Jake Fromm and the here and now

Junior, for some reason, feels the need to take a victory lap on Alabama’s recruiting.

Sure, right, whatever you say, Laner.  Fromm was just wasting your precious time when you evaluated him and extended an offer.  Even more curious –since when does anyone at Alabama care where a recruit gets drafted by the NFL?  Nick Saban’s got plenty of shiny rings from national championship seasons with QBs who never sniffed the first round.

You’ll have to excuse me if this kind of stuff matters more to me than a kid’s draft potential.

Fromm, the SEC Freshman of the Year, finished his rookie season 12-2 as a starter.

“Fromm is a very bright kid,” Ridley said. “You can ask anyone in the room that. He’s very talented and he’s very smart. Our coaches really trust him to make the right checks and the right reads. When he’s out there if he has confidence in you he’s going to continue to go to you. I guess I started out hot tonight and he continued to work me. Unfortunately we came up short, but it’s branding and it’s going to continue to grow.”

“I wouldn’t want to have no other quarterback,” said receiver Terry Godwin. “He’s out there making the right checks, putting us in the right plays, and off the field he’s caring about us. He’s an overall complete guy. On the field he’s the leader we need.”

Oh, and strangely enough,

… Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm starts with the best odds to win the Heisman Trophy.

According to Sports Betting Dime, Fromm has 10/1 odds of winning the award.

Too bad for us Georgia fans he won’t be drafted in the first round.


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50 responses to “Jake Fromm and the here and now

  1. Junior is truly one of the least likable people in sports not just college football.

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  2. Timphd

    KIffin is like Lavar Ball. Just wants to be in the headlines. Asshat.


  3. The Quincy Carter of Accountants

    You know if I didn’t know any better I’d say this article makes it sound like Lane Kiffen is kind of a dick.

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  4. Jim

    I don’t think Fromm will ever sniff a heisman. We’re a run first team for the foreseeable future and aren’t in the Big 12. Can’t imagine he will have the stats. But I’d love to be wrong – I guess a couple of Alabama guys have done it recently


    • Don’t think the award itself is the issue here. It’s the recognition that he’s a great fit for what Georgia’s doing on offense.


    • Nate Dawg

      What’s the Heisman..? Oh is that the meaningless videogamelikeoffensivenumbers award espn ruined and gives out right after the season is over?
      I mean if a Dawg is in the hunt, great. If not…meh…


      • Macallanlover

        Where I am about it too. That day has come and gone for me, the position awards are the ones I feel come closest to the target. How do you think you find the overall best player in CFB? One of many reasons the Heisman fails. Was easier when players were one the field for both offense and defense.


  5. simpl_matter

    F Lane in the P!


  6. Bright Idea

    And Bama will never let Tua get pass happy either unless like Monday night, they need to.


    • Normaltown Mike

      that’s the larger point. Tua was amazing in several clutch plays, but over the course of an entire season, he’d be handing it off to one of the stable of amazing RB’s they have 35 to 40 times per game, just as Fromm would at Alabama.


      • James Stephenson

        Plus Tua was playing with house money. If he does well, he is a hero. If not, they blame Hurts and the kicker. And lets be honest, if Bama loses, that kicker’s life may be in danger.


  7. gastr1

    Tua’s 6′ 1.” Last time I checked, the height thing was still a factor in NFL draft profiles for QBs. Maybe Laner has a crystal ball that shows Tua’s still going to grow another 2-3 inches over the next two years.

    As said above, Kiffin’s is CFB’s Lavar Ball. Pathetic.



    Not sure why anyone gives a rats fat ass what Kiffen says.


  9. RandallPinkFloyd

    I generally love his honesty, but his comments are now something Tua, a 18 or 19 year old student, has to respond to when the media prompts him. It’s unfair to him and Fromm, just shitty for an adult to do that.


  10. ASEF

    Lane is the Consummate Asshole. His personal life is a disaster, and his professional life is down to his last chip. So what does he do? Spend all his time taking credit for other people’s accomplishments and tearing down others. If Fromm had emerged with the W, Lane would be out telling everyone how high he had been on Fromm, etc.

    I honestly don’t know how he avoids getting punched in the face at coaching conventions.


  11. papadawg

    Quite a journey from “Fromm can’t throw” to Heisman favorite… Maybe the media will start actually paying attention to what’s happening on the field instead of simply repeating the same tired narratives. Wait, what am I saying?


  12. CB

    I would disagree with Kiffin if his point is that Tua is a future first rounder. The kid is 6’1 and from where I was sitting he throws lollipops and rainbows. He’s accurate, but there’s a reason he avoided throws toward Baker (see int) who is probably the only NFL DB that got significant minutes for Georgia this season.


  13. I kind of like Kiffen, he cracks me up with his bullshit. He is completely full of shit here though. Fromm is the next Tom Brady. Of course Brady wasn’t drafted very high either. Just think what Brady could have accomplished if he were drafted higher!

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  14. WarD Eagle

    I think back to all the negative comments on Tarkenton re: Fromm. He was right.


  15. Uglydawg

    Junior is trying to stay relevant in the big time CF world.
    He understands the old adage that “any publicity is good publicity”.
    He gets himself mentioned. He wedges into every situation he can.
    If he’s not destined for greatness it won’ be because he doesn’t believe he is.


  16. Butler T. Reynolds

    Kirby Smart, Nick Saban, and Lane Kiffin didn’t play in the NFL either.


  17. W Cobb Dawg

    So I guess kiffie won’t be recruiting Fromm’s twin younger brothers. Or recruiting anyone from the Warner Robins area for that matter.

    Kiffie’s best off at a place just about nobody cares about. He’s the definition of a guy who’ll never comprehend what it takes to be a successful on the big stage, despite having some good OC abilities and being handed more opportunities than anyone in sports history.

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  18. doofusdawg

    prepare for not being relevant again….tua will be preseason all sec along with half their roster. All Alabama all the time until the season starts.

    I’m just hoping that Chaney realizes we need to get our young receivers reps catching the ball in the early part of the season to prepare for our run late.


  19. Jt (the other one)

    Scorpions sting and idiots are idiotic. No surprise that the Laner is a media whore and wants to be relevant.


  20. TampaDawg

    I could see Fromm being a first round pick in 2-3 years if he continues to progress. He reminds me a little of Drew Brees.


  21. Is he a first-round pick right now? No. But considering he’s a true freshman and made some very impressive throws against a secondary quite literally full of future draft picks bodes well for his future draft status.


  22. Cousin Eddie


    ESPN differs in their evaluation. See Cleveland Browns on this list.


  23. AusDawg85

    How can Jake win the Heisman when he won’t be the starter?


    • Already getting a head start on the spring game, I see. Positives for you on that comment. I think the walk on scout team QB is certainly going to win 3 Heismans.


  24. Captain Obvious

    Anyone know the name of Lane’s qb? Thats what I thought