Has Steve Shaw cut a deal with Bert?

Bielema sure seems to be under that impression.

Bret Bielema received an unsportsmanlike penalty after a flipout during Arkansas’ loss to Alabama, but Bielema said this week he’ll never have to see the official again.

Late in the second quarter, an Arkansas touchdown was called back due to a hold on a tackle. Bielema said umpire Stan Weihe should only watch between the guards. After a field goal, Bielema went way out of the field, yelling at multiple officials, drawing the flag.

“For a lot of reasons, we’re probably better off moving forward (not talking about it). I can be rest assured we’ll never see that official again. That’s been guaranteed to me,” Bielema said.

Details, please, SEC Office.  And I hope somebody keeps an eye on the crews chosen to work Arkansas games for a while.

If it turns out to be true, I want a retroactive deal on Penn Wagers.


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23 responses to “Has Steve Shaw cut a deal with Bert?

  1. mg4life0331

    If this kind of action is true and takes place I like it.


  2. Otto

    Then we can remove Al Ford instant replay.


    • MurphDawg

      +1 million


    • Go Dawgs!

      I cilcked the comments for one reason only: to post pretty much the exact samy thing. If Bret doesn’t have to see a guy again that made a good call, then we should never, EVER have to deal with Al Ford again.

      And I still demand to know how the SEC ever let a Georgia Tech alumnus referee a Georgia-Georgia Tech game, and why they ever let a Georgia Tech alumnus continue to referee Georgia games or be the replay official at Georgia games.


      • Al Ford is a Tech man? I didn’t know that.

        I do know that the former director of officials before Shaw, Rogers Redding, is a Tech man. Which, you know, explains a lot. I think I read somewhere Shaw is a Techie, too, but I could be wrong (on both actually).


      • The Dawg abides

        The current Tech grad among SEC refs is Marc Curles. He’s already screwed us once, the A.J. Green celebration penalty. His crew was suspended later that season for incomptance after screwing over Ms St against Florida. He’s from Camilla and couldn’t get into Tech out of high school and had to go the juco route. He ended up graduating from there and is now a financial planner in Birmingham. This guy has hated UGA his entire life. Absolutely no way guys like this can be objective. I know I couldn’t, and I consider myself pretty level headed and unbiased.


    • Mayor



    • Debby Balcer



  3. Gravidy

    Ummm… where do I submit my list?


  4. Bright Idea

    Officials on the field have all but decided to let replay call the game. Replay gets it right but the officials may be worse than ever because of it. Musberger even suggested that replay should call pass interference. Geez.


    • Otto

      I am sure Musbruger would ask for confirmation by Asking Uga what he thinks about.


    • hailtogeorgia

      The problem is that replay doesn’t always get it right. If the play is inconclusive, it goes with whatever the call on the field happened to be. There’s a certain amount of luck of the draw to it with regard to that sort of thing. To me, if it goes to replay, they should review it starting at zero – that is to say, forget the call on the field, make the call about which you’re most confident. The only reason they don’t do that currently is because they don’t want the poor sensitive officials thinking they don’t matter.


  5. Spike

    Jasper Sanks is nodding approvingly as we speak..


  6. Cousin Eddie

    So an umpire is only allowed to call penalties on certain players?


  7. Bullshit, if true.

    I was in my office just the other day with another Georgia guy, a Florida State grad, and a Michigan State grad. I asked the last two guys to name one referee by name. Neither one could do it.

    I looked at the Georgia guy and asked him. Immediately he said: “Al Ford and Penn Wagers.” This is how you can tell a real Georgia fan. S/He will know those two names.


  8. Leggo5

    Why does it not shock me that Bert is the only SEC coach not smart enough to keep this little secret. Good luck getting Steve Shaw to agree to anymore of these in the future…you big dummy.