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But, Michigan, ctd.

From an Appalachian State beat writer,

“App State earned a share of the Sun Belt Conference title in 2016 and will be favored to go unbeaten in league play this year, especially with a schedule that steers clear of Arkansas State, Troy and South Alabama. Wake Forest travels to Boone, so the Mountaineers have two chances to beat a Power Five program. As much hype as the Michigan upset generated in 2007, Appalachian hasn’t managed to pull another upset, although the near-miss at Tennessee last year was notable progress following a string of one-sided losses…”

I’m beginning to think that 2007 upset has turned into a bedtime story coaches tell their players to scare them.  Which is not to say, after last year’s near-debacle against Nicholls, that some of Kirby’s players don’t need scaring.

One can be certain Appalachian State will have Georgia’s full attention when the two teams square off Sept. 2 at Sanford Stadium. And if the Bulldogs aren’t totally prepared, it could prove to be a long afternoon.

Georgia’s gonna get their best shot, right?


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At least there’s one.

If I told you that Georgia had one player make the Southeastern Conference football information directors’ list of the league’s best players by position and overall, who would you guess that is?


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Steele, Georgia and returns

Agree with his premise or not, you’re aware that Phil Steele puts a fair amount on emphasis on returning experience and production in his college football projections.  He’s posted data on three specific areas, listed here, along with Georgia’s ranking:

I don’t there’s much of a surprise in any of that.  Other than the o-line, here’s a lot of production returning.  Whether that amounts to more than a hill of beans is dependent on — guess what? — the offensive line establishing itself at least as a competent unit and just as a general principal, some coaching up.  It’s the second year for the staff, so that’s not an unreasonable expectation… which isn’t the same thing as a guarantee.


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Today’s quandary

Does the news that the Georgia-Notre Dame ticket is currently college football’s most steeply priced in the secondary market mean (1) the fan base is hungry for games with quality opponents; (2) Butts-Mehre has confirmation that the fan base is willing to pay through the nose for access to Georgia football games; or (3) both?


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