“And I just want to see a program that’s moving forward in the right direction.”

Why did Greg McGarity elect to bring Mark Fox back for another season?

Is it the track record?

Since arriving at Georgia from Nevada in 2009, Fox has compiled a 145-118 record. In eight seasons, Fox’s teams have reached the NCAA Tournament twice. He has yet to lead Georgia to an NCAA Tournament win, however, with his teams going to the NIT over the past two seasons.

Okay, maybe not.  Well, then, how about Fox’ ability to articulate a plan to his boss for where the program is going from here?

McGarity said he hasn’t spoken to Fox – or any Georgia coach, for that matter – about whether he needs to hit certain postseason goals in the upcoming season.

Those, McGarity said, are implied.

“We know what’s expected at the University of Georgia,” McGarity said. “You don’t have to go out there and define that. That would be an insult to our coaches. They know what they need to do.

Well, if not that, then… oh, hell, what was I thinking?

After a 19-15 season, which Fox publicly said was disappointing, Georgia’s basketball program still hosted the most donors it ever had before at its year-end team banquet.

Moving forward, the Georgia Way.



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32 responses to ““And I just want to see a program that’s moving forward in the right direction.”

  1. Timphd

    Follow the money.


  2. W Cobb Dawg



  3. Athens Dog

    I also have season tickets for BB. Have never been able to figure out what, if any, strategy he has. Nice guy. But not a great coach. He’s here because we owe him money…………….

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  4. If there was any doubt that he was doing nothing but mailing it in for his $600K a year, that doubt has now been removed.


  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Only 8 seasons? Hm. Seems longer.


  6. Russ

    I’m looking forward to seeing our highly rated recruits ride the bench this season!


  7. Greg

    “Big Ears”, got it on automatic.


  8. Spike

    And can’t wait for the baseball coach analysis..


  9. ugafidelis



  10. 69Dawg

    Sometimes I thing Big Ears is still on the Gayturds payroll. He has effectively eliminated us from the SEC race in basketball and baseball. It’s a head scratcher for fans of other programs why we put up with the also ran status.


  11. The Georgia basketball program is the definition of mediocrity. And BM does not care.


  12. Bright Idea

    “Moving forward in the right direction.” Does it have to be inch by inch or can we expect a foot every now and then?

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  13. Hobnail_Boot

    Y’all are acting like UGA is a storied hoops program.

    Fox is an above-average coach and a below-average recruiter.

    The first coach to figure out that Gwinnett county is a short drive from Clarke will have great success.


    • DawgByte

      “Y’all are acting like UGA is a storied hoops program.”

      I’m tired of hearing that lame excuse. History starts today! There’s absolutely no reason why UGA shouldn’t have a dominant hoops program. What it has always lacked is imagination.

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    • jtpo3

      Which kids did we fail to recruit from Gwinnett that actually wanted to come here?


    • Rpcpisme

      Absolute truth. Fox can coach, no debate about that. Just wish he was a dynamic recruiter.


      • jtpo3

        Yeah, I’ll debate that. See the TAMU game last year, for one of many examples.

        He’s a mediocre coach and a below average recruiter.


  14. DawgFlan

    “You don’t have to go out there and define that.”

    That right there is all I need to know about his leadership skills.

    How do you hold anyone that reports to you accountable to expectations, goals, and standards that haven’t been explicitly defined, reinforced, and measured against?

    It’s pretty clear that as long as revenue is up, he just assumes everyone knows what they should be doing, and isn’t going to do anything to rock the boat or incur expense.

    Hell of a way to lead an organization…


  15. DawgByte

    McGarity’s statement about implied goals is the very definition of poor leadership. In a situation where a program is not meeting expectations, defining and communicating explicit goals to all the coaches on the basketball team is imperative.
    Greg McGarity must go.


  16. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    Someone explain to me again why we fired Jim Harrick.

    Because he gave a poor kid a Target gift card and we had basketball players who did well in an Introduction to Basketball class?


    • Gaskilldawg

      Because Adams and A. D. Dooley were in a power struggle. Adams wanted to make it appear he was cleaning a rot in Dooley’s AA. Dooley wanted to show that the Coach that Adams directed him to hire was a bad choice. Both grandstanded for his own benefit, not for the BB team’s benefit.

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    • If you have a degree from Georgia, you know damn well why Harrick was fired, and rightfully so. Because he cheapened it with academic shenaniganry.


      • tbia

        Hey, fill me in on the academic shenaniganry, because I took PEs with very similar tests at UGA long before Harrick ever got there.

        As for Fox, found out the other day that his best friends in Athens may be the Yoculan family. Wonder how that plays into it?


  17. 92 grad

    As expected. What he meant to say was “well, we have over $100million to get rid of each year. Anything beyond that is implied.”


  18. southernlawyer11

    Should have acquired real estate and shuffled some street routes on the north part of downtown and built an arena there in 2010 instead of putting lipstick on a pig


  19. Coach Fox can Coach and those that don’t thinks so don’t know b-ball His winning percentage at Georgia is comparable to two Coaches everyone acknowledges can Coach ( Harrick and Durham) and if he won like Tubby than a big fish(i.e. UK) would hire his ass away. He just needs to close the borders and create the culture UGA could be. I would have no problem with a couple one and doners….they don’t all have to go to Kentucky