drop game against the Barn.

    The most memorable thing about that season was uncle Vern (or someone) mentioning Tereshinki’s Bulldog poster he had when he was a kid, like 47 times in one game.

  9. Derek

    We only lost the games that the 5th year senior started. I’m just saying…

  10. W Cobb Dawg

    JoeT had no business being a QB on an sec team. Should’ve went with Stafford the day he set foot on campus. This years QB competition is at a far higher level. But the only reason I might not advocate going with Eason from this minute forward is because we start with UNC.

  11. MLB2

    Lol. You put a smile on my face, Bluto. Priceless commentary.

  12. anon

    This says more about richt than anything. Always giving the lesser talented guys a shot…jt & cox were terrible. Splains a lot. Richt always saw himself in the “Rudy Role” and he parlayed it into his players. Glad to see him go.

    • Wut? Richt coached for 15 years at Georgia. David Greene started four of those years, Stafford three and Murray four. Throw in Shockley, who was drafted, after all, and that’s 75% of his tenure with QBs who all made NFL rosters. How many college coaches have that kind of track record?

      • 81Dog

        there is apparently a lot of revisionist history going around these days. Mark Richt has ALWAYS been at war with EASTASIA!!!!! (sigh)

    • Cojones