Not a bad way to finish

Your memories of the nati0nal championship game, like mine, may include the interior of the offensive line being repeatedly blown up by Alabama’s interior defense.  That’s kind of a shame, because Isaiah Wynn went out, if not in a blaze of glory, at least more than holding his own, as this clip demonstrates.

Andrew Thomas may be a larger human being than Wynn, but he’s still got some big shoes to fill.



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6 responses to “Not a bad way to finish

  1. lakedawg

    What is the saying about the size of the dawg vs the fight inside that dawg.


  2. Sanford222view

    Loved the pancake until I saw number 99 for Bama running the other way with the ball!


    • Minnesota Dawg

      In a game with about 20 “game-changing” plays….that was the biggest one in my mind. Ugh. What a bizarre, unlucky play.


      • Derek

        First time they had any momentum all game. Couldn’t believe we chose to throw there. Reminded me of Shanahan in the SB two years ago.

        No need to do that there. We had a two score lead and field position against a true freshman back up. No reason to risk anything there.


        • Mayor

          ^^This. It’s a fine line between going into a shell offensively and playing conservative offensive football but that distinction is very important. Georgia lost the National Championship game because of it.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    Let’s hope Thomas can keep up the good work at LT for at least a couple years.