Things Kirby and Saban hate, from someone who ought to know

Don’t know how I missed this clip before, but it’s Mike Bobo talking about what Alabama and Georgia were up to on the opening series of the national championship game.


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10 responses to “Things Kirby and Saban hate, from someone who ought to know

  1. Bulldog Joe

    It only works when your five can block their five.


  2. I’ve watched the Rose Bowl Film Room several times but have’t watched this yet.


  3. Derek

    Brian Kelly split out the TE to the boundary and they targeted him several times vs Alabama. Didn’t work out too well for ND.

    I don’t know that there are many formations that bother either. I’d say that if you told them the other team would line up in the “I” all day they’d take it though. That is easy pickings.

    The weaknesses are the outside deep ball vs. man coverage and the qb who can make plays with his feet and his arm.

    I really liked how our corners played the deep ball in the spring game. I’m guessing that might have been a point of emphasis for some reason.

    If you can’t throw it deep vs. these guys and your qb can’t improvise, you’re dead meat.


  4. Fred Russo

    We wish this site would change it’s format! It’s the PITTS!!!!!!


  5. DawgPhan

    those coaches film room version they do of the big games are a lot of fun to watch.


    • nightnthebox

      The Rose Bowl Coaches Film Room broadcast was excellent.
      Gary Patterson was awesome… learned a lot about no-huddle/go-fast strategy and philosophy and how it’s all about forcing personnel on your opponent… good stuff.
      Watching Bobo towards the end of this Sugar Bowl broadcast was great, tho… he was obviously beholden to some understanding that he would stay impartial during the game but towards the end, man he looked just like any other Dawg fan sitting in his living room, stressing.