‘On Johnny Cochran’s best day, Barney’s not going to walk out of there whole.’

This whole Barney Farrar-Ole Miss thing is starting to read like a mutant Law and Order script.

Houston-based attorney Bruse Loyd told Yahoo Sports on Thursday that he recently filed a brief on Farrar’s behalf as part of Mississippi’s response to the NCAA Notice of Allegations. That institutional response is expected to be filed next week, according to sources, another step in a lengthy investigative process that should culminate in a Committee on Infractions hearing in late summer or early fall.

Loyd said he’s had access to the other response briefs from Ole Miss. After reviewing them, he believes that Farrar is bearing a disproportionate amount of responsibility.

“It was apparent to me that the narrative coming out of Oxford was that Barney was being portrayed as the lone, rogue actor and everyone else was above reproach,” Loyd said, naming head coach Hugh Freeze as one of those considered “above reproach.”

“It’s not right,” Loyd added. “It is a betrayal of him. Do I think Barney’s been made a scapegoat? Yes. Based on what I’ve seen and know, they set him up. ‘You are the most unsophisticated, the most expendable, and, tag, you’re it.’ But I have to say, I’m his advocate in this.

“Barney’s thinking is, ‘We were all in this together – what happened to me?’ They were a team, and a team doesn’t abandon their own on the field of play. It’s also not the Ole Miss way.”

Shit, does every SEC school have a “Way”?

As Farrar’s lawyer, Loyd had a face-to-face meeting with the firm representing Ole Miss that he characterized as agreeable, but the school declined to pay his legal fees. Loyd then made a trip to Indianapolis to meet with NCAA officials in person, where they went over aspects of the case.

After that NCAA trip, Loyd wrote a letter to Ole Miss lawyers making a second request that the school pay Farrar’s legal fees and assist him financially through the briefing and hearing period, which is expected to end in September. That request was denied.

Unless he can effectively challenge the allegations currently against him, it is very unlikely Farrar can escape the panel assessing a show-cause penalty that would severely damage his chances of getting another job in college athletics.

“He’s charged with multiple violations – you tell me what my odds are [of exoneration] unless he can mount a good defense,” Loyd said. “I told the NCAA investigators when we met that, as it is, ‘On Johnny Cochran’s best day, Barney’s not going to walk out of there whole.’ ”

After the disagreement over paying fees and then reviewing the Ole Miss response briefs, Loyd came to a conclusion he shared with Farrar: “They’re going to throw you under the bus.” Loyd believes Farrar was used by the school to cooperate with the investigation, then discarded.

At what point does ol’ Barney turn state’s evidence, so to speak?



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7 responses to “‘On Johnny Cochran’s best day, Barney’s not going to walk out of there whole.’

  1. Timphd

    You know Freeze isn’t about to take a hit so he had to have a fall guy. This Farrar is either dumb or naive or both if he thinks Ole Miss will do a damned thing for him. They want him to be the one and only smoking gun. Sure would be fun if he decided to tell all he knows. Popcorn all around!

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  2. Paul

    If he hasn’t already, then he’s an idiot. Obviously, Ole Miss believes he’s an idiot. The second they declined to pay for my defense is the moment I start negotiating a deal to blow the whistle. Ole Miss is banking on the fact that Barney has too much affection for the institution to do something like that. In a case like this there are plenty of legitimate places to point fingers. All it takes is somebody like Barney who knows where the bodies are buried. When do we print the “Team Barney” t-shirts? We got to have something to talk about over the summer.


  3. simpl_matter

    He’s done in college football, but he probably has a decent tell-all book deal, if he times it right. If Ole Miss isn’t going to help him, might as well burn the place down.


  4. Normaltown Mike

    I’m wondering why his attorney keeps asking Ole Miss to pay him? Unless it’s in his employment contract (and why would it), I can’t imagine why they would pay it.

    Other than the veiled threat of “pay my attorney or I turn against you”?


    • Jack Klompus

      “Loyd believes Farrar was used by the school to cooperate with the investigation, then discarded.”

      Guessing he was told the school would stand behind him, thick or thin- the Ole Miss way.


    • southernlawyer11

      From the lawyers perspective, much easier/cleaner/quicker to have the deep pocketed institution cut you a check than your buddy who may or may not have deep enough pockets to have his attorney pull out all the stops in his defense. I know those assistants make good money but this is a pretty expensive defense. The lawyer is probably looking at either a payment plan from Farrar but would rather have a check for the full amount, on demand from the University.

      And……everything else you said too.