“We don’t have the luxury of time to sit around and feel bad for ourselves.”

Let us hope that this ain’t one of those situations when saying something isn’t happening really means it is.


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  1. Godawg

    This would be funny if it weren’t so true. CRAP! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VofvET27ZY&feature=youtu.be


  2. Brandon

    I think a lot of Georgia fans have taken for granted how good Richt was at re-grouping and keeping the team together. I’ve read where other coaches say that is his greatest talent (some certainly will snarkily reply he had a lot of practice). But seriously, that is a situation coaches inevitably face, except perhaps Nick Saban. I can’t remember the number of times the Doomsday Dawgs would say, he’ll lose the team, we’ll end up 4-8 and it never happened, the team came together. I love Kirby so I’m not dogging him, the old fight about to keep Richt or not is in the past, but that was one thing I think Richt was legitimately good at if in other areas (ahem, roster management, firing underperforming assistants), he was not so good. I hope this is one area we don’t end up missing him.


    • Normaltown Mike

      “I think a lot of Georgia fans have taken for granted how good Richt was at re-grouping and keeping the team together”

      I hope a lot of Georgia fans haven’t forgotten Richt’s penchant for laying an egg (like we just did) but against a sad sack lower tier team. I liked CMR but I’m hopeful that CKS has purged our guys of that particularly ugly habit.

      Holding serve as the #1 team is a tall order and we’re obviously not there yet. But please oh please, let’s not drop a game to UK or Tech.

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  3. 3rdandGrantham

    Nah, the team is in a great spot overall. Many of us knew in the preseason and leading up to the game that this was a really bad match up for us, and it was. This team isn’t winning the SEC nor a natty this year, so we need to pump the breaks a little and get ready for a fun ’18 and really fun ’19, while still enjoying a season that will have us winning at least 11 games.

    The last few days have been bizarre, as suddenly everyone is so down and out while failing to look at the big picture. I told everyone in the preseason that UGA would win at least 11 this year and most likely would go either 11-3 or 12-2. Literally everyone (including here) thought I was either on drugs or delusional with such a prediction, yet now those same people are utterly despondent over a team sitting at 9-1 with 11-1 a solid probability, and a team that wrapped up the East before the AU game. Oh yea…all of this was accomplished with a true freshman QB to boot.

    FWIW, the team is starting to bounce back and expect a blowout of UK this weekend. We need to continue to improve our OL and DL, and the upcoming ’18 class will certainly help.

    Mark my words…barring something totally bizarre, this will be the last blowout loss UGA suffers for at least several years to come, maybe longer.

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    • Hillbilly Dawg

      Thank you for talking some fans off the ledge a bit. I agree 💯 % and hope you’re right about Kentucky; I’m paying for some pretty seats to take the grand daughter to her first Sanford experience. She’s deciding between Vandy and Georgia an a couple of years.

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    • Uglydawg

      Thanks, 3rd. I mean it.


    • Derek Dooley 2.0?

      “That will be the last time Ole Miss beats us by more than ever have in our history”

      “That will be the last time Auburn beats us by the most they have since the Goff era”

      “That will be the last time we lose to Vandy & Tech in the same year”

      “That will be the last time we play the closest game in 50 years against a 1AA opponent”

      “We are exactly where I, the arbiter of all things football declared we would be. Because I know. Rest in my knowledge”

      “Kirby is all-knowing and wears the mantle of Prophet Saban. Which is why he chose Chaney”

      Thank you, Sensei.


  4. Bright Idea

    I’ve always said if Georgia players and coaches took the approach of we the fans and the media after a loss they would never come back after a disappointing performance. If this team suddenly quits it says more about them than it says about Kirby. I don’t see them quitting.


  5. Dawg in Lutz

    i watched the replay of the first half last night ( i will not watch the second half though) The score at half time really should have been 21-16 UGA or even 21-9 UGA. if we hit the two plays that were wide open, it’s an entirely different game. the play calling in the first half looked like what we’ve seen all year. We had two deep passes that didn’t hit; they were wide open and great play calls. they just didn’t work. i will say this was the first game all year where i saw the opposing team get under our skin trash-talking. We cannot let that happen again. i think that is why we lost composure and were flagged for the personal foul penalties. we need to be tougher mentally and not let that bother us.


  6. Jt (the other one)

    We shall see Saturday…


  7. I know the common narrative is that we lost composure, and I agree to an extent. Where I disagree is in defensive strategy……I feel like you have to play Auburn a little bit like you play Tech and just blow them up at the point of attack. Too many times we seemed to be just trying to contain them and be lane/gap sound and Kerryon Johnson literally just stood there and then picked a lane.

    I think you have to come out there and play them just as aggressively as they played us…..press their receivers at the LOS, blitz like crazy and blow up the center of the LOS. Get their play callers tightening up for a change, get their defense sucking oxygen. Risks you have to take.


  8. Macallanlover

    I agree, attack this team, don’t sit back and react. We lost the battle in the first quarter of every second. I am not surprised with this along the defensive front, we have played that way all season, but I have no idea why we would not adjust for this game. What makes even less sense is not bringing the heat against Stidham, everyone has said the same thing, you cannot let him get comfortable. I say hit him, and hit him every play, we have seen the result of letting them take the first punch and then we react to their move. Sad. Hope we are balls to the wall if they make it to Atlanta, could be any more disastrous.