No stone unturned

Sounds like Jim Chaney’s had a fun offseason.

“After the conclusion of last season and not having the production that we wanted to have, you do a lot of soul searching and a lot of visitations with a lot of people of what’s fresh and what’s new,” Chaney said Saturday in a news conference. “I am a big video guy and get into tons of video watching. I like the cutting edge of the NFL, and I thought Atlanta did a wonderful job last year, so I’ve been studying a lot of their stuff.”

Let’s hope he cut that tape off with 21 minutes left to run.


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9 responses to “No stone unturned

  1. JasonC

    So wrong


  2. Russ

    Anyone here watch “Prracher” on AMC? The latest episode had a guy in a small village in Vietnam wearing a t-shirt that read “Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl Champions”.

    Too soon.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    “I am a big video guy and get into tons of video watching.”

    Why do I have visions of Mrs. Chaney cleaning up the empty junk food wrappers, buttery popcorn fingerprints all over the furniture, empty soda and beer cans scattered about…



    Falcons had a helluva year…….we could be so lucky…


  5. OhioDawg

    Still too soon, Senator. Still too soon.


  6. 69Dawg

    I’ll settle for a loss in the National Championship game, just not with the other team coming back in the 4th.


  7. AthensHomerDawg

    I thought Atlanta’s defense kind of ran out of gas