What I did on my day off.

Kirby Smart, always be closing.


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9 responses to “What I did on my day off.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Ahh, to be young.


  2. HVL Dawg

    No game today so last night I went out partying with Donald Trump. We met some fine looking babes…..


    • That didn’t take long. 😉


    • Sides

      I know what Kirby was after:


    • Uglydawg

      LOL…DT being criticized for trying to be like Bill.. And Hill is SO incensed by the dirty talk!
      Millions of decent people in this country and this is the choice we get…I know…vote Libertarian and I may do that.
      But what I would really love to see is both of these fools drop out of the race and we’ll pick between Pence and Kaine…or both to swear an oath that if elected, they will resign from office 5 minutes after swearing in. That way we don’t have to change the ballots, etc.
      Problem is,, either one of them could do a world of hurt in that 5 minutes.


  3. Russ

    Coffee is for closers!

    Coffee County, that is.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    “That was even without the benefit of the “Kirby Copter” he made famous during the stretch run for the 2016 recruiting class last January.”

    I assume Kirby went by automobile. With the wind whipping like it is, no way I’d want to be in any small aircraft. But with all the evacuee traffic, along with limbs and trees all over the place, and utility crews, etc., gotta say he showed a lot of intestinal fortitude making the trip for a HS game. Probably wanted to get away from Athens briefly and that idiot McG.


  5. Macallanlover

    Aubrey Solomon looks like a man among boys in film I have seen. If we had a bagman, Kirby should have taken him with him. In continuing news, Jake Fromm is perhaps the best QB in HS football, definitely Top 3 and I really hope he stays with his UGA commitment. If he does, the Spring Game will be a heckuva shootout next April as he would be on campus in January. Really want both of those guys. Solomon said his mother will now have a big say in his choice after he de-committed from Meeechigan.


  6. playmakers in space

    Ain’t nobody taking anything from Eason. Guy is a beast.