Losing, the chicken soup for the Bulldog soul

Shorter AJ-C think piece:  the best way Kirby Smart could endear himself to the Georgia fan base would be for his team to lose three or four more games this season.


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  1. They lost me with the “Richt was fire because he didn’t win a championship” line.

    I stopped reading there.

    If Kirby does nothing else during his time at UGA, I hope he improves the program’s PR and stops letting the media write the narrative (granted, a competent AD would have issued better statement explaining the University’s position after that press conference).

    • Considering that no one from UGA actually took questions following Richt’s press conference, the university allowed the media including the WWL to write the narrative. Unless it affects recruiting, Kirby isn’t going to a damn thing about the program’s PR. He doesn’t have time for that s—, and we have people who are supposedly paid to do that.

      If you think CMR still would have been fired in 2015 if UGA had won the 2012 SEC and likely the national championship, I would completely disagree.

      • And I thought the article was completely stupid.

      • There is a difference between “he’d still be here if he had won a NC”, and “he got fired because he didn’t we a NC”. Those are not the same thing.

        If he had shit the bed two years in a row in Jax, gotten embarrassed at home vs Bama, mismanaged the roster at the same time everyone else was oversigning, and not been closer to losing to GSU and Tech than competing with Bama and Florida in year 15, he’d still be here.

        It was time for a change and it was going to be hard to cut ties with such a deeply popular coach. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t warranted.

        Richt winning a NC would have kept him here for a long, long time. But I 100% do not believe that failing to win a title is why he isn’t here. Their were much more obvious, glaring problems at the end besides no NC.

        • +1 – another reason why I think we all need to look forward than back. The Richt family clearly seems to be looking ahead. I hope Kirby’s performance endears himself to the Bulldog Nation like the previous guy did.

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            “I hope Kirby’s performance endears himself to the Bulldog Nation like the previous guy did.”

            EE, do you think it was just the previous guy’s “performance” or was it more the previous guy? (If I am stumbling the question, forgive me.)

            • Think about 2001 … the fan base bought into CMR when he brought out the hobnail boot. He could have run for Governor after winning the SEC in 2002 and coming within an eyelash of playing for the national championship. He won the East in 2003 with a green o-line and a nasty defense. We win another SEC championship with a 5th year QB who patiently waited his turn in 2005. My point is that for all of the positives of the previous guy, he would have never done the things he did if his teams didn’t perform the way they did.

              Did he rely too much on his personality and his life outside football in later years? Yes, you could make that case.

              Bottom line is both the guy and his performance endeared him to many including myself in the Bulldog Nation.

              Just my $.02.

            • Bazooka Joe

              Personally I think both….. yes he had “issues” which we are all more than aware of so no need to continue to beat on those, but he also had the highest winning percentage of any UGA coach (we can argue about scheduling old days vs/ now, etc…), did bring us out of the purgatory we were in under coaches Goff and Donnan (I actually liked Donnan too), and of course the way he handled himself and the program (taking the high road).
              I think he deserves a good place in Dawg Nation. I hope he does well at the U.
              That being said, Kirby is our coach, I am behind him 100% Now, I am heading out to Athens, lets find a way to beat those nasty puke urnge vols.

  2. Timphd

    I read this article. I feel dumber for the exercise. Drivel.

  3. Athens Dog

    Just moronic.

    • Uglydawg

      “moronic” would be high praise for it. The Asshat that wrote the article was attempting to cut Kirby’s feet out from under him unless he can manage 10 wins per season from the get-go.
      Horseshit pure and simple.

  4. To the author of the ajc article:

  5. DC Weez

    Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  6. What a maroon, what a nincowpoop!

  7. doofusdawg

    He sure ain’t no Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

  8. Bright Idea

    The writer clearly does not recognize that many Georgia fans are already in a tizzy, who knows what nightfall will bring. Meanwhile after seeing Kirby on Finebum yesterday if he doesn’t loosen up he won’t live another 15 years much less coach that long. Man is he wound tight.

  9. Keese

    Ray Goff 2.0. Getting the same message now from UTk fans about Kirby as they were about Derek Dooley.

    Kirby is lost for answers as a head coach and will prove that today. Watch, half time presser he’ll call out someone for dropping a pass or missing a sack. Secondary will give up on plays. D line will loaf.

    Im ready for the healing to begin

  10. Gaskilldawg

    I am looking for us to win today and take the lead in the division race. Everyone will feel better tonight. You read it here first.

  11. Scorpio Jones, III

    Go Canes? Anybody…somebody?

    • Russ

      Since it involves tech losing, I’m with you.

    • Tatum

      I’m with ya. Watching the nerds lose always satisfies.

    • Alexander Ivanovich AusDawg85 Lenin Xing Mao Che Clinton

      Careful Comrade! Our re-education has begun. You must no longer adore the false idol and freedom of hope 10 win seasons brought you in the past. Do not lust for other programs as they simply promote weakness and mediocrity. Instead, share the collective effort of work your comrades must endure to destroy all vestiges of the past that wallowed in softness. We must not love our players but urge them to be men bigger than all men. Do not let them enjoy the cool pool waters in August but lead them up the stadium steps. Follow our new Dear Leader down this new path of shared toil and misery for this is how we earn respect. He is of our own. He is to be obeyed. Dissension is not allowed.

      Viva Revolution! /sent from reform camp #45-14

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        OUT Fucking Standing Aus…..

        Oh…we are (oh wait…the false idol)is ahead 7-0 at False Idol Field.
        When is the next meeting?
        Ohhh look, a touchback.

  12. 81Dog

    Losing never makes anything better. Ever. It’s something to be suffered, not embraced. I didn’t read the article, because the summary was all I needed to realize the entire premise of it was high volume stooooooooooooooopid. And not the good kind.

    • Gaskilldawg

      Glad you did not read that “the more Smart loses in 2016 the more fans will like him in 2017” nonsense. That is right; he makes that claim.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Losing is something to be suffered, not embraced….

        I saw my first Georgia game live in 1950…believe me I have suffered.
        I find nothing positive in the experience except that it makes winning sweeter, but winning is sweet no matter the previous suffering.

        Ah shit, Tech’s got two first downs.

  13. As long as some members of AJC media continue to bad mouth MY Dawgs and Einstein, I’ll continue to call them out, LOL.

  14. Hopefully Not 2012 Derek

    Article sounds about right to me. Let’s get this butt whipping over with.