Cool and hot takes

There appears to be a lot of consensus among the pundit class about Georgia’s place in the preseason universe.

Sports Illustrated’s right there, with the Dawgs at number 16 in its preseason projections.  But not for the reason you might expect.

Georgia needs playmakers on the perimeter, and 5’ 11″, 185-pound junior receiver Terry Godwin can help. He ranked second on the Bulldogs with 397 receiving yards in 2016, but he could turn into sophomore quarterback Jacob Eason’s go-to target this season. Godwin looked good in spring practice and hauled in five passes for a team-high 130 yards in Georgia’s spring game in April. His ability to scamper for big gains after catching short and intermediate passes will strain defenses already worried about how to stop senior running backs Nick Chubb and Sony Michel. That’s why the Bulldogs will likely go as far as Godwin—and its other wide receivers—can carry them.  [Emphasis added.]

The wide receivers?  Really?  I think I’ll stick with the conventional wisdom and wait to see how the offensive line comes together, SI.


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10 responses to “Cool and hot takes

  1. Chopdawg

    I’d rate wide receivers as our #2 ?, right behind O-line.


  2. Macallanlover

    Fair for UGA to be mid-teens after last season, and the questions we have to answer on the field, but we should outperform that ranking. Our WRs/TEs arze one talented group, no superstar like AJ among them, but some height, and a lot of speed with nice depth. This will be the surprise group, imo.

    There are some head turners in those polls, the media guys are pretty predictable as they take last year’s bowls/polls, sprinkle in a couple of blue bloods from the past, or anyone else the WWL seems to be talking about. Polls before mid October should be dismissed as simple pot stirring or just another attempt to fleece the sheep.


  3. NCDawgMan

    A “Big Suprise Group” could be the TE’s. That is if UGA OC might use them ehhhh say 6-8 times per game rather than maybe 2-4 per game. I mean they are great at extra tackle trying to help O- line keep the onslaught of the front 8 in the box ruining Nick, Sony’s and the rest of the group hit 3 yds. In the backfield. The TE’s also are excellent blockers on our few tunnel screens. Plus the TE’s always are excellent interviews for Dawg Post fans.
    I think it’s great that the NFL can see through the ehhh 30-40 plays to the TE’s of more than say 600-800 plays ran per season.
    Congrats to DGD’s TE’s still performing: Randy McMichal, Ben Watson, Orson Charles, Leonard Pope and Bruce Figgins ( injured reserve ).
    Sometimes it takes a different level to realize what a prize you had like finding a 66 Mustang covered in the barn, on blocks with 17,000 miles. My thoughts are What I find I have MADE. Will I just leave the Stang on the blocks in the barn or should I clean her up, polish and drive her for 1,500 yds. ehhhh miles. Math fails me but it seems those figures are 4-5% of total offense per season.


    • Southernlawyer11

      Couldn’t agree more with this post and the shade thrown therein. Right now we have a garage full of classic cars. We need to take them out for a drive instead of freaking out about replacing the Mitsubishi Spider now playing for the Denver Broncos.


  4. NCDawgMan

    At least if “Lewis and Larry” are looking down from DAWG HEAVEN they’d put that top down and get that Stang outta of the barn. We got time to tailgate with our True Dawg buddies for the 7:30 KO ehhhhh wait we got to be there by 10AM it’s a 12:23 KO


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    “He ranked second on the Bulldogs with 397 receiving yards in 2016…”

    397?! I could understand such a low total for a starter if AJ Green was the other WR. But that 397 is a pitiful reflection on our offense. And Godwin is no slouch. With the right OC he’d be a legit candidate for all-conference.


  6. Captain Obvious

    I would simply put all our TE’s in at the wr spots. what could it really hurt? Too bad eason is only going to get one year with receivers over 6ft.


  7. 1smartdude

    If anyone should ignore the preseason polls, it’s the fans and players here. They’re meaningless. I just want the season to meet MY expectations.


  8. AusDawg85

    If I read that chart right, we’re anywhere from unranked to #7. Yeah, that pretty well sums up how I feel.