But, Michigan, ctd.

From an Appalachian State beat writer,

“App State earned a share of the Sun Belt Conference title in 2016 and will be favored to go unbeaten in league play this year, especially with a schedule that steers clear of Arkansas State, Troy and South Alabama. Wake Forest travels to Boone, so the Mountaineers have two chances to beat a Power Five program. As much hype as the Michigan upset generated in 2007, Appalachian hasn’t managed to pull another upset, although the near-miss at Tennessee last year was notable progress following a string of one-sided losses…”

I’m beginning to think that 2007 upset has turned into a bedtime story coaches tell their players to scare them.  Which is not to say, after last year’s near-debacle against Nicholls, that some of Kirby’s players don’t need scaring.

One can be certain Appalachian State will have Georgia’s full attention when the two teams square off Sept. 2 at Sanford Stadium. And if the Bulldogs aren’t totally prepared, it could prove to be a long afternoon.

Georgia’s gonna get their best shot, right?



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  1. If by “get their best shot” we mean hanging with Georgia team that mails it in, then yea, that could happen.


  2. Hillbilly Dawg

    My son played for App St and knew/played with most of the coaches and kids on that team. Shawn Elliott was OL coach and Satterfield (current HC) was OC. They are a different breed for sure and will bring what everything they have to be sure. I’m still a Mountaineer fan second to the Dawgs, but the reality is this; IF Kirby and Co. play like they did against Nichols, it could be a long afternoon. But the Apps just don’t have the quality or the depth, not to mention they are playing in a hostile environment. They could keep it close for a while but the Dawgs saw what happened at Kneeland last year and I hope Kirby replays that tape all week.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    The Tennessee game should be scary enough that our coaches don’t even need to mention the word “Michigan.” The Vols’ comeback wasn’t quite miraculous in that game, but it was close. They got their butts kicked for the vast majority of the contest.


  4. MGW

    It might be a bedtime story, but after the scare they gave UT and the scare Nichols gave us last year, its definitely one that should keep our players up at night.



    Yeah, they beat Michigan….

    Y’all be in the stands for the noon kickoff ya hear! I read it here that all our home games would kick at noon..must be true.


  6. Macallanlover

    I understand the scary story stuff but I really think there are enough position battles to make that type of motivation secondary to earning, and keeping, your right to be on the field next week. Quality athletes don’t need much outside motivation as a general rule, but in a team sport there is a need for leadership to add big mo. UGA will be ready for Appy, no need to fear. Just hope we get some film on young guys because we built enough of a lead early, playing time is valuable early in the year.


    • Otto

      It can shake out so many ways. Hopefully position battles will have the young players players on their A game, hopefully the established starters will lead and be focused.

      It is also a classic look ahead game. App State knows they can make their season, and know they came close last year, and the team has pulled it off before. I hear hostile environment, and believe App State will not be phased by UGA. They are no stranger to being the under dog in front of 90k+. UT was in a look ahead scenario with the big game at Bristol being the next week, and was picked for their break out year. Sounds sort of like UGA…..

      UGA has the talent, and depth to win the game decisively, the question is will the staff have the team prepared, and will the team have the maturity to focus and execute. I would absolutely have them watch the UT/App St game.

      It wouldn’t surprise me to see UGA blow them out like we saw past team destroy Boise or Okie State but it would not surprise to see this game 4 Qtrs..


      • JCDAWG83

        Actually, this App St team’s seniors were 12 when App St beat Michigan, the freshmen were about 8, so “the team” has not ever pulled a win over a P5 opponent. If we don’t win handily we have major problems with our coach and program.


        • Otto

          If you use that logic UGA as “a team” has squandered easy wins turning them into 4 Qtr games. Georgia Southern, Nichols


          • Macallanlover

            Yep, “this team” doesn’t even exist yet. Different leaders, maturity, experience set, etc., son doesn’t necessarily inherit the sins of the father. New season, new team. Dawgs roll.


          • JCDAWG83

            Quite a bit of difference actually. We know what talent we have and it should be more than enough to easily beat the team we know App State has. Your original post said the App State team had pulled a big win over a P5 program before, this App State team has not the 2007 App State team did. Our 2007 team would beat App State by 40 points. Your point about squandering easy wins against those teams helps make my point. If we can’t easily handle App State, we have some serious problems.


            • Otto

              I stand by the point that App State comes in with an attitude that they can win this game. Tennessee and Michigan serve notice to the team, they have a solid chance if they give it their all, they can walk out with a W. App State’s program has developed that culture.

              I am not sure the ’07 team would have beat App State by 40, they beat Troy by 10.

              I do agree that Richt’s staff had some serious problems.


  7. Bright Idea

    App St. over Michigan was such a big upset because in 2007 App. St. was still an FCS school with only 63 scholarships. They truly were supposed to be a cupcake. They now have 85 scholarships and should not be in any way compared to their 07 team or 16 Nichols. If Georgia plays like they did against Nichols or Vandy talent alone won’t be enough to beat App. St. If Georgia is flat for this opener there are indeed big problems in the program. If the fans are flat there are problems with us.

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  8. southernlawyer11

    I’d be way more worried if this game was sandwiched somewhere in the middle of the season. Season opener…at night…Sanford Stadium is gonna be rockin.
    We were green from top to bottom last year, coach to player. Tennessee was a poorly coached squad.


  9. John Denver is full of shit...

    Puhleaseee. They can’t tackle Chubb or cover Sony while covering Nauta, 53-7.


  10. SemperFiDawg

    “Which is not to say, after last year’s near-debacle against Nicholls, that some of Kirby’s players don’t need scaring.”. OK so now you’re baiting me? Nope. Not biting. (Wink)


  11. Uglydawg

    We always say the same things about cupcakes (but as southernlawyer11 pointed out just above, ApSt doesn’t really fit into the cupcake mold. It goes without saying that UGA has better talent..as they did against Nichols, Vandy, Nats , Missouri, and I’ll contend better talent than Tennessee, KY and Florida. Yet each was a nail biter at best and a loss at worse. I’m old enough to remember losing to the Richmond Spiders. I may not be camping out in Skepticdawg’s pasture, but I can see his cow from where I’m sitting.
    Put a whipping on ApSt, beat ND and MsSt and I’ll feel like we’ve turned the corner.


  12. jo willie

    I understand the big deal made about App St’s upset of UM, but to me ULM’s upset of Bama was much bigger- lowest paid coach beats highest paid coach. Plus, I’m a Bama grad that was teaching at ULM at the time, so I guess that might be part of it.
    And let’s not forget ULM’s upset over a #8 ranked Arkansas team in 2012. I obviously have a soft spot for lowly ULM.


  13. Captain Obvious

    this game is going to seem like an eternity, b/c uga is so focused on ND

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  14. Is it possible that UGA blows out App State? Sure

    But anyone who has followed the program the last decade and thinks it is some sort of “guarantee” is just living in a fantasy world.

    App State beating us is not that far fetched, imo.


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