SEC Power Poll, Week 11


Georgia’s shocking blowout notwithstanding, this past weekend’s results didn’t shake things up too much.

  1. Alabama.  With the win, Alabama has won at least ten games in the last ten seasons under Saban.  In the SEC.  Mercy.
  2. Auburn.  I’d say that was the most convincing win in the conference this season.  Wouldn’t you?
  3. Georgia.  Nice run while it lasted, fellas.
  4. Mississippi State.  In this mixed-up, crazy world, there’s something comforting about the consistency of a Todd Grantham defense crumbling under pressure.
  5. LSU.  The Tigers have a decent shot at nine wins now, something that was fairly inconceivable after the loss to Troy.
  6. South Carolina.  I’m guessing Boom enjoyed that win over the Gators more than he let on.
  7. Texas A&M.  Cupcake time.
  8. Kentucky.  Took care of business against Vanderbilt.  Now let’s see what the ‘Cats can do with Georgia and Louisville.
  9. Missouri.  Before the season started, I thought the Tigers, with a little defense, could be a surprise team.  Too bad it took ’em half a season for that to happen.
  10. Ole Miss.  I know it was against a Sun Belt squad, but 50 points and 640 yards of offense with a back up quarterback is nothing to sneer at.
  11. Florida.  I wonder how many “UAB Upset Alert!” stories we’re about to see this week.
  12. Arkansas.  It feels like the Hogs aren’t so much awful as they are irrelevantly mediocre.
  13. Vanderbilt.  The season finale against Tennessee is going to be epic.
  14. Tennessee.  The only thing that could make this season worse for Volunteer fans would be for Florida to hire Jon Gruden, forcing Tennessee to settle for the return of Junior.


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3 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week 11

  1. Let’s see where the CFP rankings fall out tomorrow night, but the polls didn’t punish us severely yesterday. The polls would suggest the winner in Atlanta will be in the playoff.



  2. Em, King here

    shoulda put ut and uf 13 and 14, just because:)


  3. DawgPhan

    Emotional blitzing is the name of Grantham’s book.