Spread the damned offense, Chaney.

Jason Butt has a good piece about the formation adjustments made against Tennessee that opened up Georgia’s running game.

Georgia was having a hard time running the ball out of traditional pro-style sets. The linemen and tight ends weren’t able to move men off the line of scrimmage and teams stacked the box to prevent the runners from finding any space.

So Chaney adjusted accordingly.

While Georgia didn’t run out of the shotgun against Mississippi as much, it did against Tennessee last week. Georgia ran for 181 yards and was able to churn out runs to put itself in third-and-short situations throughout the game.

The reason the running game worked in this capacity is that the offensive sets moved defenders crashing the box to the perimeter. By splitting two receivers wide and putting one in the slot, it forced Tennessee to use five defensive backs to defend the passing game — three corners and two safeties.

Sometimes, the nickel defender or a safety would crash down. But even then, it meant six or seven defenders were in the box as opposed to the eight or nine Georgia was facing in previous weeks.

Added benefit of playing more out of the shotgun was it made the wunderkind more comfortable running the offense.

Running out of the shotgun has also helped freshman quarterback Jacob Eason when it comes to reading the defense and adjusting any calls.

“It gives Eason — he’s a young, 18-year old quarterback back there — a chance to read the defense,” Pyke said. “And we can help him out with the calls.”

My only concern is that Kirby “Every week, there may be a different game plan. It’s going to depend on what gives us the best chance to be successful against that defense” Smart decides that, between the bad weather and South Carolina’s admittedly porous run defense, it’s the perfect time to muscle up, go back to man ball and allow Boom to load the box on defense all game long.

And, yeah, there’s a cautionary tale for Smart here.  South Carolina’s defense, as Butt reports, is giving up over 200 yards rushing a game.  That’s next to last in the conference.  The last place team?  Well, that would be Ole Miss.


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23 responses to “Spread the damned offense, Chaney.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    You think Kirby’s testosterone level may get the better of him?


  2. Argondawg

    True but they don’t have Ole Miss’s offense. Not by a mile. We can afford to trade possessions. With Ole Miss … Not so much


    • Ben

      Not in the rain and on the road.

      We talk about must-win games, and if he loses to Muschamp this weekend, I’m not sure we want to see the fallout from that.


  3. Charles

    I’m glad that Jason BUTT was able to give us a BEHIND the scenes look at our offensive game planning. ASSistants’ and coordinators’ jobs enTAIL a lot of creativity.


  4. Columbus Dawg

    The zone blocking will work against most of the remaining opponents not named Florida or Auburn, but not so much against these two solid fronts. Hopefully the OL as a whole will improve more by then. As far as the Cock’s hard headed decision on the game in Columbia, changing the date of the game should be a non starter in conversation. The game is scheduled to be played on Saturday, October 8th, and if the Chickens can’t provide a safe place to play the game on that date, then they should be forced to either play it at a site that IS safe, or forfeit the game. If the only shot they give themselves to defeat UGA is to play at their crappy stadium with that crappy song playing, then desperation is a mild word to describe these clowns.


  5. Jeff Sanchez

    One case where the fans may have actually been on to something?


    • DawgFlan

      After Nichols, it didn’t take an astrophysicist to know we were not built for ground and pound. Good skill positions, average at best lines, and vulnerable defense. AKA a Big XII or Pac 10 team that better be able to spread and score… Glad to see Chaney being flexible, even though it took a couple of games. Maybe he had to convince Smart?


  6. Bill Baird

    Chaney is Smart


  7. Irwin R. Fletcher

    It helps to have a QB that has the kind of arm strength Eason has. Even if you are spreading it out…if there is no threat to stretch the field, you can still key on the run a bit.

    It’ll be interesting in wet conditions…one overlooked issue there is the ability to pass block on wet turf. At the same time…look at Bama’s game plan last year in Athens. I think Kirby may take a few cues there.


  8. Uglydawg

    One option…not a pretty one but give it some thought….would be for Georgia to threaten to forfeit the game for the safety of travelling fans (no place to stay…have to drive home in wee hours of night)..potential injuries on mush field..ankles and knees….horrible driving conditions in downpours, etc.) Admittedly I don’t know if UGA would have to pay USCe a huge sum to forfeit, but that could be a factor against it.
    There may not be any gasoline or rooms in the area.
    It is irresponsible for Boom & Co. to see this storm as a “Godsend” to give them a chance to win a football game…but if they are unwilling to move or cancel it, that’s what they’re seeing..and Georgia should call their bluff.


  9. BarneyDawg

    The USCjr AD could possibly be worse than ours. Columbia-hole is a mess in good weather……I have been there to a lot of our games. This refusal to look at other sites has the potential to be an epic cluster. On the other hand, the Cocks say they wanted only Muschamp all along.


  10. Columbus Dawg

    The bottom line is that the game is scheduled as a home game for SC, so the burden to provide a SAFE place to play said home game is on them. I understand that the hurricane is not their fault, but if the shoe were on the other foot, I would expect UGA to provide a safe place to play the game, on the day it is scheduled if possible. There are absolutely possibilities to play the game as scheduled, the Cock’s are just not willing. This puts the burden to forfeit on them, not UGA.


    • Macallanlover

      +100 And exactly the stance our Prez and AD should be taking, and should have been all along.

      Don’t think Columbia will be a mud hole based on current forecasts but while passing game edge may slip from us in windy conditions, we do narrow the gap in trading FGs as 30 MPH winds can be an equalizer in a match up where we have little chance to slide any further. Kicking game in a low scoring contest is amplified, one of the reasons I wasn’t looking forward to playing them in their place this year with our lack of offensive productivity. I put SC and Vandy as similar games for UGA, except for location.


  11. ASEF

    Smart watched Alabama’s 2012 offense roll over opponents – with an offensive line that produced a ton of high draft picks. He watched the 2013 offense sputter badly in second halves, producing 3-and-outs on more than half their drives against Auburn and Oklahoma and only 1 sustained drive for a TD in the 3rd and 4th quarters of both games. Their other second-half scores were a 99-yard bomb to Cooper and a couple of Derrick Henry long-range blasts. In other words, talent was creating points, but the offensive scheme was dead in the water.

    In comes Kiffin. Tons of spread, tons of zone blocking. Points galore.

    No way Smart missed that or rejected it as a coaching lesson.


  12. Bright Idea

    I don’t think Smart/Chaney were being “hardheaded” vs. UNC with the tight formations. They just believed it would also work against Nicholls and Mizzou and were wrong. They also were trying to nurture Eason. They know better now so why are we assuming they will be hardheaded for the rest of the season? I guess that’s just what is ingrained in us…no faith in our own coaches. I’ll wait and see.


  13. DawgPhan

    UT game was the only time UGA has hit 80% percentile performance on offense.

    So that’s a positive. Maybe encouraging or maybe not. Last year we also hit 80% against UT.

    last year we averaged 58% for the season.

    This year we are averaging 40% through the first 5 games.

    Bama is currently averaging 77% and has hit 80% 3 times on offense.

    Clemson has also hit 80% 3 times and is averaging 79%