That’s the over/under on Georgia’s 2016 win total, per the Golden Nugget’s sports book.

Check out Tennessee at 10.  That’s the top win total in the conference.


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29 responses to “8.5

  1. Uglydawg

    Dear Booch, Somebody just put your ass in the pressure cooker.

  2. AusDawg85

    Taking the under on TN and the over on Bama and the Dawgs.

    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      I agree. Looks like easy money to me. We only have to hold serve on games we should win, and then win one of the harder ones. Bama is Bama. UT does have an easier than normal schedule, but there’s problems there, too. Baylor is moving the spotlight off them, but I never have bought into the idea that they should win the east and issues off the field with the investigation will probably cause some problems during the season even if no one is suspended.

      • Mayor

        I don’t get all the love for Tennessee. UT isn’t any good and the Vols’ coach is crap. If the Dawgs hadn’t imploded in KnoxVegas last year Booch likely would have been canned after starting 2-5 with 4 losses in a row. Winning the Georgia-UT game saved his job. He ought to send Mark Richt a case of scotch but, as we all know, CMR doesn’t drink any more.

        • Cojones

          Funny. Agreed on Tenn and remember last yr’s projection of Aub and Tenn? I think some of this is follow up to egg-in-the-face predictions from ESPN last year that burned Vas Legas.

          And the bettors above are on it like sos.

  3. ugadawgguy

    Perfectly placed line on Georgia. That half-win hook should ensure pretty good action on both sides.

    • Cojones

      What 4 games were you thinking may be a problem?

      Remember also that Tenn plays here.

      • The other doug

        May be a problem?

        Ole Miss
        GT – First time DCs tend to struggle against GT

        Auburn – Gus will have been fired by then and the team might rally around the interim coach.

  4. The other doug

    Take the over on Ohio State

    • With that schedule its a gimme.

    • Cojones

      But remember, you guys, that these are Vegas lines.

      I’m with you both and this is too much like taking candy this year. There is something here in their figuring that I don’t recognize. GTP bloggers can’t be that off in our collective ig…. , uh… knowledge. In short, several here, and including Cojones, believe this to be easy pickins’ at this time of unmittigatin’ exuberance and early salivation of pre-summer CFB.

  5. 10 games my ass. Butch Jones will be on the hot seat by October and Tennessee will be pining for the Orange Pumpkin to return to the sidelines.

  6. Will (The Other One)

    I’d be tempted to take the under on on Baylor at 9 too. Lotta unpleasant smoke around the program, plus they lost a good bit of talent of D. Briles is going to have a team that scores a ton no matter what, but I could easily seem them score 40-50 and give up 50-60 a bit this year.

  7. Jack Klompus

    If the Dogs win the games they should, they come away with a pretty quick 8 wins. That leaves 1 victory for OM, UT, UF and UNC to get to the 9 win total.

    UT has a realitvely easy path to 10 wins if they beat us or UF, but not 11.

  8. AthensHomerDawg

    8-4 and the bowl victory
    Not bad…not bad at all.

    • dawgtired

      It didn’t take long to change what we will accept, from more-than-10 wins to 8 wins…I don’t think I’ll be happy with 8 wins or even 8.5🙂 We would have to lose games to two teams ranked lower than us. We’re very talented, we have a mixture of experience and we have new excitement. I’m a believer…

  9. lakedawg

    8.5 would be a disasterous season, hate to see coaching staff under fire first year. Odds are there will be some changes anyway but 8 wins would speed up process.

  10. Athens Dog

    Nothing sucks like the big orange. I’m going under. Dogs go over.

  11. Semper Fi Dawg


  12. doofusdawg

    The two vegas articles I have seen both have us doing better than ole miss. If we beat ole miss then we are no worse than 3-2 after tennessee… probably 4-1 if not 5-0. No way that translates to less than 9 wins… if not 11.

    • Chopdawg

      Hope I’m wrong, but I’m taking the under. We’re going into this season with huge question marks, especially on offense.

      • doofusdawg

        I think offensively we put up huge numbers all year… back to the 37-40 ppg. Defensively we just may not have the depth on the line to win our two or three most competitive games. 10-2 seems logical to me but as I have said before… if we can get through september then lookout.

  13. PTC DAWG

    Give the new staff time, remember it has been ten years since we have won anything meaningful. Not going to change that mindset over night.

    That said, I think the East is ripe for the picking.

  14. SouthernYank

    UGA will win 9 or 10. UT at 10 seems right – easy schedule. Really the only losses for them that should/could happen are ‘Bama and UGA. They will handle UF and A&M. Not much else of concern on that schedule.